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Everything you need to know about harding miller scholarship


Harding miller scholarship is an annual Scholarship award founded by the harding miller Foundation. This scholarship is specifically created to help Australian high school girls who have demonstrated a good academic potential but lack the resources to further their education in higher institutions.


The harding miller scholarship makes sure that female children like this who are Australian citizens will be trained in the University without any financial hassle.


About Harding Miller Education Foundation.


The Harding Miller Education Foundation is an Australian charity that supports high potential but socio-economically disadvantaged girls across Australia through a $20,000 scholarship over four years of high school. The program gives the girls the tools and resources they need to not only complete high school but to reach their potential and build direct pathways to tertiary education. Since 2016, they have awarded over 800 scholarships to girls from more than 350 schools in every state and territory of Australia.


Kawana Crowe was awarded a scholarship in 2016 and graduated from high school in 2019.


Most of our scholars are bright, hard-working girls from families in low socio-economic circumstances. Many of them struggle to put food on the table, let alone purchase a new computer for their daughter’s education. For some, access to technology is limited either because they cannot afford a computer or because they need to share a device with other family members.


By providing these girls with their own computers, educational tools and resources, they can join their peers who are more socioeconomically advantaged on a more level playing field. The impact of COVID-19 has brought to light the significant technology gaps in our education system, and the need to support disadvantaged students is greater than ever.


Who is eligible for a Harding Miller scholarship?


To be eligible for a HMEF scholarship, you must be:


1. A female student in a public high school


2. A current Year 8 student, entering Year 9 in 2023


3. An Australian citizen or permanent resident


4. Able to demonstrate high academic results or the potential to do so


5. Experiencing low socioeconomic circumstances.


If you meet all of the criteria, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.


What’s included in a full Harding Miller scholarship?


The scholarship includes a high-quality laptop in the first year as well as four years of;


• Online IT support


• High-speed internet


• $2500 worth of online or face to face tutoring


• Online homework help


• Prepaid expense cards for essential school needs such as uniforms, textbooks, and school excursions


Each scholar is allocated a personal coach who supports and guides them through the four years of the program. We have over 80 volunteer coaches working with us. Many have experience in the education sector and all of them are committed to helping the girls excel.


We also provide an enrichment program to introduce scholars to a range of career experiences and broaden their horizons about possible tertiary education pathways. Some of the organisations we work with are Google, 3M, Mastercard, EY, Allen & Overy, USYD, UNSW, and the University of New England, to name a few.


How to Apply for The Harding Miller scholarship


Visit the Harding Miller Scholarship Foundation official website.


Acess there Scholarship Application Page using this Link https://hmef.grantplatform.com/


Register an account on the page.


Check your email and confirm your registration.


Log in.


Start your application (you can save it in-progress and return to it later on).


Carefully fill in the required space with what is expected of you.


Once you’re done with the application you can submit your application.


Some Frequently Asked questions About


Can I apply more than once?


No. You can only apply once, and you must be in Year 8 when you submit your



Do I have to get over a certain grade to qualify?


Your school grades need to be strong and show that you have academic capability and potential for high achievement.


Your attitude and commitment to study and doing well at school also needs to be evident in your application.


How many applications do you receive every year?


We receive hundreds of applications every year as more people hear about the

scholarship and are inspired by the success stories of our Harding Miller scholars.


How many scholarships do you award every year?


The number of scholarships is dependent on funding. We currently support over 500

scholars in Years 9 to 12.


Do all the scholarships offer the same in all states and territories?


Yes, every scholarship is the same, for all girls, across all regions of Australia.


Are the Quinn scholarships different to the HMEF scholarships?


The Quinn scholarships are the same as the HMEF scholarships. They are financed and supported by the Quinn Femelle Foundation which is why they are called the Quinn

scholarships for Queenslanders.


Can I still apply if I do not have a teacher to support me?


As part of the application, you need your principal to provide a reference. The reference

can be written by an assistant principal or your year coordinator but it must be signed

by the principal, and it needs to be on school letterhead.


Are the scholarships only for girls? Can boys apply?


Only girls are eligible to apply for the Harding Miller scholarship program. Our founders believe that educating girls has the potential to create societal change by breaking the cycle of poverty and stimulating economic growth.


Do I have to give the laptop back at the end of the scholarship?


If you complete Year 12 and provide us with your ATAR result, the laptop is yours to keep.


How much is a scholarship worth and what does it include?


Scholarships are valued at approximately $20,000 over the course of four years.


Successful applicants for 2023 will receive the following support:


• High quality laptop and help desk support


What is the selection process?


Your application will be reviewed by a selection panel, which includes representatives from the Harding Miller Education Foundation, the Department of Education, and other independent judges.


Members of the selection panel assess each application against the selection criteria and provide their recommendations to the Harding Miller Education Foundation Board for approval.


When will I find out if I’ve been successful?


We will send you an email to notify you of the outcome of your application in December before the end of the school year. Your principal and parents and/or guardians will also be notified.


Is there someone I can call if I get stuck with my application?


Please call the Harding Miller Education Foundation on 1300 103 896 or email



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