Steelers announces Class of Honor class 2022

Myron Cupannouncer1970-2004 The majority of individuals enshrined in the Steelers Hall of Honor will be forever remembered for their plays on the court or their coaching prowess. But for Myron Cope, something else will remember him. Oh, and also a little thing called the horrible towel. Cope became a household name when he was hired … Read more

Storm vs Mystics WNBA Tonight Odds, Picks & Predictions

With only eight games left in the WNBA regular season, Saturday’s game between the Seattle Storm and the Washington Mystics is of crucial importance. Both teams have identical records 18-11, and Saturday, July 30 is the first of two games set to determine the play-off season, potentially having major implications for the play-off classification. Receive … Read more

‘Soon it won’t be recognizable’ says expert: Total climate meltdown is unstoppable Climate crisis

TPublishing Bill McGuire’s latest book, Earth’s greenhouseIt can’t be on time. Coming to stores this week, sweltering customers who have just endured record-high temperatures across the UK and now face the prospect of weeks of drought will see them to add to their unease. And this is only the beginning, insists McGuire, emeritus professor of … Read more

Russia and NASA have been on the alert for years. Threats to leave the International Space Station are no surprise.

The International Space Station, as pictured from SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor during flight on November 8, 2021.NASA Russia talks about abandoning NASA on the International Space Station. Although the news shocked many and inspired a flurry of headlines, the threat is neither new nor particular. A NASA-Russia agreement on the International Space Station is under … Read more

Can this machine finally track down dark matter?

Located deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota, it is the largest in the world dark matter The detector began its operations to search for this mysterious and elusive form of matter. The LUX-ZEPLIN experiment (LZ) is specifically designed to detect a specific type of hypothetical dark matter particle, called weakly interacting massive particles, … Read more

WWF report says online wildlife trade is on the rise in Myanmar

Written by Eileen Kortenbach, Business Writer at AP Bangkok (AFP) – Illegal online purchases of wildlife are increasing in Myanmar, threatening public health and endangered species, a report by the World Wildlife Fund shows. The report released on Friday found that enforcement of the ban on such transactions has weakened amid political turmoil after the … Read more

Perspective: Three leaders analyze the potential of physician unions

Thirty years ago, when the vast majority of American physicians worked in independent, often smaller, fee-for-service practices, the idea of ​​physician unions seemed strange to many people in health care. But the landscape has changed dramatically since then, and a large number of doctors are now paid by hospitals, health systems, medical groups and health … Read more