Salah and Nunez seal glory in the Community Shield as Liverpool beat Manchester City | community shield

As humans for the new season Liverpool He would be even happier because Jurgen Klopp’s squad already look like a smart team ready to fight hard.

Manchester City does not. Pep Guardiola may not care about losing this for the first time ever community shield It was staged in July but might be concerned about the way Erling Haaland was almost unknown the whole time.

The number 9’s first moment came when he triggered the move that led to Julien Alvarez’s equalizing goal – and for the first time in Manchester Colors – and end up with the kind of glaring error that might haunt you.

In a rowdy setting at the packed King Power Stadium, Salah was the star of the first half, and it was a subdued presence along the right flank that would create the opening game for Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Al-Masry’s first maneuver was to sell a doll and shoot. He only found the side nets but City received a warning that they failed to heed because too often the number 11 was allowed to receive passes and cause havoc.

Seven minutes were up when Guardiola eliminated his first appearance of the season. João Cancelo was the target to get back towards goal rather than finding Jack Grealish with the escape ball on the left flank.

City were subjected to rushing, so when Kevin De Bruyne forced a left corner kick and the same player took a short shot and curled into a cross Nathan Ake could finally threaten Adrian’s goal, though he failed to connect.

Aké was Guardiola’s surprise pick of the day – the Catalans often had one – as the Dutchman was almost sold to Chelsea and was a favorite of John Stones.

Despite this, Akie was part of the back guard that struggled to frustrate Liverpool. A prime example of Salah’s freedom came when he controlled the ball and lowered it to Alexander-Arnold. The right-back, who saw Andy Robertson move towards the far post, sent a chip to the Scot who should have finished.

All the noise emanated from the red section of the field, all the action on the field of the same color. Thus, when Alexander struck Arnold there was little surprise. Once again Salah has been found – this time by Thiago Alcantara. And once again, the right-back waits on his left: Salah pressed the ball in his direction and Ederson’s curved shot struck through Akie’s forehead.

City, stinging, De Bruyne quickly ran on Riyad Mahrez’s stringy pass but the Belgian made a mistake. Haaland, at this turn, was a non-factor, limited to single touch and zero chances. Finally, he had two chances. Gathering Robertson aside, Adrian made a save, but then, in the same clip, appeared awkwardly with one foot when he mistook a cross with his left foot when making the corner right.

City rallied as the second half approached, closing in 45 minutes as he wanted: possession of the ball and lands near Liverpool’s goal. But no equalizer came from Mahrez’s pea cylinder that Adrián could easily have snapped of from weak teeth.

Trent Alexander Arnold opened the scoring.
Trent Alexander Arnold opened the scoring. Photograph: Tony O’Brien/Reuters

When the two teams were named, Haaland was the only summer signing in the squad, meaning that Calvin Phillips and Alvarez, Guardiola’s other new recruits, were substitutes, as were Klopp’s new men – Darwin Nunez and Fabio Carvalho.

If not every coach makes any changes in the second half, Liverpool will soon, once again, carry the threat. With a free kick on the left, Robertson dropped the ball into the City area before Akie jumped with a clear header. Next, a menacing Alexander-Arnold sprinted toward Ederson and was repelled near the six-yard box, Robertson crashed into the cross, and Jordan Henderson looked to turn along the right before returning to traffic.

Guardiola has now made a move with a two-turn procedure – the ineffective Haaland may have been one but he escaped – where Grealish and Mahrez were tied, Phil Foden and Alvarez entered. At this juncture, Roberto Firmino was also sacrificed – by Klopp – for Nunez, so each of the first contenders now had a new top scorer.

What has come as a surprise is how consistent City have been in Haaland’s ranks: Guardiola, on this evidence, lost the smooth attacking play that had been brilliant and successful to City due to the Norwegian’s reluctance to fall back from the front.

It was until the draw when Haaland did exactly that – finding space and passing to De Bruyne. A cross was crossed by Foden at Adrián and when the striker challenged the goalkeeper, the ball slipped to Alvarez whose shot was stopped – after a lengthy offside check.

But now came the second VAR investigation: Craig Pawson was sent to the field controller and ruled that Ruben Dias handled Nunez’ header.

Salah calmly scored the penalty before Nunez sealed the victory in stoppage time.