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Santa Clara, CA – Contractually, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo He’s still a member of the San Francisco 49ers team, and in a way, the two sides have stayed friendly throughout the off-season he should have seen in part in March.

Up to this point, neither the Niners nor Garoppolo were in a hurry to find a solution, in large part because Garoppolo’s right shoulder surgery derailed early unofficial trading plans. But Garoppolo and the Niners are increasingly excited about the split, with the August 30 deadline for the 53-man roster looming. Preparing the initial list will guarantee his salary against the maximum.

“I think everyone does that [want to find an answer]Coach Kyle Shanahan said, “I think he handled it great, but it’s the reality of this business. It’s the reality of it all. Sometimes you have to wait for things, and I think he understands that. You always wish it was different, but this is business and he understands that.” .

Garoppolo reported starting training camp on Tuesday and bodily passed, which put the Niners off the hook in exchange for a $7.5 million injury guarantee in his contract. He does not train with the team but participates in a bespoke throwing program designed to be ready when he lands elsewhere.

Garoppolo has permission to come and go from the team facility as he pleases. He mostly does a rehab and throwing program and then leaves for a day. He was spotted in the team’s weight room on camp opening day and was seen doing some running and conditioning on a side court but didn’t walk around to training or participate in meetings.

“Jimmy works so hard, he kicks the heck off the ball,” Shanahan said. “I’m not going to tell you guys everything in my head, but you can tell when I say we have to do what’s right for this organization. And we’ll do everything we can to make it as good as possible for Jimmy, while always doing what’s right for this organization at the same time.”

with Debo SamuelHis contract has been completed, and all eyes are now on Garoppolo’s status. Here’s what we know and what comes next:

Why does trade take so long?

The combination of shoulder surgery and the amount of better and healthier quarterbacks available in the off-season made it difficult for the 49ers to make a deal. Early interest faded when Garoppolo opted for surgery in March, and by the time he started throwing in late June, most of the center’s open benches were full.

Despite speculation, Niners kept Garoppolo due to doubts about quarterback for the second year Tree LanceNot so, Shanahan made clear by announcing that Lance had taken over as the No. 1 quarterback on the day the team reported to camp.

Will Garoppolo play in the 49ers’ pre-season games?

There is no good reason to believe Garoppolo will train or play for the Niners again. Shanahan said the same thing, and there are financial ramifications if Garoppolo gets another injury. It is slated to calculate $26.9 million against the 2022 salary cap with a base salary of $24.2 million. However, none of these funds are guaranteed.

But Garoppolo’s salary could be guaranteed if he gets injured again, which is why Shanahan dropped most of the scenarios regarding his playing with the 49ers again.

“I never give a damn about anything, so yeah, I’m sure I can come up with the script,” Shanahan said. “But I think I said earlier that it would surprise me and I still feel that way.”

What are some potential landing sites?

The list of possibilities dwindled dramatically during the holiday season, peaking Baker Mayfield They are traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers.

Coincidentally, the remaining drop point appears to be Cleveland, although that will depend on a potential suspension—and the length of that potential suspension—of the midfield. Deshaun Watson. The Browns would offer Garoppolo an opportunity to join a competitor and rehabilitate their value while providing Browns with a proven option.

The Seattle Seahawks could also be an option, although their place in the NFC West makes the deal complicated. But there is precedent led by Shanahan for a quarterback trade within a division. When Kyle and Mike Shanahan were in Washington, they swing a deal with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNab. It may be difficult to achieve such deals, but it is not impossible.

Other teams that might be interested in Garoppolo at a discount (in both commercial and financial compensation) include the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants and Houston Texans.

“We’re not trying to fool ourselves or play any game,” Shanahan said. “I think the entire league understands that. But you also can’t give one of the best midfielders in the league just to make it available for no reason to the whole world.”

The idea that the 49ers would need to eat some of his salary like the Panthers with Mayfield doesn’t hold much water given Mayfield’s salary while none of Garoppolo is guaranteed. It makes sense that Garoppolo would rework his deal in the event of a deal, however, giving him the chance to get some guaranteed money, which he doesn’t currently have.

Will the Niners eventually have to release Garoppolo?

Shanahan and general manager John Lynch insisted that they would not give Garoppolo away for free. But that has taken so long that a deadline is now looming. Aside from injury, the only other way to guarantee Garoppolo’s salary in 2022 is for him to have the preliminary roster of 53 players on August 30th.

If the trade hadn’t met by then, it’s hard to imagine the 49ers would keep Garoppolo at such a huge, guaranteed salary.

For his part, Garoppolo has so far avoided asking for his release, but the longer he waits to join a new team, the less chance he has of winning a job or preparing to play at his next destination.