Everything you need to know about Ayegunle Community


Everything you need to know about Ayegunle Community


Of course, it is no news that ayegunle ekiti is one of the biggest and blessed communities in ekiti state.

This community (ayegunle) is one of the communities that made up the ijero local government area Alongside host of other reputable communities like iroko; okeoro, ilukuno, Ipoti, Iloro, Odo-Owa, Ijurin, Ara, Epe, Araromi, Oke-oro, Iroko, Temidire community.


The two known nearest communities to this community are iroko and temidire. Iroko from the right temidire from the left. 


Temidire on the other hand was created out of ayegunle.


Some years ago the ayegunle community was regarded as ayegunle-temidire community not until the people of temidire sought for their own Independence to become a separate entity.


The people of ayegunle is well known for their undying love for farming and agricultural production in general. That part of their life happens to be the most sustainable and happiest part for them.


They have a very fertile Land.


Nevertheless they mostly practice petite crop production which will be substantial only for their immediate household.


The most, frequently grown crop in ayegunle community is cassava, maize (popular known as agbado by the people of yoruba land) and yam. Although maize and yam is seasonal.


When it comes to animal production aspect of agriculture people of ayegunle community love to rear chicken, goat, dog, sheep and pig. Amongst others.


The hilarious part of their animal production is that each household in ayegunle community has at least 5 goats in their possession which they’re rearing.


Ayegunle community, like I’ve pointed out in the beginning of this article, is one of the biggest communities in Ijero local government area and this is due to Its land mass and size. This community is situated near Isia, and northeast of Iroko.


The people of ayegunle are the most friendly and accommodating people among the host of other communities in ijero.


Just like every other kingdom ayegunle ekiti exist as a kingdom of its own with their leader known as kabiyesi. 


The kabiyesi as the leader of the ayegunle kingdom is the one who decides what happens in the community. He is the one whom the government consulted in order to know the area they can render help to the community as a whole.


The people of ayegunle are well educated and that is because the government has given a free education to all the indigene of the ayegunle community and the ekiti state at large.


The community has schools where community children can learn and get a good education. The name of the oldest in ayegunle is ayegunle/temidire comprehensive high School (ATECO). The school is popularly known for its short form name ATECO.


The school has been around for many years before the creation of the ekiti state in October 1996.


The Ayegunle temidire comprehensive school was founded and established in the year 1879 by Western folks who visited Nigeria by then. This school has been a free education school since its creation till now (2022) when this article was written.

The name ayegunle temidire was given to the school when ayegunle/temidire was still existing as one community under ijero local government area of ekiti state.


This school has produced so many reputable individuals in the community.

One of them is Prince Omoniyi ademola. Price Ademola is a business man and also the CEO of G and O investment limited. Prince Omoniyi is happily married with kids. Aside from business, Omoniyi is also a football coach of one of the famous football clubs in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.


How to get to Ayegunle;


Ijero ekiti is blessed for having ayegunle as one of its communities.


For you to locate the Ayegunle community you must first of all locate the state of which it is situated. And the state in which this particular community is situated is Ekiti.


So once you’ve already arrived in ekiti state. Probably Ado-ekiti because that’s where the transport will stop you.


You then find a car that Will take you to ijero local government area. Like I said before in this article, ayegunle community is under the ijero L.G.A of ekiti state.


And you can get a vehicle that will take you from ado to ijero near the old garage Ado-ekiti.


Once you arrive at Ado-ekiti then you will enter a byke (motorcycle) that will take you to ayegunle without wasting much time.




You can decide to get to ayegunle directly without getting to ijero.


So how can you do that?


Just get a vehicle (taxi) that will take you directly to Ido and then from Ido you can get another vehicle that will take you straight to ayegunle. Some vehicles can also take you straight to ayegunle without stopping at Ido.


 by going through




Aiyegunle Cultural Heritage;


The people of ayegunle community have some cultural rites which they inherited from their forefathers. This cultural rites are often practice in different occasions and they’re as follows;


  1. The Ogun Festival Celebration;


The Ogun Festival is one of the festival celebrated by the people of ayegunle community. This festival is one of it’s kind and it’s usually unforgettable. This Ogun Festival is usually a seven days celebration. And this celebration must be done before the celebration of the new yam festival. During this festival nobody is expected to be seen outside at night. 


The festival is celebrated by selected youths of the town alongside elders of the village.


This festival is celebrated annually.


  1. The Elefon Festival Celebration;


The Elefon Festival is also an annual festival. The festival usually comes during the middle of the year especially by the month of (may/June). This festival marks the unity of the people. People from different villages and communities also come to Join the Elefon Festival celebration.


  1. Oloje Deity rites Celebration;


The oloje rite celebration is a celebration that serves as a typical remembrance of the oloje deity that humbly served as a transparent and good leader of the people after the demise of olosiri. This celebration is a five days celebration.  And like others, it is also an annual celebration.


Brief History of the Aiyegunle ekiti Community.


Every landmark has a history and that is what makes it so special. This history is what will be left as custom mark which will be writing on the sands of time.


Because of this reason I’m going to be sharing with you the history of the ajegunle community and kingdom as written by some legends who are citizens of the great community.


The historical background of Ayegunle was dated back to ancient times. It started as a combination of different settlers settled at very close locations which came together. They were forced to come together by prevailing inter-tribal wars and marauders.


Each group of settlers was usually led by a powerful war leader or herbalist. Each group in most cases became a House/Quarter/Community. The leaders of the different settlers later became the leading head Chiefs.


The origin of Ayegunle can be broadly classified into two stages. The first stage was when the different settlers came from different parts of Yoruba land to settle in different locations. The second stage was when the settlers came together as a larger and more formidable settlement with Olojas.




    The house of Eisinkin which was the first settlers and was led by Olosiri who came from the Adara house in Ijero. He was a war leader.

    The next group of settlers was led by a powerful hunter and a blacksmith who came from Ila Orangun. He was a leftist. The followers were the present Easa’s house. They settled and farmed at Igbo-Ogun.

    The Asalu house was another group from Isanlu in Kwara State.

    Iwoka people were from Isaoye. They were Asaoni sons and daughters

    Another group which settled at Iyee were worshippers of a deity called Oo, they were named people of the house of Oo i.e. Iparao – Oo. They came from Ilawe in Ekiti South West. Their Settlement was near the present Iwaro.


The Eesaba house migrated from Ifon off Owo in Ondo State.


The Odofin house came from Ado-Ekiti. Their leader Emila married a woman who gave birth to the first Odofin because she came from Odofin House in Ado and got the chieftaincy for her son. She was the one who brought Orisa Ojudo to Ayegunle.


Eesaya house migrated from Akoko in Ondo State. It was one of the wives of the leader that brought Orisa Inu to Ayegunle.

Sajuku House was led by their leader from Iporo now Iludun in the present Ilejemeje Local Government of Ekiti State.


The Mola people were the precursor of the entire settlers that made up the new town called Inu. But they were ravaged, enslaved and destroyed almost to the last family. Their survivors are not up to five in Ayegunle today. It was Olosiri, a war leader who led his warriors to Ido-Ekiti in his lust to expand Ijero Kingdom but finally failed on his third trip when he received a fatal bullet and arrows of hired tapper employed by Ido people to fight Ijero warriors.


Olosiri settled at Igbo-ogun to treat his wounds. The then Ajero sent several emissaries to find Olosiri and his followers until he was located at Igbo-Ogun. When they reported to Ajero, they uttered the statement, “We have found the lost one” i.e. A ti roni nu” from this statement we got our first name. I.e. INU.




Eventually, Olosiri died, the man from Ila and Olosiri followers i.e. Eesinkin house migrated to the present site because the place was fertile and plain. Other settlers among those mentioned above joined the two houses of Eesinkin and Eesa later.


The Royal House was one of the last houses to settle at Ayegunle or Inu.


Akalodimaro, a prince, a son to Oba Arojojoye, the Ajero of Ijero Kingdom was leaving Ijero in annoyance because he was denied the throne of his father after his father’s death. When he got to Inu, he was persuaded to become the Oba because they were yet to have an Oba. That was how Akalodimaro became the first Oba of Inu now Ayegunle.


The first three titles created on the same day were that of the Oba, the Eesa and the Eesinkin. The three titles are permanent in the three houses. Other titles followed later.


The present Oba is the twenty first Oba of Ayegunle.


The People of Ayegunle is Hard working


The people of ayegunle community are very hard working and are known for their early marriage. And they’re independent in nature.


Most of the places are well developed and also have good roads. The community itself is connected to some other communities around aside iroko and temidire.


The ayegunle Ekiti population.


People have been migrating in and out of ayegunle community for so many reasons. 


There are not so much people living here in ayegunle community.


As at the time of writing this article the ayegunle community population is 3,850.


Satellite leading to ayegunle Ekiti


Incase you still want to visually know the present state of ayegunle community you can use the link below to visualize using the satellite


Ayegunle satellite; https://satellites.pro/Aiyegunle_map.Ekiti.Nigeria


Ayegunle ekiti weather condition;


The ayegunle community experiences frequent rainfall during the rainy season and at the same time experiences a harsh dry season. Although sometimes there is a variation in weather due to climate change.


Ayegunle ekiti Food


There are so many dishes out which ayegunle people of ijero local government area consume and these dishes range from; egusi soup, ogbono soap, rice ewa. But the major food popular consumed amongst all is the efon soap. This soap is prepared with a mixture of tomatoes and vegetable leaf, lemon seed and oil popularly known as (ororo) aside other ingredients. This soap is made to be tasty by adding a huge amount of pepper inside it. The efon soap goes along with pounded yam which makes it even more delicious.


Life span expectancy of the people of ayegunle community.


The people of ayegunle community has has a history of long life span. The aged people are very strong. And still go to farm almost everyday.


There are many aged people in the community and they are usually dismissed from 80 years and above.


There hasn’t been much premature kicking of water recorded overall.


Here is a long story about the oldest woman in ayegunle who conquered Life;


In the community of ayegunle there was an old woman whose name is ifeoluwa.


Ifeoluwa at her young age was the most beautiful woman in ayegunle. 


Ifeoluwa was not just beautiful, she was an outstandingly intelligent, smart, calculative, calm and friendly young lady.


Ifeoluwa comes from a poor family where things are very hard for them. They find difficult to eat up to three square meals a day. But her poor background never stopped her from being that hard working, respectful, meek and humble girl everyone admires a lot.


She was loved by all due to her amazing qualities. Needless I forget she is the everyday talk of the Town.


Ifeoluwa on the other hand was the all round enviable subject for all the ladies in the community. 


Even at that, Ifeoluwa was the type of person who makes sure she carries everyone along in all she does.


Her meekness is second to none. She doesn’t discriminate in everything she does.


Due to these qualities of ifeoluwa, some girls in the village do not want to associate with her. Because she was loved and cared for by everyone.


Talking of the male advances on ifeoluwa;


All the young men in the village wish to have ifeoluwa as their girlfriend. 


There was so much disturbance from many male folks who wanted to get her under the duvet.


But ifeoluwa rejected all this male because she was so focused on her dream of being a nurse and also saving her family from poverty.


Ifeoluwa had parents, and her father’s name was Ayodele and her mother’s name was bola.


Ayodele was a farmer and a hunter, and the crop he produced was for herself and her family.


His family loved him because he is a responsible father and he was taken after his family very well.


Until One day ifeoluwa’s father Ayodele went to farm but due to some certain circumstances never returned back to his family.


On that day ifeoluwa wept, and wept heavily but knew that could bring her father.


She lost her appetite and never wanted to Eat for days until one day she realized that it’s all vanity.


Night and day came and went until she realized that she didn’t have her father any longer.


But as a strong, calm and emotionally balanced lady,she never had that particular problem to weigh her down, instead she stood stronger than she used to be.


She encouraged her family members that all hope is not lost as she has been doing.


Ifeoluwa was the first fruit of the family.


She just finished high school and is waiting to be enrolled in a higher institution.


So as the first fruit of the family, ifeoluwa dropped down from her higher institution dreams to take up the mantle of fatherhood in her family irrespective of the fact that she is a girl. 


Ifeoluwa siblings were still tender as at the time of this.


Ifeoluwa took care of her sick mom and her siblings.


She did this from the money she made in her small business. As at that time.


Ifeoluwa never gave up…


One day ifeoluwa was coming back from her work place when she met Ade. Prince Ade was a prince in iroko, a neighboring village to aiyegunle. 


His family was very wealthy and humble. Prince Ade was very handsome and charming. He is every woman’s dreams..


Prince Ade; on seeing ifeoluwa fell in love with her. He engaged her on a courtship Level even without knowing her very well.


They were still on courtship Level when he (prince Ade) introduced her to his parents.


His parents liked ifeoluwa because of her qualities.


You’re really a wife material Ades mother said.


Thank you ma’am ifeoluwa replied.


From there, they got officially engaged and they became married.


Ade learnt about ifeoluwa’s family situation and he helped them out of poverty.


He took Ifeoluwa’s mother to the hospital and then placed her on a salary.


He gave ifeoluwa s siblings Scholarship to go to school and then also sent ifeoluwa to school.


Ifeoluwa became a graduate of nursing and graduated from the nursing college in her time.


What a dream come true!!!!!


Ifeoluwa was happily married to prince of iroko ever after and then helped her community in the health care sector.


At the end she conquered Life ups and downs


Now she’s old and always celebrated as a responsible lady.




The paramount ruler of Ayegunle-Ekiti, His Royal Majesty Oba Apostle Johnson Folorunsho Aderiye II (JP) was born to the Aderiye ruling house of Ayegunle Ekiti. This is one of the three (3) major ruling houses in the town. His parents brought him up in the Christianity way and line. This has made him to have a strong belief and fear of God. The mother was the late Iya Egbe of St. John’s Anglican Church, Ayegunle Ekiti, while his father was a serious was a serious devoted Christian.




The Royal Majesty had his elementary education at St. John’s Primary School, Ayegunle-Ekiti, while his secondary education was at Ayetoro/Iloro Comprehensive High School, Iloro-Ekiti. His quest for advancement in knowledge led him to Yaba Technical College in Lagos where he Study Electrical Electronic. Still to acquire more knowledge he proceeded to Opportunity Industrial Course (OIC) where he was trained as an Industrial Registration Technician.




The Royal Majesty had a short stay with Kolington Technical Industry Ltd Ikorodu Road, Lagos as a qualities courtesy officer before joining the Seven-Up Bottling Co. Ltd, Ibadan as Assistant Maintenance Engr. After about 8 years stay with this company he decided to quit, there and then he established his own company where till date he chairman/Managing Director.


Bankson Cooling Power & Co.

Bankson Group of Companies.



My ascending to the throne was not rosy and easy. This event drew me much more nearer to God. I know Him and believe in Him. Whatever I do I always have the fear of Almighty God. I mounted the stool of my forefathers on the 8th of Jan. 1998, while the final authority and staff of office was given to me on 11/10/98 by Governor Niyi Adebayo. Signed then, there had been ups and downs


My joy has no limit when I look back to the structural development of things with my community. As there are materials developments there are also human development. These areas have been my target and I am happy they are being achieved gradually and peace and harmony with one another.




To leave, lead and direct my community (Ayegunle- Ekiti) to the path of God and live in peace and harmony with one another.




I am with a determined hope seeing the social, political and spiritual culture of my community moped and blended with energy, dynamism resilience and determination especially the youths that will continuously flash back to the labors of our ancestors who will forever in their rest give kudos to this generation.


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