What romance books should you read based on your MBTI®

We live in a world where one shoe doesn’t fit all, and the Myers-Briggs Mood Index (MBTI) is living proof of that. MBTI is a personality tracking system that some people believe measures and describes how people view the world and make decisions. Although not scientifically supported or accepted, it is a predominant system for classifying people.

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Some people enjoy reading romance books more than sleeping, which is usually too much for all humans. Others do not stop reading self-help or factual books. Either way, there are always more than a few people in each personality type who enjoy reading romance. What is charming to note is that different metaphors in romance books appeal to different types of MBTI.

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ISTJ – Inspector

People with ISTJ personalities are practical and articulate oriented. They are trustworthy, responsible and involved in orderly everything. ISTJs are wary of change and do not want to change the status quo. They will fall in love but will be reluctant to commit. Based on the observations, ISTJ types will enjoy the metaphor of “friends of lovers” or “a declaration of pained love.”

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Most important recommendations:Josh and Hazel’s guide to not dating by Christina LaurenAnd the Cruel Princeby holly blackAnd the The people we meet on vacation by Emily Henry.

ISTP – The Crafter

ISTP personality types are tolerant and resilient individuals. They quietly watch for a problem and are quick to act on it. They enjoy working with isolated data and inferring relationships. They are driven by logic and have little time to discover new activities. Their favorite metaphor would be “single parent” or Metaphor “badass hero/heroine”.

Most important recommendations:I hate Adam Connor by Ella MissAnd the wait for it by Mariana ZapataAnd the villain 57 by Penelope Douglas.

ISFJ – Protector

ISFJs are known to have introverted personalities but show great social skills. They are loyal and cautious about the people they care about, and at times they are very protective of them. ISFJs will definitely Enjoy the “angry sunshine” And “I hate everyone but you” is a metaphor.

Most important recommendations:love hypothesis by Ali HazelwoodAnd the It happened in one summer by Tessa BaileyAnd the good print by Lauren Asher.

ISFP – Artist

With a sophisticated aesthetic sense, ISFP personality types are known to shine in the spotlight. They like to push boundaries and change expectations but don’t impose their opinions on others. Some great books they should try are “Beauty and the beast and Forbidden Love.

Most important recommendations:Criticizeby Colin HooverAnd the stolen heir by Sophie LarkAnd the christmas girl by Penelope Douglas.

INFJ – Lawyer

Insightful, idealistic, and imaginative, INFJs are people who are determined to refuse to take things at a surface level and have an uncanny ability to read others. Some tropes they might enjoy are “opposites attract” and “different social worlds”.

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Most important recommendations:Good Girl . Complex by Elle KennedyAnd the get a kiss by Helen HuangAnd the (Not) your primary love story by Lindsey Maple.

Absolute idealists, INFPs, are usually conservative and introverted. They love to be alone and enjoy their own company. Reading is one of their favorite hobbies. Two metaphors they will absolutely adore are “coming of age” and “enforced closeness.”

Most important recommendations:Kisses a thousand boys by Tele CoolAnd the From Lokoff with love by Mariana ZapataAnd the roommate by Rosie Dunn.

INTJ – Architect

Curious, independent and private, INTJs are constantly finding explanations for the inexplicable. They are also pragmatic and logical and are not afraid to tell others (or themselves) when they are stupid. Their favorite metaphors would include the “hidden identity” and the “love triangle of two.”

Most important recommendations:kiss thief by LJ ShinAnd the Mr. wrong number by Lynn the painterAnd the Offer from a gentleman by Julia Quinn.

INTP – The Thinker

INTPs are aloof with an uncontrollable knack for information and are best at describing complex situations so that a young child can understand them. Their favorite metaphors They will be “enemies of lovers” and “oblivious to love” metaphors.

Most important recommendations:irregulars by Christina LaurenAnd the Spanish love cheat by Elena ArmasAnd the under one roof by Ali Hazelwood.

ESTP – The masked

Governed by a strong need to interact with others, ESTPs are spontaneous and take risks. They are very good at convincing others to do things their way. Some metaphorical things they might enjoy are “holiday romance” and “kings”. metaphors.

Most important recommendations:Red, white and royal blue by Casey McQuistonAnd the In A Holidaze by Christina LaurenAnd the shopping window by Tessa Bailey.

ESTJ – Director

ESTJs are organized, dependable and always ready to fight for their principles. They are much more extroverted and practical than any other personality type. Some metaphors they may find delightful are “divided love” andfake relationships. “

Most important recommendations:Winnipeg wall and me by Mariana ZapataAnd the soul mate equation by Christina LaurenAnd the engagement tools by Tessa Bailey.

ESFP – Performer

ESFPs believe in living in the moment and are often seen as artists. They enjoy being spontaneous and are the brightest star in the spotlight. Among their favorite names are “Everyone Can See It” and “Sports Romances”.

Most important recommendations:Bride Test by Helen HuangAnd the Deal by Elle KennedyAnd the cheat sheet by Sarah Adams.

ESFJ – Caregiver

ESFJs are stereotypically known as extroverts, and they are the popular kids on the personality spectrum. They are heart-centered people with a great deal of community cooperation, family values, and harmony. Some tropes they may find delightful are “brother’s best friend” and “first love.”

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Most important recommendations:To love Jason Thorne by Ella MissAnd the The summer you turned beautiful by Jenny HanAnd the We have bad luck by John Green.

ENFP – Hero

While ENFPs have an infectious enthusiasm and can anticipate the needs of others in an instant, they don’t have any patience for past I’s and dotting T’s. They tend to get bored quickly and love visiting new places and meeting new people. Their favorite symbols might be the “alpha hero” and the “love triangle”.

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Most important recommendations:twisted lies by Anna HuangAnd the One day in December by Josie SilverAnd the break me by Tahira Mafi.

ENFJ – Giver

ENJFs are people-focused individuals who wish they had more time to sit and read. They are extreme extroverts who act as a counterweight to almost all social situations. Some metaphors they will enjoy include “workplace romance” and They won’t.”

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Most important recommendations:Your dating hates you by Christina LaurenAnd the Duke actually by Jenny HolidayAnd the Ordinary people by Sally Rooney.

ENTP – Investigator

ENTPs are individuals with quick intelligence and quicker tongues. They enjoy good discussion and strongly dislike rules and restrictions. ENTPs will enjoy some of the exploration books “The Morally Gray Hero” and “The Secret Billionaire”.

Most important recommendations:Twisted love by Anna HuangAnd the darkest temptation by Daniel LowryAnd the hollywood heir by Ruth Cardillo.

ENTJ – Leader

Effective, decisive, and thriving in communication, ENTJs are born leaders. They excel at planning and executing strategies and spend the rest of their time honing their tools. Their favorite metaphors would be “unexpected inheritance” and “marriage of convenience.”

Most important recommendations:inheritance games by Jennifer Lynn BarnesAnd the Marriage to one person by Ella MissAnd the terms and conditions by Lauren Asher.

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