Summary of the second day of Bengals training camp

The temperature has risen along the banks of the Ohio River, but the pads aren’t turned on yet Cincinnati Bengals.

Bootcamp Training #2 is in the books, and the heat has reached a novice and a vet in the non-physical trenches. But we’ll get to that later.

Speaking of trenches, the offensive line marks the return of a cautious Alex Capa and Lyle Collins’ impending return to training. Dante Smith had a look at the correct handling of rookie Cordell Foulson by his side at the right keeper with the 1s.

The names you see in the first group one day are not always the same the next. When the team had several places open for competition, offensive line coach Frank Pollack would often replace potential candidates at every other practice. Smith isn’t ready for a starting job, but he’s vying with Isaiah Prince to be his first entry off the bench. These delegates are important to him.

When it comes to Volson, the rookie is expected to fill in on either side of the middle, even if he’s competing with Jackson Carman in the left guard.

The latest Bengal is not at all new in Jack Patrick. Previous XFL The star returned to Cincinnati today as Elijah Holyfield was placed on the reserve/injured list after a leg injury. Here he is rocking a new number.

The topic of security has been getting a lot of talk this week. Jesse Bates isn’t in the camp, but Dax Hill and Von Bell are. Hill provided the best defense with a passing Brandon Allen pass for Hayden Hurst’s tight end.

Hearst is said to have impressed amongst all the receivers so far. Here he is on a contested hunt against Mike Hilton.

Hearst won’t have to compete for a slate, but Jeff Gunther will. The seventh-round pick fights with several edge attackers, and finds himself in a quick fight with the offensive tackle Isaiah Prince. The two exchanged blows briefly and went to the floor after Gunther put in too much effort during an rep without a padding.

Nerves usually flare up during camp, and it’s not surprising to see that happen with a late pick trying to prove its worth.

Perhaps a more notable back-and-forth happened with Eli Apple and Ja’Marr Chase. Apple smashed a submerged deep ball that was meant for Chase and told Chase about it after the play.

After about 20 minutes, Chase made Apple pay.

Even without Joe Burrow knocking him over, Chase seems totally at home. It’s crazy how nobody this time last year thought they could catch up with NFL football.

On the injury front, Devin Cochran walked off the field limping, missed a few plays but came back shortly afterwards. On the other hand, Mitchell Wilcox did not train.

That’s it for today. The team trains again tomorrow and will move to Paul Brown Stadium in order to get back together on Saturday.