Everything you need to know about MBA in Norway.


Everything you need to know about MBA in Norway.

There are so many countries around the world today where you can study for masters of business administration (MBA). but you need to trust me when I say that Norway is one of those special places to study (MBA).

The MBA is one of the few degrees you can get in Norway without having to go back to school. In Norway, they typically last one year and you study a range of subjects that could be considered part of business or management.

So, If you are thinking about earning an (MBA) degree in Norway, then this means that you are interested in getting an advanced Business Administration degree. The rest of this article will explain everything that you need to know about (MBA) in Norway. Make sure you read to the end in order to get most of the important information about masters of business administration (MBA) in norway



One of the coolest reasons why studying masters of business administration (MBA) in Norway proves to be the best, has to do with the egalitarian and accommodating nature of its government and likewise the citizens of the country at large, to international students coming over there to study. Norway, unlike some other countries of the world, through their system of education has made it easier for international students to acquire any form of postgraduate degree and not just mba.

On the other hand, there other mesmerizing reasons that can make one to choose to study mba in norway over any other place around the world, and these reasons includes:

Tuition Free: unlike studying MBA in some places, norway masters programmes are usually tuition free for the international students and this includes students who come from European Union (EU) and European Economic Areas (EEAs) of the world. Although there are some Norwegian institutions that still allow payment of tuition fees (which are mostly private institutions) , their fees are still cost effective.


System of Communication: the lingua franca used by every individual apart from the normal Norwegian language is english. As a foriegn (international) student, you don’t need to force yourself in trying to learn their (norwegian) language because English is already widely accepted as the second most used language aside from the Norwegian language.


High and affordable quality of Living: the quality of life in norway can never be written off in a hurry, norway is a good demonstration of high and affordable quality of life. According to oecdbetterlifeindex.org Norway ranks top in personal security and ranks above the average in subjective well-being, environmental quality, jobs and earnings, income and wealth, education and skills, housing, work-life balance, civic engagement, social connections, and health status. In addition to this, the average household net- income per capita in Norway is USD 35,725 a year, which is higher than the OECD average of USD 33,604 a year.



Qualified Academias and Good Learning Facility: studying mba in norway will always be on a whole new level because there are qualified academias who are always there to teach and equally put you through with the things you need to learn throughout the course of your mba programme. While you learn in a good environment with all the necessary facilities in place.



Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Norway:


Many are curious to find out what are the things needed to be eligible for Mba in Norway.

Norway has over 60 universities and colleges, all of them provide standard quality education.

Although each institution in norway has their own requirements, below are the general requirements for studying mba in norway.


Applicants must provide documents of their language skills in a course of study where the English language is known and considered to be the language of instruction. This may vary from one institution to another, and also from one study programme to another. Note: each institution sometimes may require varying levels of proficiency in english.

Applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree or it’s equivalent, in not less than three years before making an application to study mba in norway.


Tuition Fees for MBA in Norway


Like I pointed out before, Norwegian institutions offer tuition-free studies to international students coming to Norway to further their education. Their free tuition fee studies is not just limited to master in business administration but masters in general; undergraduate and PhD. Although you will need to pay a compulsory student fee of €120 euro every year.

However, some private institutions in the country (Norway) still charge tuition fees which are also affordable for the international students. Their tuition fees range from €8,000 to €19,000 per year.


Top 3 Business Schools in Norway to Study MBA.


There are so many universities and Colleges where you can study Mba in Norway but I will be sharing three of the best from these institutions. These institutions according to world rankings have proven many times to be the best in Norway.


This three institutions is listed below:


1. BI Norwegian Business School


2. NHH – Norwegian School of Economics


3. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology


1. BI Norwegian Business School


If you’re contemplating on enrolling in the largest and best business school in Norway, then you should be thinking about BI Norwegian business school.


Bi norwegian business school is classified as one of the topmost business school in Norway recognized by the Americas’ Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), European EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) and the British Association of MBAs (AMBA).


These recognitions have helped so much in raising the profile of this great institution; placing it in the world map of good business schools around. This institution is a private institution which will demand a tuition fee from you before you can be enrolled. The tuition fee for the bi norwegian business schools’ Masters degree program ranges from €10,330 – €30,050 per year.


2. NHH – Norwegian School of Economics


Looking for the best alternative to studying MBA in Norway, then you should be thinking about enrolling in the NHH- norwegian business school. This institution is a public institution in Norway and probably one of the best schools to study mba in Norway and Europe at large. Students from around the world come to this school every year to study business administration. The institution, unlike the BI Norwegian Business School, does not charge any tuition fee before you can apply (it’s tuition free study). And this is as a result of the fact that the NHH is a public institution.


Note: your accommodations fees will be provided by you which will also include your entire cost of living in Norway till you graduate.



3. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a university that focuses so much on science and technology. It is highly sorted after just like the institution listed above. But at the same time, this great institution also offers a great course in business administration. Not just business administration, they also offer other art courses. Just like the NHH, the Norwegian University of science and technology is a public university. Therefore, you don’t need to pay a penny before you can be enrolled in this University (it is tuition free). But it will be necessary to pay the annual student union fees which cost 30 EUR or above..


Salary of MBA in Norway


The average amount paid as salary to masters of business administration graduate in norway is $94,000 with a mouth watering bonus of $63,900

You should also understand that this amount is subjected to adjustment as you upgrade.


Mba Dress Code


Every course of study has their own dress code and mba is not exempted in this. Therefore, the proper quintessential mba dress code is suit. Just like the ones shown below.




Mba in Norway


Requirements for Getting a Visa as a Student in Norway


Before attempting to obtain a visa in norway, you need to first of all make sure that you have an admission letter from the university or college that you applied for.


Once you’ve been given an admission letter from the university/college you want to study in, you’ll need to contact the norway embassy in the country you reside; as they will be the one to give the complete guideline on how to apply for visa as a student. The visa you’ll be issued is usually known to be a student/study permit visa. Alternatively, you might choose to apply online.


Note: it is very important to apply for the visa as soon as your admission letter has been sent. Because it will help you resume study immediately the semester begins and equally help you not to lag behind. Once your application has been approved, you will be required to get a resident card which will be issued to you by the police. The resident card will always serve as a legal proof of right for living in norway



How long can I stay in Norway after Obtaining MBA in Norway


As a graduate, you can decide to stay an extra year in Norway after the year of your graduation from any university or college. You can only be allowed to stay if you decide to work over there. Furthermore, you can only be fully eligible to live (in norway) after graduation only if you renew your permit as a jobseeker


Cost of living in Norway.


Talking about studying in Norway does not end in knowing the tuition fees but also having a clear understanding of other things such as; accommodations, feeding, transportation and other extra costs.


Norway, when compared to so many developed countries of the world, has a lesser cost of living. In Norway you’re expected to spend an average of 3000 to 5,000 EUR per month, especially in big cities like; Tromso, Oslo and Bergen. While other small cities in Norway may cost less per month. The amount varies from city to city.


Job Opportunities for MBA Graduates in Norway


Just like other fields, Plenty of job opportunities are available for MBA graduates who wish to take up a job after school in Norway.


You can decide to start looking for a job Once you graduate. Also note that you’ll have to get a new job permit before you can be eligible to live and work in any Norwegian business firm.


There are varieties of MBA Jobs available in Norway and some of them are as follows:


Commercial finance analyst


Senior financial analyst


Hp Controllership financial Analyst


Lecturer position in finance


business operation manager


Business administrator strategist


Data analyst


Senior Buyer and pest controller


Business Leader




Business operation director


Product and go to market manager


Strategy, Finance and risk manager


This and many more are the list of jobs you can get as a graduate of MBA in Norway. You should also have in mind that Norwegians have very long hours of working, with flexibility in the work mode. Some jobs will require you to work from home.




Studying Norway in the past and present has proven to be fun and at the same time adventurous for those whose dreams have been to travel to any of the Nordic countries of the world. Norway on the other hand is one of the best countries to Study in, due to its level of security, technology and programs, outdoor sports competitions, job opportunities, career opportunities; in Norway and other countries of the world. They’re also known for the impact they’ve made with the use of renewable energy and other environmental tech. They also work harder in the production of more sustainable renewable energy development.


However if you also wish to study in Norway but still don’t have the money to fund yourself you can try applying for some of the scholarships available for international students who wish to study in Norway. These Scholarships are hosted by institutions and organizations in Norway.


Overall, studying MBA in Norway is not a bad idea if you really want to.

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