Esut Post Utme Venues


Esut Post Utme Venues

Are among those preparing to write enugu state University of science and technology post utme examination? You are looking for your post Utme examination venue center.

Well, look no further because today, I’m going to be sharing with all Esut aspirants the list of esut post utme examination venue centers.

So if you’re looking for yours please read the remaining articles below.

List of Esut Post Utme Venues Centers

Below is the list of esut post utme examination venues.

  1. Afri-hub information communication technology (ICT)

Afri-hub ICT is one of the venues set aside by the Enugu state University of science and technology management for the post utme examination exercise which takes place every year. The afri-hub ICT is located at the school’s permanent site at agbani. Inside the school premises. Afri-hub is directly opposite the faculty of applied natural sciences, when coming from the right hand side. and also opposite the pharmacy hall.

The building is painted with brown and milk color. It also has its name written on it. Like this (afri-hub ICT). It is easy to locate.

  1. NCC Building

The Esut NCC Building is another ICT building set aside for writing examinations, especially computer based examinations. So this building is another ICT building that was mentioned in the list of esut post utme examination venues.

One good thing about this building is that it is located because it is in the center of the school premises. One of the first places a commercial bus will drop people before moving to other parts of the school.

The NCC Building is also near faculty of applied natural sciences from the right and afri-hub ICT from the right.

The building is painted ash color and has its name written on it (NCC).

  1. Material and metallurgical engineering ICT

One of the departments in Enugu state University of science and technology that has a working ICT is the department of material and metallurgical engineering. The department is the only department that was built on its own, out of the faculty of engineering. The building is located directly opposite the University’s biggest learning halls called (Hall B). The was specifically built for first year students. That is where they take most of their lecturers till they enter year two (200 level) when they will be taking lecturers in their respective faculties.

You can also locate this building through the back of the faculty of education.

  1.  Library building

The library building is another venue for the Esut Post utme examination. The library is located in the school’s environment opposite the school’s male hostel.  Coming from the left you can locate the library at the back of the bank inside the school.

The name is written on it (school library) once you see it, you will Identify it immediately even without asking questions from anybody.

  1. Distance learning building

This is the last but not the least Esut Post utme examination venues center building. The building can somehow be difficult to locate because it’s one of the freshly completed buildings in Enugu state University of science and technology.

The name of this particular building was not written on it, At the time of writing this article, it has been written now.

This building is located beside the faculty of education and some miles away from the institution’s football field.

There are other uncompleted buildings besides the distance learning building.

So, At this juncture that is all you need to know about esut examination venues and buildings.

But before I go I would like to answer one of the most frequently asked questions about the Enugu state University of science and technology post utme.

Is Esut Post utme examination Computer Based Test or pen on paper test?

As at the time of writing this article Esut Post utme examination has moved from the regular pen on paper to the popular CBT which is the computer based test.

So you don’t need to bother yourself about the paper test because you’re going to be using a computer for this test.

Therefore if you’re not familiar with computers you need to go for a computer training at least for one or two weeks. So that you can Master some basic computer programs. before you go ahead to write your upcoming examination.


This is the end of this article. So if you have any questions please feel free to write in the comment section so that I can reply to your questions immediately.

Thanks for reading.

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