Michael taiwo scholarship Application for 2023


michael taiwo scholarship Application for 2023


Michael taiwo Scholarship Application Announcement!!!



The Micheal taiwo scholarship Applications are now open to students who wish to apply for their ongoing Mt scholarship for 2023 Program.


The 2023 award is open to all the graduates and final year students in Nigeria and Africa, who wish to apply for the scholarship.


Candidates who wish to apply for this scholarship are urged to make an application regardless of their present cgpa in school because every Application will be carefully assessed based on financial need and other things concerning the student.



With that being said, before any award is given to you, you will need to provide your school transcript to be checked and verified.


About Michael taiwo Scholarship


Michael Taiwo scholarship is a graduate scholarship offered by a non-governmental organization based in California, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly 900 miles.. This scholarship is led by a US based Nigerian man named Micheal taiwo. He got inspired to create this scholarship due to the kind of financial problem he faced during his study abroad (north american) to be precise.


He said “When I reflect on my entire US/Canada graduate school application process as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the most difficult part by far was paying for the required standardized tests such as the GRE and the TOEFL, as well as the application fees to schools. Having a high GPA from college, crafting persuasive application letters, and securing credible references (all part of the application requirements for applying to graduate schools) was difficult, but was nothing compared to living in a third world country and trying to pay online for services based in North America.”


The aim of the scholarship is to help graduate students in Nigeria and Africa, who wish to further their education to a graduate degree level to fund their education to study abroad so they won’t experience any financial hassle.


Eligibility requirements for this scholarship


For you to apply for the mt scholarship program you must meet the following criteria.


You must be a graduate or a final year student of any university in Nigeria or Africa.


You must showcase the good characteristics of a scholar.


As a candidate, you need to have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 in a 5-point system (or equivalent CGPA if not based on a 5-point scale) or, in the case of final year students, have such a CGPA at the end of the penultimate year.


You must be willing and ready to study abroad.


Micheal taiwo Scholarship Application Process


Below are the guidelines on how to apply for the mt graduate scholarship program.


Visit the Micheal taiwo official Scholarship website.https://www.mtscholarships.org/

Scroll to the 5th section of the website

Click on apply for scholarship located at the 5th section of the website

Carefully make your application on the website by filling the required areas.

Once you’re done you can click on submit.


How the Mt Scholarship Award is being Selected and Awarded.


The Micheal taiwo scholarship committee uses several factors in screening the initial application. The goal is to select a diverse, service-oriented group of so-called MT Scholars who have the best chance of thriving through the rigors of a graduate program. The process is not unlike what graduate school admissions committees use in selecting the composition of an incoming class.


The Mt Scholarship committee looks at academically strong students who are financially incapable of covering the cost of graduate school applications. They also look for candidates who have shown initiative or drive that they can withstand the challenges of living abroad in a rigorous graduate curriculum.


Scholarship Deadline


As of the time of writing this article this scholarship is not yet open for the 2023 Application. However you can save this Page, and visit it from time to time so that once the application date is released you will be communicated.


Goals of this Scholarship


To help support vibrant African students. (particularly) graduates in their academics and provide for their financial needs


To help in mentoring world-class professionals.


to help those who otherwise would have found it difficult to achieve their dreams of landing a fully funded graduate program in a world-class institution.


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