San Jose Sharks employs five hockey operations

The process of reshaping the San Jose Sharks continues under new General Manager Mike Greer today, with the team announcing Five employees of the hockey operations department. The appointments are as follows:

  • Scott Fitzgerald as Player Personnel Manager
  • Tom Holley Assistant General Manager
  • Todd Marchant as Director of Player Development, and Senior Advisor
  • Chris Morehouse as Director of Amateur Scouts (call to San Jose first reported by Cory Macysiak, athlete)
  • Ryan Stewart as part of the Professional Personnel Division and as a Senior Counsel

Grier previously announced other changes to its hockey operations division, including Recruit From former New York Islanders coach Doug Witt to a senior position, as well as a rotation From the technical staff of the team, with a the new Bench coach at David Quinn.

Fitzerald, the new head of player personnel, is tasked with focusing on “professional and amateur scouts, including potential second-round selections in the NHL draft and college free agents,” according to the team announcement. Fitzgerald previously served in various positions as a Scout for the Boston Bruins, most recently as Director of the Boy Scouts. Bruins have been active in the college free agent market under Fitzgerald’s close watch, possibly indicating that targeting NCAA free agents would be a strategy under Grier.

Holly, now an assistant to General Motors, was previously a widely respected director of media and public relations at the Dallas Stars, Sharks, and Cleveland Barons. According to the team, Holly will “oversee the analytics department, staff budgeting and contracts” as well as oversee various business-related responsibilities.

Marchant has become the team’s new head of player development, an increasingly important role in a league filled with teams focused on improving the draft and development process. The team states that Marchant will “oversee the player development department,” as he has done for the Anaheim Ducks organization since 2011-12. Under Marchant’s watch, the Ducks were among the top NHL teams in terms of introducing young talent to the NHL, especially with defensemen. The Sharks are keen to introduce more young talent to their squad and this will be Marchant’s primary responsibility going forward, and one he is well experienced with handling.

Morehouse, the team’s new chief amateur scout, served as the scouting manager for the New York Rangers. Prior to his time in New York, Morehouse was the chief amateur scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets team. Like any Exploration Director, Morehouse’s draft resume has its fair share of hits and misses. What sets Morehouse apart from others, however, is his six years of experience managing the scouting division despite now being only 35 years old.

Finally, Stewart joined the organization as a senior consultant and part of the Professional Personnel Division. Stewart joins the sharks after he was relieved of his duties As the assistant GM of the Chicago Blackhawks in March. Stewart has been with the Blackhawks for over a decade, rising from video coach position to assistant GM. Stewart brings significant experience to his new role and three Stanley Cup episodes.

In total, these employees represent a total turnaround in Sharks’ hockey operations division. After a long and fruitful stint from former General Manager Doug Wilson, who won almost everything outside of the Stanley Cup, the Sharks lost quite a bit, missing the playoffs for several years. It’s an idea that just a few years ago would have been unimaginable. Grier targeted people with experience to hire these roles, with extensive resumes.

Most of the responsibility for turning the Sharks on rests with its players, of course, but with these appointments, Greer is trying to build a hockey operations department that can better support and complement the Sharks players’ efforts.