Tre Mancini of the Orioles creates a magical moment with Homer in the garden


As Tre Mancini said afterwards: “You can’t write a better script than that.”

Sports, and specifically in this case, baseball, showed again Thursday why Hollywood has nothing in the twitching moments that competition can create in real life.

Consider an unlikely confluence of circumstances in Baltimore, where the Orioles were facing the Tampa Bay Rays: Fans are already roaring for Mancini, a longtime beloved player in the franchise who is probably in his last home before the MLB trade deadline. A day at the stadium dedicated to memorializing a loyal young fan who soon developed cancer, a disease that Mancini himself killed. And on the count from 0 to 2, a volleyball was apparently lifted harmlessly toward the opponent’s waiting glove.

After losing the ball in the afternoon sky, Rays player Josh Lowe throws a look at his left cheek and it bounces away. Never known as the fastest runner, Mancini made his way around the bases and eventually beat the throw to the plate for an amazing in-park race.

“A fairy tale has appeared!” The O’s TV announcer exclaimed.

Match 8 didn’t necessarily win the Orioles match – they were already 1-0 up and kept locking in for 3-0 The victory – but it provided Baltimore fans and players alike not only a highlight, but an indelible memory.

“I can’t believe this just happened,” Mancini He said In a field interview shortly after the last exit was recorded. “Of anything that’s happened throughout my career, I think getting a ride inside the park on its own is the craziest thing by far.”

The 30-year-old defensive player / first base officer / designated hitter then indicated that the sequence had begun Mu Jabba’s day, when the team paid tribute to the inspiring distinguished player who passed away two years ago at the age of 14. Before the match, Mancini got his first celebratory pitch from Gabba’s mother. “I know he was there smiling and laughing at me as he ran around the bases,” Mancini said of Gabba after the dramatic win.

Later, while wearing a #MoStrong shirt and standing in front of Gaba’s stray head at his closet, Mancini Tell Reporters, “I got some help from someone. That was totally insane. I like to think Mo had a hand in it.”

O’s manager Brandon Hyde seemed to agree.

“Lost in the sun — or lost somewhere in the air,” he said He said Of the fateful volleyball. “A special play.”

Oriole, with moxie and magic, in an unfamiliar place: on the rise

Adding another layer was the prospect of Mancini soon being transferred to another team. Despite the fact that Orioles swirl around Wild Card Racing As they are enjoying their best season in six years, his name has appeared in the trade rumours. Baltimore’s games were ahead of Tuesday’s trading deadline in Cincinnati and Texas, so Thursday’s eighth round was the last chance before then for O fans to show Mancini how much he meant them.

Between the eighth and ninth inning, Mancini was sent from dugout to make a long curtain call.

‘It meant a lot’ He said From the opportunity to enjoy the chants. “Again, I have no idea what the next few days bring, but I wanted to make sure we enjoy every moment of the day, just in case.”

Selected to Baltimore for the eighth round in the 2013 MLB Draft, Mancini has spent his entire career in the organization and has been a full-time member of the major league team since 2017. Having established himself as one of the game’s top junior players, he had to sit out the 2020 season after being diagnosed with colon cancer in third level. Mancini endured chemotherapy treatments — getting support all the way from Jabba, among other things — while threatening Corona Virus commented on his ordeal. Eventually he got a medical clearance and it was Back in O’s . lineup By the start of last season.

Jabba passed away on July 28, 2020, echo deeply with Mancini. on me Mu Jabba’s first day Organized by the Orioles one year ago, Mancini also delivered a 0-2 score to help Baltimore score a dramatic win. Somehow, he was able to outdo himself on Thursday with a much less likely trip around the core trails. It was the first time he had run inside the park in his career, and the first time anyone had run at Camden Yards since 2011.

Mancini may not soon call home to Camden Yards anymore, although he said in the post-match match that he hopes he can “remain and continue to be a part of this team”.

“But I understand how the business works and I have no say in it,” he said added. “I will go there every day and keep playing for this team and the name that comes out on my chest, because I love this city and the team, and I love these guys here. It’s just been a fun year.”

The afternoon wasn’t quite as pleasant for Lowe, who removed Mancini’s flying ball from his face. The 24-year-old Tampa Bay player, with a cut to his cheek afterward, told reporters, “Sort of a tough sky at the end. It wasn’t like that at all. Lots of clouds, so you can see I don’t wear sunglasses, And it was good the whole time….that was the first one to really show up and go up there.”

Mancini said he could tell Lowe was having a hard time keeping track of the ball.

“The second time I saw him in his glove, I knew I needed to go, you know, go fast,” Mancini said.

Approximately 17 seconds later and one person slipping home later, he sent into a raving crowd the crowd who were bent on giving him a thrilling goodbye.

Baseball, man. He said O’s star Jordan Lyles, who took the win after putting out Rays’ bats for 5 runs. “No one deserves it more than [Mancini]. great person. great fellow.

“Baltimore, if that was the case, they were very fortunate to have him.”