Complete list of johnson-and-johnson-internships


Complete List of johnson and johnson internships

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Internships are a part of JNJ and its divisions that offer you a chance to gain first-hand experience in a work setting. The program is designed to help prepare students for a career in their area of interest so that they can hit the ground running upon graduation, get a job or seek an advanced degree.

Internship at Johnson and Johnson is taken up by many students for the pure reason of gaining experience. The company offers competitive salaries, benefits, an extensive training program, and a work environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. In addition, interns may be eligible to receive scholarship money in order to support them while they are on internship with the company. Internships at Johnson and John sometimes Also include aviation and shipping industry sectors.

The jnj internship usually lasts for about 10 to 12 weeks depending on the type of internship program you applied for.

Johnson and Johnson is a great company for internships because of the various resources it offers to interns. There are several sectors you can contribute to while working with them and this includes, but not limited to the following:

Customer Development
Human Resources
Research and Development (R&D)
Supply Chain and Operations

Criterias for applying for the Johnson and Johnson internships:

There are various criteria involved in making an application for the Johnson and Johnson internships and this criterias are as follows:

You must be actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree (BSC) in the University or above, depending on the internship.
You must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
You need to demonstrate strong analytical and quantitative skills.
You must possess excellent communication and presentation skills as well as leadership qualities.
You must be skillful at handling multiple projects and initiatives while maintaining a strong sense of urgency.

How to apply for the Johnson and Johnson Internships

Applying for the jnj internship program has been one of the easiest steps to take before you can be accepted as an intern. But before you think about applying for the internship; make sure you have met the following criteria above.

However, below are the steps on how you can apply for the jnj internship.

Step1: Visit the official internship webpage of Johnson and Johnson.

In order to make it easier for you to quickly access the official internship webpage of jnj, all you need to do is; type-in (johnson and johnson internships) into Google and then click on the result with this link Once you have clicked the link, a page with the design in the image below, will be made accessible to you.

Once you’re on the page, scroll down and click on the tab with the name “view all internship opportunities”.

Step2: Select the type of internship that suits your course programs.

There are several different types of internship programs available on the jnj internship webpage. All you need to do after you’re done with the first step is to select the internship that is inline with your course program by clicking on apply now below the internship program you selected.

Step3: create an account

If you have taken the action on step 2, you will be redirected to the registration page where you are going to create an account. Create an account immediately once you are redirected to that page or you can use your existing account to login.

Step4: Log in to your account

After you’re done opening an account on the jnj interns webpage and making your final verification via email, then the next step should be to log in to the account for the internship hunt.

Step5: fill out the internship form for the internship program you choosed.

At the stage you must have chosen the type of internship you want to apply for. Therefore fill out the soft copy form shown to you. Remember to attach the required documents you are asked to attach to it.

Note: make sure to carefully fill the issued form so that it won’t be rejected due unnecessary mistakes you might make while filling it.

Applications will continue till the deadline is reached. Candidates who are found worthy to be an intern will be contacted afterwards for an interview through the contact provided on the soft registration form they filled.

Step6: Wait for the final result, call-up email or an interview-call

The selected candidates for the johnson and johnson internship will be called up either by a call-up email or an interview-call by the johnson and Johnson interns department. After the call-up you will then be informed of further processes to take, before resuming for internship.

Deadline for the johnson and johnson Internship Application

The deadline for the internship programs differs by the type of internship programme that you would like to run. But generally; the jnj intern program ranges from two to three months in length. And the online application portal for acceptance of applications sometimes opens in the selected months of June, July, August, November, december.

Therefore, jnj group internship usually begins acceptance of internship application every mid term of the year. But dates of acceptance of application changes every because it is determined by companies yearly activity.

Countries that are allowed to apply for the johnson and johnson Internship.

Jhonson and Johnson gr

johnson and johnson internship salary

The salary for a johnson and johnson intern varies. But the average fair salary paid to an individual johnson and johnson intern is $25 to $50 per hour. And salary stats were provided according to the jnj interns’ salary report, which shows that jnj interns are well paid once they are hardworking.

List of Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Internships and opportunities In 2022

Jnj Portfolio Delivery Operations Summer Internship (PDOP)

The jnj PDOP summer internship is available for individuals who are interested in Portfolio delivery. The internship program is only available to individuals who are residents of Spring House, Pennsylvania.

Experienced Human Resources Leadership Development Program (E-HRLDP) – Internship EMEA
The e-hrldp Internship is categorized as a general administration Internship. The internship is available to individuals in the following countries like; Prague, Czech Republic; Switzerland; Czech Republic; Germany; United Kingdom; Belgium. You can apply if you’re a resident in the aforementioned countries.

Medical Device Marketing Leadership Development Program (MLDP)- 2022 Summer Internship

The MLDP summer Internship program is selectively made available by jnj in the following places: Raritan, New Jersey; West Chester, Pennsylvania; Irvine, California; Raynham, Massachusetts; Warsaw, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. By being a part of the MLDP.
Individual Intern are expected to be a resident of this location.

Roles of MLDP interns

as a well to do MLDP intern, you will be responsible and accountable for the following roles:

Dealing with strategic business issues with significant exposure to business leaders and cross-functional areas globally.

Demonstrating in-depth understanding of critical issues, decision-making, and project management skills.

Leveraging strong problem solving, organizational, communication and analytical skills.

Driving innovation and collaborating across a matrixed organization.

You will be able to drive a great experience in medical device marketing.

HCC Summer Internship Program
The internship program is only available to interns in New Brunswick and New Jersey.

HCC intern are required to have the following qualifications:

Have permanent work authorization l in the US which will enable them to work freely.

Individuals must Commit to a May 31st, 2022 – August 12th, 2022 internship timeframe.

Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, reflective of all college coursework.

Be currently enrolled and pursuing a bachelor’s degree and must be a rising junior or senior.

Ability to work full-time (40 hours per week) during the summer with the potential to work on-site 2 or 3 days per week.

Have experience with MS Office Tools.

DPS Commercial Summer Internship
The DPS commercial Internship is only available to individuals in West Chester, Pennsylvania; Raynham, Massachusetts; Warsaw, Indiana; Raritan, New Jersey.

The roles of any individual taking up the DPS commercial Internship is to;

Help in the Building of stakeholders network within and outside of the assigned department.

Support in the Completing of projects, (that vary by function), independently and/or as part of a team, that deal with strategic business issues

Present final project(s) to key stakeholders within the department

Internship Health Solutions

Health Care Business Integrity Internship
The health care business integrity internship program is available in Madrid, Spain. As a intern undergoing this internship programs you have the following roles to play:

To assist in Registration, control and monitoring of employee HCBI training.
Involvement in the Local Monitoring Plan, monitoring the indicators involved and the development of the improvement plans that are applicable.
Prior review of the events to be communicated to Farmaindustria according to the Code of Good Practices and internal procedures of the Company.
Support tasks in the new projects that arise in 2020 within the HCC department.

(PLDP) Procurement Leadership Development Program Internship- Singapore
There are only two different locations mapped out for this particular internship and they’re Shanghai, China; China; Singapore.

As an intern in this program you will be assigned the following roles:

Research and analytics for category strategy development
Project Team Lead or Team Member for a major value initiative (ex: sourcing event)
Development of best practices, processes and tool kits
Operating Company-specific projects for developing and implementing strategies to drive significant value

Internship Customer Service
This internship program also has its location in Madrid, Spain. The intern for this internship program will be undergoing some training projects. So if you wish to be a customer service intern, belo are the internship training projects you will need to undergo

Training Projects:

Order Registration, Management And Tracking.
Concise and Accurate Customer Service.
System control as required.
Sales & Marketing Support.
Transport And Warehouse Bug Tracking.

China MBA Medical Devices Supply Chain Internship Opportunity- International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP)
The china mba internship program is an internship program offered only to final year mba students who are still in school and are looking forward to graduate before the end of september 2022. Location for this internship opportunity is china. The interns of this particular program are expected to meet the following qualifications aside the general qualification.

Qualifications for acceptance.

First year of a full-time MBA program
Must graduate after September 2022
Available full-time for a period of at least 8-12 weeks between April and September of 2022
Fluent in English and the language of the country where the internship assignment is located
Legally authorized to work permanently (i.e. without time limitations, without restrictions or without need for work sponsorship) in the country where the internship assignment is located
Minimum of five years or more of relevant professional experience with 2 years in supply chain area prior to enrolling in a full-time MBA program

Medical Devices Research & Development Internship- Summer
Strict location for the internship: Redwood City, California; Jacksonville, Florida; Irvine, California; Santa Clara,

Interested candidate are expected to have the following qualifications:

Candidates must be actively enrolled in an accredited University for the duration of the internship assignment pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree.
Completion of undergraduate freshmen year at an accredited University is required
The following engineering disciplines or specialties are preferred: Mechanical, Robotics, Electrical, Computer, Systems, Software, Chemistry, Materials Science, Biomedical and Computer Science.
The following concentration fields and/or skills are strongly preferred: Machine Learning, IoT, Embedded Software, Deep Machine Learning, Prototyping, Robot Design, Systems Reliability, Firmware and hardware integration.
A minimum GPA of 3.3 is strongly preferred.
Ability to work closely with technical and non-technical personnel and have excellent communication skills with the ability to influence others.
Demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity and a dedicated approach to achieving success.
Ability to relocate across the United States as required by the internship program.

Internship Learning & Capabilities Development
You have the following role to play as a an intern undergoing the this program

You will Learn to administrate of the company’s different LMS
Support in coordinating of the training plan for employees in field and central offices, meaning:

Follow up

Learn to manage Fundae
Learn and the department KPI’s.
Support in managing Language Policy:

– Users management
– Reports and queries

Support on onboarding processes for new employees
Learn to mobilize and follow up the company’s training program for interns.
Support the area in updating the content of the department sites.
Support to the different area needs that may appear.

Technology Internship – Summer JJT Intern

The jjt internship program is available to those who are interested in the technological aspect of healthcare. Your internship application and area of interest will be used to determine which area of the many exciting positions best fit your application. The tech Summer Intern positions are full-time opportunities expecting to last 10-12 weeks and based on business needs, it could be either in-person or virtual.
The location set aside for this internship is as follows:New Brunswick, New Jersey; Raritan, New Jersey; Skillman, New Jersey; Bridgewater, New Jersey; Somerset, New Jersey; Titusville, New Jersey; Horsham, Pennsylvania; Spring House, Pennsylvania; Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; West Chester, Pennsylvania; Providence, Rhode Island; Tampa, Florida; San Diego, California; Piscataway, New Jersey; Somerville, New Jersey
Research and Development Summer Internship.

The roles to be played by the intern are:

Work within specialized groups in the J&J Technology organization to build solutions for business partners and drive value
Contribute individually and/or as a team member to support a designated technology area
Work with key stakeholders to accomplish goals and objectives to support the J&J Technology project/program portfolio
Build awareness and experience of key capability skills in support of the J&J Technology Strategy
Conduct data and process analysis to support development of key solutions

MD R&D Leadership Development Program – Internship Summer

Supply Chain and Engineering Summer Internship

The j.&.j supply chain internship involves supply chain and engineering organizations across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. This particular model enables strategic supply chain decision-making across the j.&.j companies, while making sure to keep supply chain organizations embedded in their sectors and connected to all of their businesses, close to their respective markets and customers. All functions that “plan, source, make and deliver” their products – are part of J&J Supply Chain.

This internship be reached through the following places: New Brunswick, New Jersey; West Chester, Pennsylvania; Cornelia, Georgia; Shepherdsville, Kentucky; Somerset, New Jersey; Titusville, New Jersey; Horsham, Pennsylvania; Warsaw, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; Monument, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Madison, Wisconsin; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Memphis, Tennessee; San Angelo, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Fremont, California; Irvine, California; Tampa, Florida; Athens, Georgia; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Cumberland, Rhode Island; Lititz, Pennsylvania; Malvern, Pennsylvania; Spring House, Pennsylvania; Rogers, Arkansas; Somerville, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; Piscataway, New Jersey; San Diego, California; San Francisco, California; Santa Ana, California; South San Francisco, California; Houston, Texas; Irving, Texas; Raynham, Massachusetts; Raritan, New Jersey; Bridgewater, New Jersey; Miramar, Florida; Buffalo Grove, Illinois; Irwindale, California; Milpitas, California; Vacaville, California

Roles of the intern:

Product/Demand Planning
Project Management
Advanced/Manufacturing Technologies
Supply Chain Planning/Management
Warehouse and Distribution
Systems Delivery and Trade
Affiliate Services Management
Customer Logistics
Procurement and Sourcing
Business Excellence
Process Engineering
Quality Engineering
Operations Engineering
Franchise Integration

Other internships and opportunities offered by the johnsons and johnson includes:

MD Engineering Development Program – Internship Summer

Procurement Leadership Development Program (PLDP)- 2022 Summer Internship

Global Corporate Affairs Intern

Marketing Associate Summer Intern

Consumer Research & Development Summer Intern: May – August 2022

Electrical Test Engineering Fall Co-Op

Electrical Test Engineering Summer Intern

Clinical Operations Intern (IMD)- Graduate-

Clinical Operations Intern (BPI)- Graduate

Clinical Operations Intern – Undergraduate

Machine Learning Software Co-Op

Forensic & Compliance Intern

Global Market Access Intern.

Computer Vision & Robotics Summer Intern

Computer Vision & Robotics Summer Intern

Computer Vision Summer Intern

Machine Learning Summer Intern

Data Engineering Intern

Medical Devices Engineering Development Program Co-Op

R&D Discovery / Translational Research Scientist Intern (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Strategic Sourcing Co-Op- March

Summer Intern – 2022 Finance MBA Leadership Development Program

R&D Trauma Engineering Co-Op

Consumer Brand Management Co-Op

2022 Supply Chain & Engineering Fall Co-op

You can get to no more about johnson and johnson internships and opportunities by visiting there official webpage at

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