if wishes were horses


#BELIEVE (if wishes were horses beggars will ride).

On that day, which happened to be our first day in the University, my friend Vincent and I felt so excited going to school to receive our first lecture.

Mhen!!! We felt so many butterflies in our stomachs while going to school that day. In our mind we thought we’ve made it in life.On reaching the faculty premises, we were walking majestically like land owners.

Mere looking at us that day, you will know that we’re new students. Because we smell and look like one….LOL

As we arrived at the lecture hall for the lecture, the seats in the hall were already filled up with other new students who came on time for the same lecture. And lest I forget the hall was also noisy because the lecturer was yet to come.

if wishes were horses

So, my friend Vincent and I had no other option than to move over to the back and stand there, while we waited for the lecturer to arrive so that we could start the lecture.

5 minutes into waiting for the lecturer; a beautiful, average heighted, light skinned girl, who’s name was Rita, walked inside the classroom.

Rita was also a new student just like the rest of us. Her kind of beauty is the kind that can never be found in the trenches.Immediately I saw her; I couldn’t get my eyes off her in the first five seconds of gazing at her.With alacrity, I tapped my friend Vincent to also see the beautiful soul I caught with my eye lenses. Wow!!! She’s so beautiful, Vincent said.

Yeah…she is such a wonderful soul and I would like to make her my friend, I replied back.hahahahaha….(Vincent laughed so hard at me because he thought I was joking and he never saw the possibility of me getting her to be my friend because of how beautiful she is).

Why are you laughing? I inquisitively asked him.

He continued laughing and after a while, he said to me: “if wishes were horses”.

What do you mean by that? I asked my friend Vincent.

Bro just forget about that girl you can never get her to be your friend.

And I know you’re not serious about that, He said.

I smiled…Little did he know that I was serious about what I said about rita.Without wasting time I approached her and our discussion was like this;

Me: Hi

Rita: Hi, good morning.

Me: how are you doing today?

Rita: I’m fine.

Me: Actually, I don’t mean to come and disturb you. Was just admiring your beauty from afar and I decided to come and let you know how beautiful you are. And you also have beautiful eyes.

Rita: aww..thanks for the compliment (smiling).

Me: but the only thing that your beautiful eyes are yet to tell me is your name.

Rita: okay.. My name is rita.

Me: what a beautiful name from a beautiful girl like you.

Rita: Thanks so much. I appreciate it.Me: you’re welcome.. Anyways my name is ifeanyi. Nice meeting you.

Rita: Nice meeting you too.Me: alright, Before I forget can you do me a favor?

Rita: why? (she surprisingly asked).

Me: I want you to give me your mom’s number?

Rita: why? (She asked again).

Me: I just want to inform her how beautiful her daughter is.

Rita: hahahahaha (tears a heavy laugh) ifeanyi you’re funny and I like you.

Me: I like you too. And I would like to have your number.

Rita: sure my number is….…

Immediately she was about to give me her number and our Lecturer entered the hall.

Lecturer: Good day class

Students: Good day sir.

I’ll collect it after the lecture, I said to her.

I went back to where I was staying with my friend who continued to look at me in shock because he never believed I could talk to a girl. let alone a beautiful girl and also engaging her into a serious conversation.

After the lecture we exchanged numbers, had a little conversation and then parted ways.One thing for sure I learnt from that day after talking to that girl is that; people tend to project their own fears and limitations on you just to make you be on the same page with them.

Note: I’m not encouraging anybody to leave their primary aim in school and be going after girls. Just get the message.

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