Seahawks Mock Game Recap: Drew Lock, Tarek and Wolin Have Good Shows

The Seattle Seahawks They had an annual indoor brawl on Saturday at Lumen Field, with nearly 7,000 fans in attendance (the same time the Mariners beat the Angels at T-Mobile Park, mind you). Navy Blue in Seattle beat Action Green 17-13, but the score is much less important than the players’ performance.

Drew Lock and Geno Smith both had the command of the first and second teams, with Jacob Eason having what seemed to be a memorable cameo running the third team. It seems as if 1s vs 1s didn’t materialize and some of that wasn’t practical anyway due to players being sidelined by injury.

Unofficially, Locke was 19/27 and Smith was 11/20. Both quarterbacks led the relegation drives in their opening streak (albeit against the second team’s defense). Rashad Benny and Kenneth Walker were crowned by scoring goals by reaching the end zone. Here’s a glimpse into Walker and his ability to get offshore at breakneck speed.

Locke threw a touchdown pass later in the day to Cody Thompson (more on that later). He also delivered a great completion to pick Dareke Young in the seventh round, and here’s a look in that light.

Geno’s day started off hot but subsided considerably as the afternoon progressed, but in his better moments it was clear he had a good rhythm with DK Metcalf.

Rookie tackle Abe Lucas initially started with 1s, with the presumed leader to take that right tackle point, Jake Curhan playing as the left tackle with 2s. Everyone else expected to be a key player — Charles Cross, Damien Lewis, Austin Blythe and Gabby Jackson — got first-team action today.

Now I have to disclose that Field Gulls weren’t present in this game and the Seahawks livestream was only a warm-up, so our eyes and ears were basically the veteran who beat off the reporters present. The name that came up repeatedly in defense was CB Tariq Wolin, who was “beaten” for landing by Thompson but apparently it was a pretty crazy play.

But he had some other bright moments!

Of course, with pretty much no processing and the fact that this is just a brawl, don’t read too much into what happened this evening. Unfortunately we had one injury and that was an elbow problem for LJ Collier, and as of now there are no updates on his condition.

Pre-season starts in Seattle on Pittsburgh Steelers August 13th at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PT. And before we close this, hello Richard Sherman!