The boy meets Danielle Fishel from the world: Michael Jacobs threatened my job

Daniel FishelHer first day as Topanga Lawrence was almost her last. During the last episode of Podcast “Pod Meets the World”hosts Fishel, Ryder Strong and Will Friedel, and director David Trainer joined them for a look at “boy meets world. “

After Fishel first auditioned for the role on the ABC sitcom, she received no callback. However, when the original cast was unsuccessful, the coach asked Fishel to read the part again.

Fishel received the call Friday night that I got the part And he had to be appointed on Monday as Topanga. At the age of 12, she spoke really fast, something she worked hard all day during rehearsals, until it was time to co-produce with the show’s creator, Michael Jacobs.

“I was never a part of his marathon session. That was my first week because it was my first week,” Fishel said. “Michael starts writing notes by saying, ‘Daniel, I’m going to give you all your notes at once, at the end and I’ll give everyone their feedback’ Now, because if I make everyone sit here all the notes I have for you, we’ll all stay here for hours and no one can go home. So you’re just waiting for the end. From that moment on, my eyes got better because you know, now I’m in front of everyone – all the producers And all the writers, all the actors and all eyes on my face for a second.”

After Jacobs had finished jotting all the others’ notes, he called Fishel’s mother in the audience to join the two at a table on the set.

“He went through every single one of my lines and what he wants and what I didn’t do right and how slowly I needed to talk,” she recalls, noting that she is sweating now, nearly 30 years later, as she talks about it. “What I know was said specifically, ‘All I know is, if you weren’t doing this very differently again tomorrow, you wouldn’t be here either,'” referring to the girl you replaced.

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Ben Savage, Ryder Strong, Daniel Fishel in Boy Meets World.
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After that, Fishel and her mother passed every line until midnight.

After the story, Turner Turner. “I’ve worked with Michael for years on many shows. This is a hateful story.” This is one. Hearing this, are you sweating? I’m really angry. Enough to make me want to sign out of this podcast. I don’t want to be associated with anything this guy is related to. This isn’t just how you do things. I’m glad it was a huge success, but it’s disgusting.”

He continued: “Everyone who worked with Michael understood, implicitly or explicitly, that whenever Michael staggered to one side of the boat, everyone went to the other side to prevent him from collapsing… The job – which is why I hated it in the end – was to do your job but also to prevent drowning. and drowning.”

While Fishel really wanted to “get it right,” she admitted she wasn’t focused on perfecting the part, but instead on pleasing Jacobs. “That’s the problem for me, and that’s what I remember feeling. That’s what I don’t think is healthy,” said Strong, as Friedel agreed.

The next day, remembering Fishel, Jacobs stood up and said, “Let’s give Danielle a round of applause, you did exactly what I asked. Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations, it was great.”

“He complimented me on a few specific things and then started the notes. There were no more threats of firing, I got the work done and showed him. I was worthyShe said. “You’re totally scheduled to go after that every week. You’re chasing Michael’s dragon approval.”

Friedel noted, “He set it up in such a way that in the moment when he gives you a warm welcome, it’s as if the sun is shining on you. It has nothing to do with your acting. It was just, make Michael feel good.”