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Everything you need to know about Mastercard Foundation Scholarship


Did you know the mastercard foundation offers over 1000 scholarships, ranging from $50,000 to $25,000? Mastercard is doing its part to encourage and support young people’s education in Africa. This is why this blog post is dedicated to scholarship opportunities. We’ve got everything you need to know about the mastercard foundation scholarship as well as details about when you should apply and what eligibility requirements there are.


Mastercard Foundation Scholarship is a fully funded scholarships program offered to international students from Africa to study abroad. This scholarship is an undergraduate and Masters degree Scholarship, this means that you can only be qualified to apply for this scholarship once you are done with your high school program or once you’re done with your Undergraduate Program, depending on the one you want to apply for.


This scholarship program specifically targets academically brilliant and outstanding Young people who are African national and are financially and economically deprived of their passion to complete their academic pursuit. Those who will help in the transformation of the continent through their knowledge, attitudes, skills and values demonstrated by their leadership.


In this scholarship, community development service is the core part of the program.


Who is eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship?


For an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, candidates must be 29 years old or under at the time they apply. For a graduate (master’s) degree, candidates must be 35 years old or under at the time they apply.


Are you an African national with a commitment to ethical leadership and community building?


Are you a committed , young person whose academic ambitions exceed your financial resources?


Are you a student Interested In joining an exceptional network of young changemakers?


Do you identify as a woman, refugee, internally displaced person, person with a disability or another marginalized community that makes accessing higher education challenging?


To be considered for the program, students must be academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.


In addition, each university has its own eligibility criteria. Carefully review the application requirements at the institution to which you are interested in applying.


Before you apply:


Carefully research the Program website of the university of your choice to learn the specific details about eligibility criteria, requirements, deadlines, and other application instructions.


Select the institution and program you want to apply to. While there is no limit to the number of schools you can apply to, it is important to note that it takes a great deal of effort to complete an application package.


Prepare the necessary documents to submit. Each institution requires different types of documents as part of the application process. Failing to submit a document on time will result in an incomplete application.


If applicable, take the required tests a few months before starting your application. Before being considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, every applicant must first meet the admissions requirements of the university. For some partners, tests like the SAT and/or TOEFL or IELTS are part of the standard requirements for all international students. Other university partners do not require these to be completed.


Ask for references. Most universities will require recommendation letters. Before you apply, ask someone who knows you well, such as your teacher, mentor, or community leader, to support you with this step. Some universities will require the recommendation to be submitted online. In this case, it is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with his/her referees about the online submission.


When applying:


Follow the application instructions on the university program. Some partners only accept online applications; some others require paper-based applications.


Take note of the deadline and avoid waiting until the last day to submit your application. Check your application package to make sure that you have submitted all the required documents. A late or incomplete application will not be considered for the Scholars Program.


Courses offered in the Scholarship program


Industrial Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mining Engineering

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Food Science and Technology

Agricultural Economics / Business Management

Animal Science

Plant Pathology

Applied Plant and Soil Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Humanities PolSci (Political Studies)

PolSci (International Studies)

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

Accounting Sciences

Financial Sciences



Agribusiness Management


How to Apply for the Scholarship


For you to be able to apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, all you need to do is follow the steps below;


Visit the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship website


Access the scholarship page or use the link below for easy access.


Note: you need to have an active email account before you can be able to make a full registration because a link that will enable you make the full registration will be sent there. And also, As soon as you submit your online application, a student number (EMPLID) will be sent to this email address as confirmation of receipt.


You can also choose to submit your application form in a hard copy format to the Mastercard Foundation office address at University of Pretoria

Student Service Center, Hatfield

Pretoria 0028, South Africa.


You can download the attachment for the application form with the link below

application Hard copy form


More Information;

If you want to know more about Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, you can head on to their official websites:


Official Website


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