The Peloton vs. SoulCycle Discussion: Which Exercise Is Better?

There are some questions in life that will always elicit a strong response from people: Do Pineapple belongs to pizza? Is loud sneezing doing it on purpose? do cts or dog Better? But within the fitness community, there is one particular hot topic that will create a discussion to end all discussions: Soul cycle or peloton?

This question is superior to the rest in terms of raising opinion. why? Because people are so excited about Cycling preferences. Some go to SoulCycle, which prioritizes choreography and the rhetoric of “communicate with your feelings.” Others prefer the Peloton, which tends to be more competitive, with coaches Who are as likely to break a pun or a joke as their jog encouraging mantra.

Whatever your situation, you likely have at least a few very good reasons why you should prefer one over the other — as evidenced by last week, when SoulCycle launched a campaign that brought the SoulCycle vs. Toe-to-toe (from wheel to wheel?) about their opinions on the two popular classes.

News that added to the tension: SoulCycle is offering free lessons to Peloton riders who want to trade in their bikes for their competitors, according to Report from the people. As the article explains, Peloton users can drop in their bikes to receive 47 free lessons within the SoulCycle studio as part of the new “Souls Reunited” initiative. This program was created to get people back in the studio and [vibing] together.”

As you can imagine, I created this strategy perfectly Speech on social media. SoulCycle loyalists love it, while Peloton users are reeling from the marketing ploy. So, we decided to ask fans of both brands for their opinions.

In defense of the cycle of the soul

Most of the SoulCycle team we spoke with agree: You can’t beat the societal aspect of an IRL class. For them, the energy in the studio makes them work harder, sweat more, gain heart-opening sights, and collectively breathe in cauliflower farts they wouldn’t otherwise have experienced, if they were working out at home. Given that Peloton offers minimal personal experiences (for now, They have one studio in New York City and one in London), SoulCycle (with More than 83 studios spread across the United StatesThe exercise method designed to bring together riders.

“I have been a SoulCycle fan since 2017. During the pandemic, as many people have done, I invested in Peloton. However, once SoulCycle opened again for good, Peloton was gone. I love my trainer so much. And the energy they bring into the room is incredible – even Cody Rigsby Can’t match that to me. Being in the room allows me to calm my mind and work my body, and I couldn’t get there in my house. Distractions were always a distraction, and there really is no such thing as that dark room with candles lit. — Emily Cabello, 37

“SoulCycle has my heart. After years of pandemic-induced Zoom sessions, I can’t pretend I prefer virtual over my person. Peloton does what it does well, but SoulCycle has that sense of community and teamwork that really makes the workouts [energizing]. – Jenna Nye

“The SoulCycle walked so that the Peloton could run. While this is a solid marketing strategy for SoulCycle, it is an effective way to bring people together again. The pandemic has kept everyone in their own space for too long, and more riders are looking for fitness experiences rather than one-on-one sessions. “. – Kristi Beers, 29

“While I feel Peloton has been a great choice during COVID, I don’t think it can compare to attending an in-person class like SoulCycle. It adds energy, coach and spotlight to the experience, and it’s the motivation I need to start my day and take responsibility. I agree with SoulCycle that community is an essential part of the experience. Although I can access the Peloton for free at my apartment gym, I’ve only used it a few times. I’ve found more success in forcing myself to get up and going for a spin and having my favorite trainer push me. I think this is a great move from SoulCycle [because] At the end of the day, human interaction cannot be replaced.” — Alesso Mosto, 27

“The Peloton was the perfect solution for a very specific and completely different time in all of our lives, but now people are starting to feel comfortable around each other again, I think exercising with others in person is naturally much better. It might not be convenient, but it’s better. for the soul.” – Kathleen Fletcher

In defense of Peloton

Then we have the Peloton, which many people consider the easiest option to access. Raise your hand if you lost more than $30 of sleep with an IRL workout class that you ambitiously thought would wake up after a night of drinking. (Hi, my hands are raised.) Several Peloton fans we spoke to said they liked the flexibility the experience provided at home and certainly didn’t seem to miss the personal connection shown by SoulCycle users. Another feature many Peloton riders have called out: the ability to choose between different lengths and types of workouts on any given day.

“I will never do that again [trade in my Peloton]. First, I don’t like the spirit cycle lessons. I’ve tried many times, but I can’t get into it. I want to know exactly how fast and heavy I go, and SoulCycle bikes don’t have gauges – you don’t really know how fast you’re going or how much resistance you have, so there’s no way to know if you’re improving. I also like that Peloton offers tons of classes of different lengths, so depending on my time or what type of class I want, I can either take 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons. The variety of coaches is much better, too. Each SoulCycle studio has a fraction of the number of teachers, so you can’t really pick and choose the teaching style or the music. I like that, depending on my mood, I can tour pop, hip-hop, country, electronic, metal, and even Broadway. The studio couldn’t compete.” — Amanda Keeler, 38

“Although SoulCycle’s strategy is bold, I don’t like the use of negative language and mindset for marketing. They seem to devalue the message to me. Although I know SoulCycle is known to work with big ideas and I respect the big campaign, it seems to align with The overall tone of a worship-like environment I prefer Peloton for a large variety of reasons, including the price point Bike + monthly membership is more reasonable than SoulCycle classes Also, the inclusive and welcoming environment Peloton offers every member, regardless of fitness level. The Pelotons are also more popular and also feel like one of your friends and family. In my opinion, you can’t beat being able to do the exercise at any time with the Peloton and feel like you’re in a live class.” – Chelsea Curran, 30 years old

“I have a Peloton and have loved using it since early 2018 after I had my second child. Access to a large variety of classes at home has allowed me to maintain mental health and fitness without stressing my family or our schedule. If I attend classes SoulCycle, adding time to drive to and from the studio as well as restrictions on class times would have made it impossible for me to attend an exercise class. I think the SoulCycle strategy of asking Peloton users for Peloton bikes for some classes is desperate and in bad taste.” – Jenna Liephart, 33

“I have been into indoor and online cycling and training since the pandemic began in March 2020. This is what really made me fall in love with fitness. As a therapist, I know the importance of being part of a community with others to heal, motivate and feel While I definitely drive harder and enjoy riding more in person, I am more consistent with my ability to ride online.” – Chanel Johnson, 35 years old

“As a certified spinning coach for twenty years, I think [SoulCycle’s] The marketing strategy is very clever and relevant to what many people feel. Nothing beats the energy of a busy personal cycling class and how people feed each other while riding. Also, there is more accountability when coming to a live class where you know the rest of the community. However, I would take Peloton on the SoulCycle any day. I love taking and teaching dance lessons, but when I click, I’m there to ride hard, have fun, and avoid injury, which makes the Peloton a clear winner. — Katie Pearson, 38

Listening to both sides of the SoulCycle vs. Peloton discussion showed us one thing, at least: There’s no such thing as a perfect workout for everyone. While SoulCycle fans have spoken fondly of the necessity of personal classes and the inspiration that comes from the community, Peloton loyalists have matched their energy in advocating for the accessibility that virtual exercises bring and the benefit of having a variety of class lengths and topics.

In the end, the perfect workout is what’s best for you, which is why we’re not here to tell you which brand is the best — or even which side wins out in the indoor cycling debate. But SoulCycle’s PR campaign definitely made tongues wagging, and since we love a controversial fitness-themed experience, we’d consider that a win.