NCAA must reveal potential basketball penalty for KU Jayhawk

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Dick Vitale was right: if a decision cannot be made in two years, it's time to drop the investigation.

Dick Vitale was right: if a decision cannot be made in two years, it’s time to drop the investigation.


Enough is enough. How long does it take to prove Cheats on the Kansas Jayhawks basketball programas NCAA employees claimed, or the Wrongdoing Program Survey?

Can a compromise be found? Probably. But no one knows for sure, which is unfortunate for the KU fan base and current players.

According to NCAA rules, KU officials are not allowed to speak about any aspect of the NCAA’s investigation into allegations that KU basketball recruits were unlawfully affected by attending the school. NCAA law enforcement officials are also prohibited from commenting on active inquiries.

Here’s what’s known: In 2017, the FBI cracked down on illegal bonuses in college sports. after two years, Kuwait University has received an official notification from the NCAAwho claimed Kuwait University’s men’s basketball program committed five Level 1 violations. Infractions, including allegedly illegal payments to families of potential student-athletes, are considered the most egregious.

Self and his lawyers strongly opposed the allegations.

After nearly three years back and forth with the NCAA and Independent precision panel Which will decide the appropriate penalties, the case has not yet been resolved.

Now that college players are allowed to make money from their name, image, and likeness, it is extremely important to speed up this long process. KU basketball was held hostage by an old amateur model that was nearly unenforceable until the FA intervened.

The ability of student-athletes to take advantage of NIL opportunities represents progress. But the waiting game seems to have infuriated famous college basketball announcer Dick Vitale, as he should have done with KU followers.

“I firmly believe that if the NCAA cannot make a decision within a two-year period in cases where member schools have been charged with violations, the case should be dropped,” Dickie V launched on Twitter on July 24. He wrote: “Taking 4-5 years is quite complete!”

Despite winning the NCAA title in March, an incredible feat given the circumstances, the uncertainty that remains around KU basketball is unfair to current players who have nothing to do with the alleged irregularities.

Were head coach Bill Self and his first lieutenant, assistant coach Curtis Townsend, aware of the unauthorized benefits being paid to prospective student-athletes years ago? I find it hard to believe that oneself will not know every aspect of the coming and going hoops of Kuwait University.

But a convicted criminal, Former adidas advisor Thomas “TJ” GassnolaHe had already testified in federal court that he had concealed from Self and others associated with the program illegal payments made to potential Jayhawks.

Adidas is the clothing sponsor of the multi-million dollar Kuwait University.

Last week, a A CBS report indicated that Self and Townsend were taken off the road this summer For the period of direct employment. The summer months are important for college coaches, who have the opportunity to watch the prospects for work against high-level competition.

Self-preservation and Townsend at home over the past several weeks may indicate that KU has been working on having some rash behavior in the program.

In this space, I was a critic Reasonable self-denial regarding potential NCAA recruitment violations. But the downtime pattern the Jayhawks have faced is unforgivable.

The KU case is handled through an independent accountability decisions process, which has no option to appeal. All punitive decisions are final. An independent commission will decide the appropriate penalties

But the sooner the five-member body announces the potential punishment for Kuwait University, the better.

This story was originally published August 1, 2022 12:25 pm.

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