Is Government owned University better than a Privately owned University in Nigeria?


Is Government owned University better than Privately owned University in Nigeria?


Is Government owned University better than Privately owned University in Nigeria?

First of all, I would like to ask you; what’s your opinion on this? Tell me what you think through the comment section. I will be reading and replying to your comments one after the other.

This topic has been debated for years now between students and workers in both private Universities and government universities in Nigeria.

Since I’ve followed this argument I think from all angles that government-owned Universities are winning this argument every day, every time. 

But then my question is, whatever point they’re raising is still valid to this day. 

Let’s talk about asuu and theirgovernment striking culture and the recent strike that is still ongoing as at the time of writing this post. Does it still keep this argument valid?

Now it takes seven years of study for someone to graduate from Nigerian institutions over the normal four to five years, as a result of endless strikes and the rest. 

What about the lecturers who don’t come to classes at the time they should in the public universities and then give you examinations on what he/she did not teach.

Can we talk more of favoritism in getting admission, the culture of buying invaluable textbooks from the lecturer out of fear of the unknown? And other stuff going on the balcony of the lecturer’s home.

It’s still okay to say that the degree qualifications of the public universities are held at a higher prestige than that of the private universities. But of course, we all know that certificates in general are meaningless in the system as a whole.

And you can’t tell me that academic equipment set aside to Learn in public universities can be compared with that of the private universities because most private universities in Nigeria have a world-class education system compared to what we see in the government settings.

An example of this is the all mighty Covenant University. This Private University only beats the whole public university when you carefully compare them.

The school fees for a private University is expensive. Yes, I concur, it is expensive. but have you thought about the expenditure of her management to make sure that they give the students the comfort that they require? The costs of running the school; making sure that the school is very active and as well as the task they pay. It is too much in case you don’t know. They more to make sure that they’re running these schools effectively.

 not to talk of how much they spend on sending students to life-changing workshops and also money spent on purchasing academic instruments and equipment for their students.

How does the government spend? Known.

Talking about students of public universities being more academically sound than their private universities counterparts, I will say is a false statement. I think it’s all about individuals and their learning limitations. Las Olas school only teaches you what they think you should know and the rest should be figured out by you. 

Nobody will force you to learn that’s the similarity of the both (Public and private universities).

So being sound is not academically induced at least not by your lecturers nor your school; it is an individual decision and choice. 

So what then do you want to tell me about government-owned institutions in Nigeria that made you think it’s better than privately-owned institutions?

Well, I don’t know that is why I want you to air your own views in the comment section so that we can end this argument once and for good.

I will be waiting for you over here in the comment section.

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