Paloma condemns the abolition of culture and talks about mental health

Big Brother 24 competitor Paloma Aguilar shocked everyone when she fired herself. Now she’s setting the record straight about her sudden exit.

After her shocking self-expulsion from Big Brother 24Paloma Aguilar details raising awareness of mental health and how it feels “Abolition of Culture” He is responsible for the rumors about her since she left the game. The 22-year-old interior designer from San Marcos, California, quit the game before the season’s first direct expulsion due to “Personal issue”, Which was later revealed to be linked to her deteriorating mental health while inside Big brother a house.

Although it was clear to Big brother viewers Who watched both livestreams and TV episodes that Paloma was struggling mentally, many social media users thought her self-expulsion might have been related to the petty violence she and some other house guests directed toward Taylor Hill, a black woman. The plan was to bring Taylor back the back door until Paloma’s exit led to the season’s first elimination. After Paloma left the house, she insisted that she was not racist towards Taylor, and that she is in fact a good friend with her. She explained that the real reason she left was that $750,000 was not worth the cost of her mental health.

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In a new post on Instagram, Paloma Again talk to her Big brother self-evacuation. She blamed social media abolition of culture and Big brother Producing for her negative portrayal since she left home saying, “It’s such a shame that social media is trying to tear someone down through a culture of cancellation because of the way things are portrayed to fit the narrative of ‘good TV’. People see it as the ‘ultimate reality of reality’ when everything is actually cut to fit the narrative they want,'” Even live feeds are cut from room to room when things are said that could jeopardize the story. [sic] go with. “ Paloma’s video selections revealed How Big brother production work. In one of the videos, she laughs with Taylor as she cleans the mirror over the bathroom sink big brothers Request. The video reveals that the mirror is actually a two-way mirror that is transparent on the other side Big brother Guests can be seen. Paloma even called it a window. Another video shows how the live broadcast was interrupted during one of her conversations.

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Then Paloma explained that she left Big brother because of “The ongoing mental health battle that you once encountered within the walls of the perfect reality array utopia.” The former Big brother guest She said that she quickly became obsessed with the game, with the result that she “I forgot how to take care of myself. FOMO [fear of missing out] I used up all my moves.” She said she only got 2-4 hours of sleep a night and couldn’t work because of it “Everyone keeps each other in play.” Paloma also participated in it “I haven’t seen the sun for 5 days so I’m starting to lose [sic] touch reality. She said the lack of windows and 100 cameras running 24/7, even during sleep hours, “You ate me alive.” confirmed, Nobody understands the psychological challenge of reality TV unless you’ve experienced it yourself.” big controversial brother star Paloma concluded her letter by saying that she feels mental health is something she thinks she should do “a lock” with its platform because “It’s stigma and underestimation in a world where the majority of us face something related to mental health in secrecy.”

Although many Big brother Home guests have done very well in a reality TV setting, and there are some, like Paloma, who have expressed how difficult it is to constantly watch it at home. Also, although many people have criticized Paloma’s assertion that the show is manipulating the narration because the livestream shows it all, longtime viewers know that the show doesn’t cut the feeds very much. The videos also show Paloma and Taylor laughing together, which was not aired on the show. Big brother It’s supposed to be funAn exciting and challenging game that tests the physical, mental, social and emotional abilities of the contestants. Paloma was right to leave the house when she hit her maximum limit. We hope you can use her experience Big brother To help raise awareness about mental health.

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source: Paloma Aguilar/ Instagram

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