Body Cream you should not use as an Esut student


Body Cream you should not use as an Esut student

As funny as this topic might sound, I am about to say some freaking Truths.

First of all I would love to ask you reading right now which type of cream do you use? Is it good on your body or just think it’s good on your body.

Many body creams found in the market these days are not so good for the skin. Some of them go as far as damaging your skin without you knowing this.

An example of this kind of cream is the popular organic cream girls use. This cream disrupts the melanin pigment from doing its work. Most people use this because they want to get a fair skin (bleached skin)

They often show through but the problem most people create because of this is a topic for another day.

The sun here in Enugu state university of science and technology is said by the student to be too much.

So being in that school and rubbing a cream like that will give a rainbow color body which I know you won’t like. I mean nobody will like to have fair and dark skin at the same time on one body. It’s not okay.

So what I am trying to say is that you should avoid any cream that will overlight your skin, especially as a student of Enugu State University of Science and technology. 

 Maka dah sun wey dey dere fit roast person biko.

You Know all of the body creams that I’m talking about nah. 

Or should I call their names? No I won’t, it’s somebody’s business and it doesn’t spoil it for them and you know that.

Just avoid them and use creams that match your skin or if possible stop using cream at all till the day you will graduate..LOL 

Don’t me I’m just joking. Just stop using it because it is bad for the skin.

Good luck on your remaining years in Esut.

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