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The Top Schools in Canada for Earning Your Degree



Choosing to pursue your degree in Canada can be an excellent decision, and picking the best school at which to get that degree is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life up to this point. Though choosing a Canadian university can feel like an impossible task with so many schools to choose from, it doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, if you do your research and keep these top schools in Canada in mind when making your decision, you’ll have no trouble finding the right place at which to get your degree and set yourself up for success on the path to your career.

University of Toronto

Toronto is a major city located in the province of Ontario, and it’s also one of the most well-known and highly ranked universities in Canada. The University of Toronto was founded back in 1827 as an institution that combined both higher education and research, which has given this school a reputation as one of the best universities around. This university is ranked number two globally by QS rankings, and it also ranks second place among Canadian universities on the Maclean’s survey. Some notable alumni include Jane Goodall, Toni Morrison, and Leonard Cohen. If you want to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds from across North America and beyond, then this university is worth considering for your education degree. UofT offers over 350 undergraduate programs, over 200 graduate programs, and three professional degrees through their Faculty of Arts & Science; Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering; and Faculty of Law. You can study anything ranging from astrophysics to zymology at this renowned university with their extensive list of courses offered.

McMaster University

McMaster is a public research university located in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded as part of the province’s historic University of Toronto Act of 1906. The university operates six academic faculties: Engineering; Health Sciences; Humanities, Social Sciences and Science; as well as the DeGroote School of Business and the McMaster Divinity College. The university also offers more than 100 programs in professional fields such as law, pharmacy and dentistry. A member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, McMaster is one of the top schools in Canada for education degrees.

Western University

While Western University may not be the most prestigious university in Canada, it is still a respectable school that offers a wide variety of degrees. The University has both undergraduate and graduate programs and is located just outside of London.
Western offers 120 different degree programs. Some of these are business, law, engineering, education, computer science and more. This degree diversity can come in handy if you’re undecided about what to study or if you want to find something that will give you an edge on your competition.
For students who want to stay close to home while they go through their education there are also many options available at Western that don’t require a plane ride across the country or extensive travel time. Western’s Faculty of Education provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in education.
For those looking for a STEM related degree with ties to health care, Western offers Nursing Science as well as Biomedical Engineering Technology.
If one were looking for an opportunity that would allow them to work directly with kids then they could pursue either Early Childhood Education or Child Psychology which falls under the Faculty of Human Kinetics & Recreation.

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is one of the top schools in Canada for education degrees. Established by royal charter, Queen’s has a long history of excellence and innovation. Queen’s is committed to academic excellence and recognizes that the needs of students are changing and evolving. The School of Education at Queen’s University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. The Bachelor’s degree program prepares graduates for a range of teaching opportunities across public and private settings; this includes Primary Education, Secondary Education (Elementary or High School), Adult Education (basic skills courses), English as an Additional Language courses, literacy courses, Inclusive Learning Specialists coursework and other related positions. The Master’s degree program provides students with an enhanced understanding of educational research methods as well as practical training in skills such as instructional design, curricular development and assessment in order to help prepare graduates for school-based work such as providing professional development workshops or working with school boards on curriculum review committees.

Concordia University

With the help of a world-class education, Concordia University students are fully prepared to take on the challenges that come with living and working in the globalized economy. One of the top universities in all of Canada, Concordia University offers an engaging and challenging academic environment. This school is located in Montreal, Quebec which has been named the most livable city by The Economist. With its picturesque setting and modern architecture, Montreal is an excellent place to live while attending school. In addition to studying at one of the best schools in Canada, you can also enjoy cultural events such as festivals and theatre productions or try some authentic Canadian cuisine. And if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, head over to Parc Jean-Drapeau where you can go cycling or rollerblading along paths dotted with trees or visit Centre d’Expositions de Montréal (Montreal Convention Center) where concerts and trade shows are often held.

Université de Montréal

The Université de Montréal has a wide range of degree programs that will equip students with the skills they need to enter the workforce. One of their most well-known programs is the Computer Science program, where students learn programming languages like Java and SQL, as well as computer architecture and systems design. The university’s Architecture program also provides graduates with a unique mix of skills that make them well-rounded architects. Students are exposed to project management, drawing and rendering techniques, architectural history and theories, as well as graphic design. With more than 120 courses to choose from, there is no shortage of options at UdeM. A few other popular programs include Civil Engineering, Economics and Management Sciences (EMCS), Journalism and Communications (JMC) and Psychology.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry was named among the top 20 medical schools worldwide by QS Rankings. The University also has a long history with dentistry, which is why it ranked third on this list. Graduates have an excellent reputation and go on to work at prestigious institutions around the world like Harvard Medical School, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, Northwestern University Dental School, New York University College of Dentistry, McGill University Faculty of Dentistics, UC Berkeley School of Dentistry, Ohio State University College of Dentistry and more! In addition, the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry offers undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry & Pharmacology, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Clinical Psychology (Bachelor), Community Health Sciences (Bachelor), Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Bescent), Kinesiology (Bachelor), Mathematics & Computer Science (Bachelor) as well as Master’s degrees in Clinical Health Psychology, Clinical Nutrition and Human Performance/Human Movement Science.

Simon Fraser University

SFU is a world leader in sustainability and entrepreneurship, with a high ranking as one of the top schools in Canada. The university offers more than 200 programs and courses, including undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and professional qualifications. Some of SFU’s notable alumni include Dave Coulier (Full House), Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), Leonard Cohen (singer-songwriter), Peter Mansbridge (broadcaster) and many more.
SFU has campuses on four different locations – Vancouver, British Columbia; Surrey, British Columbia; Burnaby, British Columbia; and Singapore – so you can find the campus that’s right for you. Ranked #12 on this list of the best universities in Canada, it’s no wonder why SFU continues to be popular among students.
Université du Québec à Montréal: UQAM was founded in 1969 by Jean-Paul L’Allier, then Quebec Minister of Education, but opened its doors to students only three years later. In 1982, UQAM became part of Université du Québec when it was created. It currently offers over 300 degree programmes through 18 faculties and schools – from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees. Graduates go onto successful careers across all fields from business to engineering or humanities to law.

University of British Columbia Section 10) University of Alberta

One of the top schools in Canada is the University of Alberta. They offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees including Arts, Science, Commerce, Education, Engineering and Kinesiology. The university’s size is large enough to have many diverse programs but small enough that students can get individual attention from professors. It also has an extremely low student-to-faculty ratio so it’s easy to make connections on campus.
Alberta also has one of the lowest tuition rates among Canadian public universities making this school extremely affordable while still providing a high quality education. For example, the cost of attending UAlberta is approximately $6,000 per year whereas other top Canadian universities charge upwards of $30,000 per year. For those who do not want to live on campus or commute long distances, UAlberta offers numerous distance learning options. These allow you to take classes without having to be physically present which could save you money and time. If you’re interested in exploring post-secondary options in Canada then it would be worth your time looking at UAlberta since they are consistently ranked as one of the best schools for various fields by both academics and alumni alike.

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