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The University of Surrey is a public research institution located in Guildford, Surrey, England. The University of Surrey received its royal charter in the year 1966, along with other Universities as recommended in the Robbins report. It was formally known as the Battersea College of Technology. Its route however, could be traced to the Battersea Polytechnic Institute, established in 1981 to promote higher education in London and to make education accessible to its inhabitants. Its effort toward promoting research and its global partnership has made it to be regarded as one of the leading research Universities in the UK.


The University of Surrey is a strong member of the association of MBAs and has appeared among the four Universities in the Universities Global Partnership Network (UGPN). Thwe University also belongs to the association of Univeristies named SETSQUARED of which University of Bath, University of Exeter, University of Bristol, University of Southampton. Its main campus is on Stag Hill, just adjacent to Guildford cathedral. The University’ sport park is located near Manor park, the University’s sub campus. Among all the British Universities, the University had one of the highest average UCAS Tariff for new intake in 2015. The University of Surrey is currently in partnership with other Universities to develop and promote 5G technology to solve worldwide problem. The University also is in possession of the Surrey Research parkk, which has offered research facilities for more than 100 companies who are into research activities. UNISURREY also hold a formal link with the Surrey International Institute, a program implemented in partnership with the University of Finance and Economics, Dongbei. It has won more than three Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for its research ability and was named as The Sunday Times University of the year in 2006 ranking.


The vice chancellor of the University of Surrey is named Prince Edward. The University has trained many Alumni, including many senior politicians in the sciety, as well as a good number of others in various fields which include: Olympic gold medalists, Athletes in various fields of sports.


Brief History of the University

The University of Surrey came into existence through the Battersea Polytechnic founded in 1891 and offered its first admission in 1894. Its major aim was to bring tertiary education closer to the poor inhabitants of the region. In 1901, its began its evening classes with courses such as Building, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Natural Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Music, Domestic Economy subjects. There were also special classes organized for women. The Institution focused mainly on science and technology related subjects. In 1956, the Institute was renamed as Battersea College of Technology, in early 1960s, the college had grown above its building capacity and had decided to relocate to a fresh site in Guildford. The Robbins Report of 1963 also made a proposal that the institute of advanced technology, including the Battersea College should be granted the autonomy to be awarding degree to its students. Towards the end of 1966, the University of Surrey came into existence through the Royal Charter, and after 1970, everything wa moved to Guildford. The University has a court , which consists of hall of residence which was named after and in honor of University of Battersea origins. Between the period of 1982 and 2008, the University of Surrey of Guildford Institute building, using part of it for its adult learning programme and bringing University presesnse to Guildford. The University celebrated its silver jubilee in 1991. During the period of 1998, the University of Surrey along with the University of Roehampton decided to come together and form an academic federation due to the relationship they had developed between themselves. Its celeberated its 35th anniversary in 2002 with a mouth watering event in Guilderford event hall.

In 2007, There was a large increase in the overall application compared to the past years , followed by a 12% increase in application in 2008. In october that same year, the University of Surrey lost it to Royal Holloway in the process of merging with the University of London


University of Surrey Buildings and Sites

The University of Surrey has the following buildings:

⦁ Students Accommodation at Manor Park

⦁ The School of Management Site with the statue of Alan Turing erected in the middle.

⦁ University of Surrey Sport Park

⦁ Guilderford Cathedral


The University Main Campus

The University moved into a new site in 1968. The new site is located in Stag Hill, Guildford. The BBC radio station for the University is also located on the main campus in addition to that, the students has a personal radio station. In 2009, the University’s school of acting moved officially into the main campus in Stag Hill as part of the merger conditions between the two, there was also alot of alot of renovations in the old sport centre, which let to it being converted to an art centre.


Sport Centre

Million of dollars was splashed on a sporting centre whose location is in the main campus in 2010, the sport centre was named the SURREY SPORT PARK, opened to replace the former sport facilities on the main campus. The Surrey Sport Park is comprised of a number of facilitiess, which include: A 50 metre square swimming pool, an ultra-modern gym, three sport halls, more than 6 square courts, tennis court, a climbing and coffee centre, pitches, restaurants and relaxation centres etc.


University of Surrey Acceptance Rate 2022

The University of Surrey is a public research institution based in Surrey. The academic system of the University is comprised of three faculties: Art and Science Faculty, Faculty of medical sciences, faculty of engineering, faculty of physical sciences etc. the University has more than 20 academic department which offer over 100 undergraduate and master’s courses, diplomas and other relevants certificates. The University of Surrey has over 11,000 and 2000 master’s degree students. About 27% of the total population hail from cities outside the UK. The University of Surrey has link with alot of other Universities both inside and outside its region. Some of its international partners are: The University of Central Florida, University of HongKong, University of Sao Paulo etc. This partnership often make people think that the acceptance rate of the University is high due to the ranking of its currrent partners in the system, but the reverse is the case. There are alots of facilities available for staffs and students The manor park at main campus houses alot of accomodation for staffs and students, there is a wide range od shops and shopping outlets including food outlets and clubs. The University of Surrey sport centre was launched in 2010 which provides facilities for fitness, swimming and other sporting facilities. The Universities also have some of its trainees who have been participating in National sporting competitions across the country. The University of Surrey is globally ranked as the among the top 400 Universities in the world by the QS ranking tables. Some of its departments like the department of Electronic Engineering, English Literature, Psychology, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Creative Writing etc have constantly been ranked among the top 10 courses offered by Universities in the country. The 2013 UCAS report reveals that the admission as at that year till 2018 was 69%. A rate which is not too high. Candidates who made good grades do not have any problem gaining admission into the system.


Notable Alumni of the University

The University has been able to train out several notable fellows of the British Academy and the Royal Society. Some of its notable individuals include: E.F Schumacher, Jeremy Kyle, Jim Abbis, Ameenah Gurib, Jim Alkhalili.


University of Surrey Services to International Students

The University has an international team whose duty is to promote the University overseas and also offer help to overea students before they arrive and throughout their stay in the campus. The team usually organize a meet and greet service along with orientaion programmes to help new comers get used to the campus and the environment as a whole.



Accommodation is available for all the first year intakes and for full time research master’s students. Flat and other form of houses are provided on campus, with majority on the main campus and the rest in other campuses. The houses are well equipped with essential facilities. There is also variety of houses for those who wish to live off-campus.

The University accommodation unit is solely responsible for securing comfortable houses for students both on campus and off-campus at a cheaper rate. The University currently has more than 5,000 rooms of various nature and more than 50% of these rooms have showers and toilets in them along with other facilities that could maek life comfortable.


Application Guidelines

University of Surrey offers a range of programs , starting from undergraduate programs to postgraduate programs. Below are the entry criteria of the University of Surrey:

⦁ Undergraduates students are to apply through the UCAS website and the postgraduates students can apply via online application.

⦁ No application fee is to be paid during postgraduates application.

⦁ Entry requirement for oversea students vary among countries who participates, what is required of Mr. B is different from what is required of Mr. A.

⦁ Those applying for University of Surrey Musical Theatre or acting foundation courses, are advised to apply directly via University of Surrey rather than through UCAS.


University of Surrey Admission for International Students

The University of Surrey Admission for International Students comes from its 22 colleges and the departments which offer admission to students all over the world. The University admits students from over 140 countries. The entry requirements differs among programs offered by the school. Applicants are expected to meet the requirements listed below and if at the time for application, they do not possess such requirements , are advised to switch to International Pathway Programs which will help blend and strengthen their academic skills to prepare for further studies at the University.

Application are processed through the undergraduates application portal.

Applicants pay a fee of 20 GBP for a single course and the sum of 25 GBP for multiple courses.


Documets Required:

⦁ English Language proficiency test score

⦁ UCAS personnel statement. Must be non plagiarized

⦁ Financial Statement

⦁ Minimum level qualification in Mathematics, English Lnaguage, Science etc.

⦁ Atas Certificate

The University of Surrey official UCAS code is S85.


Structure of Academic Activities

Academic activities of the University are grouped into three major faculties:

Faculty of Engineering

⦁ Department of Computer Science

⦁ Department of Electrical Engineering

⦁ Department of Mechanical Engineering

⦁ Department of Chemistry

⦁ Department of Physics

⦁ Department of Chemical Engineering

⦁ Centre for Environment and Sustainability Studies


Faculty of Art and Social Sciences

⦁ Department of Sociology

⦁ Law School

⦁ Surrey Business School

⦁ School of Acting

⦁ School of Economics

⦁ University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

⦁ Department of Politics

⦁ Department of Music


Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

⦁ School of Psychology

⦁ Department of Health Sciences

⦁ School of Medicine

⦁ School of verterinary Medicine.


University of Surrey Governance

The vice chancellor that was installed for the University of Surrey was Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, a position is a cereminial position that was in troduced in 1977. The University is is controlled by some executives which consists of the President and Vice Chancellor and other members. The major organs in the University governance structure are The Executive, The senate body and the Council. The council remains the governing body of the University, who are responsible for full operational control of the University. They take up the overall planning and management of the University to be sure everything is in its place. The council is an assiciation of eleven individuals who are external members, three persons elected by the senate and seven ex-officio members.

The senate body is respnsible for presiding over the University’s academic matters, regulating the conducts and behaviour od students, regulating teaching environments etc. The senate is made of up members choosen from the academic staff of the University, along with other alot of other members. The chairman of the senate must be the Vice Chancellor of the University. The board of Executives is considered the senior advisory board that help the Vice-chancellor discharge his authorites to oversea the affairs of the University. It is also incharge of giving expert advice on matters on all issues relating to University’s method of operation and passing recommendations to council for approval. The various bodies operate with the support of series of committees that regulate activities involving the academic areas of the University.

In 2015, Max Lu succeeded the Vice- Chancellorship position from Prince Edward and became the fifth Vice-chancellor of the University who took up the position in 2016.


Educational Links

Since its invention, the University of Surrey has established links with other University bodies in both the local community and outside the region. The University is currently validating undergraduates degree courses at the Farnborough College of Technology and master’s degree programmes at St Mary’s University Twicknham.

The University along with the University of Economics and Finance in 2007 launched the Surrey International Institute. The insitutes offers dual degree programmes in China. In 2009, the University initiated a placement year link with North Carolina State University. The University continues to establish links with other institutions around the world to share research, teaching and alot of other ideas in common.


University of Surrey Scholarship Programme 2022

The University of Surrey scholarship openning is an opprtunity for oversea students who wish to study in the University. The scholarship is currently available for Postgraduate program and is available for those who wih to pursue a PHD program in the school in 2022. The University offers a wide range of scholarships to international students. Many international students fly down to the school to either continue or pursue a fresh program. Scholarship is open to all brilliants oversea students who intend to complete their PHD program in the school. Individuals are therefore urged to take up this opportunity as it is still on. The scholarship programme is open to any gender. All courses except some few are available for PHD.

Here are a list of the research programs offered for the scholarship:

⦁ Digital media art

⦁ Bioscience and Medicine

⦁ Economics

⦁ Health Psychology

⦁ Health Science

⦁ Health Education

⦁ Physics

⦁ Psychology

⦁ Law

⦁ Space Engineering

⦁ Mathematics

⦁ Vision Speech and Signal Processing

⦁ Veterinary Medicine and Science

⦁ Quantum Biology

⦁ Management and Business

⦁ Innivative Media Technology

⦁ Information and Communication system

⦁ Music

⦁ Film Studies

⦁ Sound Recording

⦁ Theatre

⦁ Translatotion and Interpretation

⦁ Environmental Flow

⦁ Clinical Psychology

⦁ Creative Writing


Application Deadline:

17TH January, 2022

Coverage: Fully funded scholarship


Eligibility Conditions:

Below are the criterias to qualify for the University of Surrey scholarship for oversea students:

⦁ The scholarship is available mainly for international students who will commence in October, 2022.

⦁ Candidates can pick any programs except the MD, PDS, PsychD, EngD

⦁ Applicants are expected to satisfy the various requirements of the scholarship programme.


Scholarship Benefit:

Below are some of the benefits of the University’s scholarship program in 2022

⦁ Full tuition fee is provided for beneficiaries

⦁ Winners are entitled to the sum of $ 25,000

⦁ Winners also receive Research Training Support Grant.


The University of Surrey Academic Profile

The University of Surrey carries out research activity on small stellites with its space centre and spin-off commercial company. In the 2021 research exercise, the University od Surrey got ratings in all the five categories including Sociology, medicine and other studies. The University also received a 5* rating in the categories of Physics, Mathematics and Psychology etc.

The University of Surrey also established a 5G innovative centre for the purpose of research so as to develop the first worldwide 5G network. The establishment has attracted supports from telecommunication companies . The University also developed the Surrey Research park. The research park provides a large land area with facilities for over 100 companies who engaged in research and development activities. The University of Surrey is the in income generation among other UK Universities.

In 2015, the University admitted students with the highest UCAS points compared to other Universities in the UK. The 2017 report also shows that approximately 8% of the University’s Undergraduate come from independent colleges.

The University of Surrey had a greater number of female students compared with male. The ratio od male to female was 45:55. 73% of the undergraduates students come from the UK, 110% from the EU while the rest come from other parts outside the two. The University normally produces more first class students due to its excellency. The percentage of students who graduated with degree below first class are not much.


University of Surrey Students’ Life and Union

The University of Surrey have a body that oversea the affairs of students within the campus. The University’s students union is solely responsible for protecting and safeguarding the interest of students. The union was formed and recognize as a non profit union in 2011. Any penny made by the union is plaughed back for its progress. The University’s Union is made up of four main axis that represents Voice, Support, Activity and Community, each of these axis has an officer who was appointed by the body to take charge. The students union are also responsible for organizing event within the campus on weekly basis such as sports, clubs etc.


University of Surrey Media

The name of the television station operated by the students of the University of Surrey is called StagTV. It is operated from offices in the main Stag Hill campus and is also responsible for creating contents for the students Union. Other relevant media in the school include: Stag Radio and The Stag.


University of Surrey Ranking

The University of Surrey has been recognized among the top 50 of the ranking compilation of Universities in the UK. It appears number 39 in the Times ans Sunday Times ranking, 34 in the Good University Guide and the Complete University Guide. It also appears 54th in ranking of the Guardian University Guide 2021. International ranking of the institution have been consistent over the years. Courses ranked in the top 20 include: Petroleum Engineering, Leisure Management etc. The University appeared 7th in ranking in the Times Higher Education students survey that took place in 2018. In 2019, it was 170th in the QS world Employability ranking. It appeared number 1 in the UK, and 12th in the whole world.

The University received the queen’s award for its export achievements in 1991, and the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes in 1996 . The University also got an award through its excellence in technology presented by the Queen during her second visit to the University.

In 2002, the University was awarded Queen’s Anniversary Prize for its effort in research and development of optoelectronic devices. It also got an award in 2007 from the Fairtrade foundation. The University won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize of 2011 for its research and solution to clean water and sanitation. The Electronic Engineering department got an award of excellent in 2013 as the most innovative and technologically endowed in Europe.

In 2017, the University also won an award for its teaching and research on food and nutrition.


University of Surrey Services to Students:

Library Services:

The University of Surrey invested a guge sum of money in creating a well developed and conducive library to ease learning. The University Library also has the Academic skills and development team within it, who are responsible for providing guide on academic research works. It is usually done via Online tutorials and group based learning workshops.


Medical Services:

The University of Surrey Medical Service support team is responsible for overseeing and resolving the health issues of students. The University Medical team offer advice and also provide to students who are challenged healthwise in order to help cope in the University.


ICT Services:

The University of Surrey also let students have access to its Computer rooms. It also provides off campus secure web access for students connecting from home.


University of Surrey Mission Statement

⦁ The major aim of the University is to provide quality teaching and practical learning to inspire and empower its students for professional development.

⦁ To provide easy access to academic support services and resources for efficent learning

⦁ To help students fulfill their University experience and achieve a career

⦁ To inspire its students to view the world in a different way and be bold and couragious in whatever he or she does

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