How to get Esut Identity Card


How to get Esut Identity Card

In today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you guys how to get your Enugu state university of science and technology identity card (esut id’ card).

In case you don’t know, esut id card is one of the documents which will be required of you during your final year and you must provide it.

Having this the esut identity card before your final year is so much important because it makes it easier for you to get your clearance done without much stress.

Trying to get it in your final year is very difficult because it will take a whole lot of time and stress for you to get it again. However it still doesn’t change the fact that you can still get it.

So it’s advisable to get it on time especially in your first, second, or third year in school.

Now, how do you get the identity card?

Well, like I said before This is what I’m going to be sharing with you guys today. “How Get Your Esut Identity Card”

  Make sure to read till the end in order to get the information correctly to avoid mistakes.

So let’s get started.

How to Get Your Esut Identity Card

So for you to get you Esut Identity Card easily, below is what you’re going to do:

Online registration:

The first thing you need to do is online registration. For to the online registration you need to;

You can just click on this link


Go to Google and type Esut I’d card and click on the first result page in the search result.

It will show something like newtwork problem just click on advance and you will see the exact link I posted above then click on it.

Once you land on the page you will be shown a form that you will fill once you’re done filling the form, just click on “pay” located below the form.

Once you click on pay it will take you to the place where you’re going to make the payment for your identity card.

Note: they’re going to charge you two thousand naira only when you’re making the payment. Service charge might be involved but it won’t be more than hundred naira only.

Once you’re done making the payment an email will be sent to you immediately indicating a successful registration and payment made. 

After the email has been sent to you, you will be asked to check back in about 4-5 working days to collect your Esut identity card.

You can go to the school’s main ICT center building located at the back of the school Bank near the entrepreneurship office. Sometimes they do give it to students in front of the University’s faculty of law.

Warning: you don’t need to pay anybody in order to get any scratch card. It’s a scam. Anybody telling you to buy a scratch card so that you can fill a biometric form is trying to scam you off your money.

For further inquiries about the Enugu state university of science and technology identity cards please try and visit the school ICT located at the material and metallurgical engineering building or law ICT or the one located at the back of the school’s bank.

Be guided and play safe.

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