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Everything You Need to Know About OPM Scholarships


Looking for that scholarship that will help you study abroad as a Nigerian without any financial hassle? Well, look no further because omega power ministry scholarship also known as OPM scholarship got you on this one. This scholarship offers over 8,000 dollars worth of scholarship to individuals who are nigerian citizens and have a financial problem going through school.


And in this article we will be sharing with you everything you need to know about this scholarship. Just make sure to read to the end in order to get all the information you require to make your first opm scholarship application. So without further ado let’s get to the article.


About OPM Scholarship


Opm scholarship is a fully funded Nigerian scholarship sponsored by one the christian organization in nigeria popularly known as omega power ministry. The ministry is owned by one of the highly respected Nigerian pastors by name, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere. He is known to be very respected not just because of the fully funded scholarships he offers to students but also for other good things like feeding and sheltering the poor masses who are financially unstable and also providing work for them. And like i’ve pointed out before in this article, this scholarship is an oversea scholarship which means you will study outside the shores of nigeria.


This Scholarship has been around for over five years and still counting. It was created alongside when the OPM Foundation was founded.


This scholarship has about five countries in their Scholarship list where they send student Scholars to go and study. And this countries are Dubai, Poland, turkey, Cyprus and Germany.


The following videos are some of the individuals who have benefited from this scholarship.





How can I get an OPM scholarship?

For you to secure an opm scholarship, you have to apply for it. And when applying for this scholarship, there are just three steps on how to make your application for the opm scholarship. This steps are as follows;


Searching for the opm scholarship on their official website.


While searching for the opm scholarship overseas, you should have in mind that the best place to search for this scholarship is at the opm official webpage or website. Once you log on to the site, you can locate the menu to see the tab linked to the scholarship page in the site. When making this scholarship search, you should always have in mind that not all scholarships might surface. So make sure you browse through the site carefully in order to get the scholarship best for you.


Once you’ve seen the scholarship best for you, you can apply through the aid of the application form that will be provided to you on the website.


Another best alternative way to check out their scholarship is through asking them on their facebook official handle and requesting for the application link. Or you can also decide to visit their church and explain to the general overseer apostle Chibuzor Chinyere and he will help you secure a scholarship by awarding you with one..


How do I access OPM Scholarships?


Like I said before, everything you need to make your first opm scholarship application successful is available on their official website. All you just have to do is log on to their website to look out for any available scholarship to study abroad.


How do I contact OPM Scholarships Management?


There are several ways of which you can contact the opm foundation and one of them is through their website chat support. The chat support will help you find whatever it is you’re looking for whether scholarship or otherwise. Another effective way by which you can contact them is through the social media official handle like facebook and twitter. If you have tried and you can’t reach them then you may have to visit the ministry itself. The address for the ministry is Omega Power Ministries (OPM Headquarters) Pentecostal church Port Harcourt · 0803 338 5271 or there are ikorodu office quarters in lagos.



Study Courses for OPM Scholarship

There are so many different courses available for the opm Scholarship this courses some the wide range of courses which individual scholars can choose to and apply. This courses are as follows;


Nutrition and Dietetics

Business Administration


Crop Science


Mass Communication





Computer Science


Public Administration




Agric Science

Food Science and Technology




Medicine and Surgery




As an opm Scholar, you’re expected to choose from a wide range of courses from this list of courses and study. Unless on a different situationship you can choose out of the courses listed above



List of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) Scholarship Countries


As I have mentioned before, there are six countries where you can actually get selected to study.


This six countries are as follows;


  • Nigeria
  • Germany
  • Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Dubai
  • Turkey


OPM Scholarship Application






OPM Scholarship Shortlisted Candidates

This scholarship is an annual Scholarship therefore Every year, the management of this renowned Scholarship shortlist eligible candidates who are going to be awarded this scholarship. And this candidates are found and proved to be Eligible through the requirements shown below in this article. You can as well get to know about this Eligibility requirements of the scholarship as you complete this article. The video already shown above are some of the shortlisted candidates for the scholarship

How to Choose the Best OPM scholarships Options Best for you


There’s always one option for OPM Scholarship and this option has to do with you indicating interest in the scholarship they have to offer and then they will go on and make you a scholar by awarding you a scholarship based on your financial and educational needs.


Choose Where to Study

Like I have said before, there are five different countries where you can be sent to study as an Opm scholar in which Nigeria is included making it six. However you will not be in a position to choose where you want to go, rather they (the Opm Scholarship sponsor) will choose the right place for you. So once they’re done choosing then you will be sent to further your education.


How to locate the OPM Scholarship 2023 Official Website.


There is only one official website for this particular Scholarship which is the Opm official website. That’s the only website where you can find a scholarship. The website is (opmworldwide.com). So once you’re done with the


OPM Scholarship Qualification Eligibility requirements


If you meet the following Eligibility requirements below that means you’re completely qualified to apply for the Omega Power Ministries scholarship:


Intelligent orphans that want a scholarship to study overseas.


Less privileged are intelligent and want a scholarship to study overseas.


Members from other churches from less privileged families that want scholarships to study overseas.


Muslims from less privileged families that want to study abroad.


Applicants must be physically and mentally fit.


Applicants must present a valid I.D card.


Have a valid WAEC or NECO result with 4 passes in 4 major subjects.


You must not have any criminal record as at the time of the application.


Applicants should not be older than 30 years old.


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