Premier League 2022/23 matches released


The 2022/23 Premier League matches and dates for all 380 matches have been launched under.

Beginning instances begin at 15:00 on Saturdays and public holidays until in any other case famous. Please be aware that fixtures are topic to vary.

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Friday August 5

20:00 Crystal Palace – Arsenal

Saturday August 6

12:30 Fulham – Liverpool
Bournemouth / Aston Villa
Leeds vs wolves
Leicester / Brentford
Newcastle – Nottingham Forest
Tottenham x Southampton
17:30 Everton x Chelsea

Sunday 7 August

14:00 Manchester United x Brighton
16:30 West Ham x Man Metropolis

Saturday 13 August

Arsenal – Leicester
Aston Villa / Everton
Brentford x Man United
Brighton x Newcastle
Chelsea x Tottenham
Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Man Metropolis x Bournemouth
Nottingham Forest x West Ham
Southampton / Leeds
Wolves vs Fulham

Saturday 20 August

Bournemouth – Arsenal
Crystal Palace / Aston Villa
Everton – Nottingham Forest
Fulham x Brentford
Leeds vs Chelsea
Leicester / Southampton
Manchester United x Liverpool
Newcastle x Man Metropolis
Tottenham vs wolves
West Ham x Brighton

Saturday 27 August

Arsenal – Fulham
Aston Villa x West Ham
Brentford / Everton
Brighton vs Leeds
Chelsea x Leicester
Liverpool – Bournemouth
Manchester Metropolis x Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest – Tottenham
Southampton / Man United
Wolves – Newcastle

Tuesday 30 August

19:45 Bournemouth v Wolverhampton
19:45 Arsenal / Aston Villa
19:45 Fulham vs Brighton
19:45 Leeds vs Everton
19:45 Leicester – Manchester United
19:45 West Ham vs Tottenham
20:00 Crystal Palace – Brentford

Wednesday August 31

19:45 Southampton / Chelsea
20:00 Liverpool – Newcastle
20:00 Man Metropolis – Nottingham Forest

Saturday 3 September

Aston Villa / Man Metropolis
Brentford vs Leeds
Brighton x Leicester
Chelsea x West Ham
Everton x Liverpool
Manchester United x Arsenal
Newcastle x Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest – Bournemouth
Tottenham vs Fulham
Wolverhampton vs Southampton

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Saturday 10 September

Bournemouth x Brighton
Arsenal – Everton
Crystal Palace / Manchester United
Fulham x Chelsea
Leeds vs Nottingham Forest
Leicester / Aston Villa
Liverpool vs wolves
Man Metropolis x Tottenham
Southampton / Brentford
West Ham x Newcastle

Saturday seventeenth September

Aston Villa / Southampton
Brentford x Arsenal
Brighton x Crystal Palace
Chelsea x Liverpool
Everton x West Ham
Man United vs Leeds
Newcastle x Bournemouth
Nottingham Forest x Fulham
Tottenham – Leicester
Wolverhampton vs Manchester Metropolis

Saturday 1 October

Bournemouth / Brentford
Arsenal – Tottenham
Crystal Palace / Chelsea
Fulham x Newcastle
Leeds x Aston Villa
Leicester – Nottingham Forest
Liverpool v Brighton
Manchester Metropolis x Manchester United
Southampton / Everton
West Ham vs Wolves

Saturday October 8

Bournemouth x Leicester
Arsenal – Liverpool
Brighton – Tottenham
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
Crystal Palace vs Leeds
Everton / Manchester United
Man Metropolis x Southampton
Newcastle x Brentford
Nottingham Forest / Aston Villa
West Ham x Fulham

Saturday 15 October

Aston Villa / Chelsea
Brentford x Brighton
Fulham x Bournemouth
Leeds vs Arsenal
Leicester / Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Man Metropolis
Manchester United x Newcastle
Southampton / West Ham
Tottenham – Everton
Wolves vs Nottingham Forest

Tuesday 18 October

19:45 Bournemouth x Southampton
19:45 Arsenal x Man Metropolis
19:45 Brentford x Chelsea
19:45 Brighton – Nottingham Forest
19:45 Fulham x Aston Villa
19:45 Leicester – Leeds
20:00 Crystal Palace / Wolverhampton

Wednesday October 19

19:45 Newcastle x Everton
20:00 Liverpool – West Ham
18:00 Manchester United x Tottenham

Saturday October 22

Aston Villa / Brentford
Chelsea x Man United
Everton / Crystal Palace
Leeds vs Fulham
Man Metropolis x Brighton
Nottingham Forest x Liverpool
Southampton / Arsenal
Tottenham – Newcastle
West Ham x Bournemouth
Wolverhampton – Leicester

Saturday October 29

Bournemouth x Tottenham
Arsenal – Nottingham Forest
Brentford x Wolverhampton
Brighton x Chelsea
Crystal Palace / Southampton
Fulham x Everton
Leicester x Man Metropolis
Liverpool vs Leeds
Man United x West Ham
Newcastle x Aston Villa

Saturday 5 November

Aston Villa / Manchester United
Chelsea v Arsenal
Everton / Leicester
Leeds x Bournemouth
Man Metropolis vs Fulham
Nottingham Forest x Brentford
Southampton / Newcastle
Tottenham x Liverpool
West Ham x Crystal Palace
Wolves vs Brighton

Saturday 12 November

Bournemouth x Everton
Brighton x Aston Villa
Fulham x Man United
Liverpool v Southampton
Man Metropolis x Brentford
Newcastle x Chelsea
Nottingham Forest – Crystal Palace
Tottenham – Leeds
West Ham x Leicester
Wolves vs Arsenal

Monday twenty sixth December

Arsenal x West Ham
Aston Villa / Liverpool
Brentford x Tottenham
Chelsea x Bournemouth
Crystal Palace / Fulham
Everton vs Wolves
Leeds vs Man Metropolis
Leicester / Newcastle
Man United x Nottingham Forest
Southampton x Brighton

Saturday December 31

Bournemouth x Crystal Palace
Brighton – Arsenal
Fulham x Southampton
Liverpool / Leicester
Manchester Metropolis x Everton
Newcastle – Leeds
Nottingham Forest x Chelsea
Tottenham x Aston Villa
West Ham x Brentford
Wolverhampton vs Manchester United

Monday 2 January

Arsenal – Newcastle
Aston Villa / Wolverhampton
Brentford x Liverpool
Chelsea x Man Metropolis
Crystal Palace x Tottenham
Everton x Brighton
Leeds vs West Ham
Leicester – Fulham
Manchester United x Bournemouth
Southampton – Nottingham Forest

Saturday 14 January

Aston Villa / Leeds
Brentford x Bournemouth
Brighton x Liverpool
Chelsea / Crystal Palace
Everton / Southampton
Manchester United vs Manchester Metropolis
Newcastle x Fulham
Nottingham Forest – Leicester
Tottenham – Arsenal
Wolves vs West Ham

Saturday January 21

Bournemouth – Nottingham Forest
Arsenal / Manchester United
Crystal Palace / Newcastle
Fulham x Tottenham
Leeds vs Brentford
Leicester – Brighton
Liverpool v Chelsea
Man Metropolis vs Wolves
Southampton / Aston Villa
West Ham x Everton

Saturday 4 February

Aston Villa / Leicester
Brentford / Southampton
Brighton x Bournemouth
Chelsea x Fulham
Everton v Arsenal
Manchester United x Crystal Palace
Newcastle x West Ham
Nottingham Forest vs Leeds
Tottenham vs Man Metropolis
Wolverhampton vs Liverpool

Saturday 11 February

Bournemouth x Newcastle
Arsenal / Brentford
Crystal Palace x Brighton
Fulham – Nottingham Forest
Leeds vs Manchester United
Leicester – Tottenham
Liverpool v Everton
Man Metropolis / Aston Villa
Southampton / Wolverhampton
West Ham x Chelsea

Saturday 18 February

Aston Villa / Arsenal
Brentford / Crystal Palace
Brighton – Fulham
Chelsea x Southampton
Everton x Leeds
Manchester United x Leicester
Newcastle x Liverpool
Nottingham Forest x Man Metropolis
Tottenham x West Ham
Wolverhampton x Bournemouth

Saturday 25 February

Bournemouth x Man Metropolis
Crystal Palace / Liverpool
Everton / Aston Villa
Fulham vs wolves
Leeds vs Southampton
Leicester / Arsenal
Man United x Brentford
Newcastle x Brighton
Tottenham x Chelsea
West Ham vs Nottingham Forest

Saturday 4 March

Arsenal – Bournemouth
Aston Villa / Crystal Palace
Brentford x Fulham
Brighton x West Ham
Chelsea x Leeds
Liverpool v Man United
Man Metropolis x Newcastle
Nottingham Forest x Everton
Southampton / Leicester
Wolves vs Tottenham

Saturday 11 March

Bournemouth – Liverpool
Crystal Palace x Man Metropolis
Everton / Brentford
Fulham x Arsenal
Leeds vs Brighton
Leicester / Chelsea
Man United x Southampton
Newcastle x Wolverhampton
Tottenham – Nottingham Forest
West Ham x Aston Villa

Saturday 18 March

Arsenal – Crystal Palace
Aston Villa / Bournemouth
Brentford x Leicester
Brighton x Man United
Chelsea x Everton
Liverpool v Fulham
Man Metropolis x West Ham
Nottingham Forest – Newcastle
Southampton / Tottenham
Wolves vs Leeds

Saturday 1 April

Bournemouth x Fulham
Arsenal – Leeds
Brighton x Brentford
Chelsea / Aston Villa
Crystal Palace / Leicester
Everton x Tottenham
Manchester Metropolis x Liverpool
Newcastle x Manchester United
Nottingham Forest vs wolves
West Ham x Southampton

Saturday eighth April

Aston Villa – Nottingham Forest
Brentford / Newcastle
Fulham x West Ham
Leeds vs Crystal Palace
Leicester / Bournemouth
Liverpool v Arsenal
Manchester United x Everton
Southampton / Man Metropolis
Tottenham x Brighton
Wolverhampton vs Chelsea

Saturday fifteenth April

Aston Villa / Newcastle
Chelsea x Brighton
Everton x Fulham
Leeds vs Liverpool
Man Metropolis x Leicester
Nottingham Forest x Man United
Southampton / Crystal Palace
Tottenham x Bournemouth
West Ham vs Arsenal
Wolves vs Brentford

Saturday twenty second April

Bournemouth x West Ham
Arsenal – Southampton
Brentford / Aston Villa
Brighton vs Man Metropolis
Crystal Palace / Everton
Fulham x Leeds
Leicester – wolves
Liverpool – Nottingham Forest
Man United x Chelsea
Newcastle x Tottenham

Tuesday 25 April

19:45 Everton x Newcastle
19:45 Leeds – Leicester
19:45 Nottingham Forest x Brighton
19:45 Tottenham x Manchester United
19:45 West Ham vs Liverpool
19:45 Wolverhampton vs Crystal Palace
20:00 Aston Villa / Fulham

Wednesday twenty sixth April

19:45 Chelsea x Brentford
19:45 Southampton / Bournemouth
20:00 Man Metropolis – Arsenal

Saturday April 29

Bournemouth x Leeds
Arsenal v Chelsea
Brentford – Nottingham Forest
Brighton vs wolves
Crystal Palace x West Ham
Fulham x Man Metropolis
Leicester / Everton
Liverpool – Tottenham
Manchester United / Aston Villa
Newcastle x Southampton

Saturday 6 Could

Bournemouth x Chelsea
Brighton x Everton
Fulham x Leicester
Liverpool v Brentford
Man Metropolis vs Leeds
Newcastle – Arsenal
Nottingham Forest – Southampton
Tottenham x Crystal Palace
West Ham x Man United
Wolverhampton x Aston Villa

Saturday Could 13

Arsenal v Brighton
Aston Villa / Tottenham
Brentford x West Ham
Chelsea – Nottingham Forest
Crystal Palace / Bournemouth
Everton x Man Metropolis
Leeds – Newcastle
Leicester / Liverpool
Man United vs Wolves
Southampton / Fulham

Saturday 20 Could

Bournemouth / Manchester United
Brighton x Southampton
Fulham x Crystal Palace
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Man Metropolis x Chelsea
Newcastle x Leicester
Nottingham Forest – Arsenal
Tottenham x Brentford
West Ham vs Leeds
Wolverhampton vs Everton

Sunday 28 Could

16:00 Arsenal – Wolverhampton
16:00 Aston Villa x Brighton
16:00 Brentford x Man Metropolis
16:00 Chelsea – Newcastle
16:00 Crystal Palace – Nottingham Forest
16:00 Everton x Bournemouth
16:00 Leeds – Tottenham
16:00 Leicester x West Ham
16:00 Manchester United x Fulham
16:00 Southampton – Liverpool