Common problems you may have as an Esut student.


Common problems you may have as an Esut student.


It’s no news anymore that being a student in a Nigerian University is a whala (problem) itself especially if you study in a governm**t managed University aka (public University).

There are common problems associated with these Universities although there are also exceptions to this problem. These problems often make students feel a needless sense of belonging that school is not really for them. So also go as far as believing in the popular Nigeria slang which says “school na beta skam”

However, this topic has been a big problem and has aroused many opinions over the years among Nigerian students. That’s why today, I’m going to be sharing the common problems you may encounter as an Esut student.

It’s not a must that you will encounter these problems but most of the time these problems are likely to occur, especially in the format I’m going to explain it to you in this article.

Therefore, make sure you read till the end because you Will learn a lot. Especially as a new student who still has a long way to go in school (particularly at Enugu state university of science and technology).

 So without wasting much of your time let’s get started.

  1. A Record of Missing Script after examination

The most common issue a student can get at Enugu state university of science and technology is the missing script.

You might be wondering what I meant by a Record of Missing Script here; well you don’t need to wonder because I will explain.

So what’s a record of missing script after the examination?

A record of missing script after the examination is a situation whereby your examination script was misplaced after examination by the lecturer; was lost or was forgotten to be recorded by the lecturer. Once any of this happens to you, the lecturer will assume that you did not write the examination and will record an “F” for you. 

The overwhelming part of the missing examination script is that it’s an automatic carryover. And you will need to go and rewrite it as a carryover student whether you like it or not.

So you will need to go and prepare again to write the Same exam.

But this problem can otherwise not occur throughout your stay in school if you have good luck.

  1. Must appease the lecturer before you can pass a course.

There are some lecturers that the only thing you can scale through their course is to appease them. You must do anything they ask you to do before you can scale through the course they lecture you on. 

When I talk about appeasement here it’s all about monetary appeasing. Sometimes they make their textbooks mandatory that if you don’t buy them from them, then you should be ready to come back again next semester to take their course for the second time, which they call (the second missionary journey).

Nobody cares if you have money or not as a student. If you don’t have money then you will be left with no other choice than to borrow so that you can be able to buy the textbook or you can also be ever ready to come back next year in order to take the course again.

  1. Electricity issues.

The electricity supply wasn’t an issue some years back but it became an issue recently for the students of the school.

It became a more critical issue when the electricity supply was cut short; even in the night reading class of the school. Which in turn causes too much stress for students trying to find where to read because there’s no light anywhere in the school’s environment.

  1. Lack of water

There is a lack of water In the school hostel and equally off-campus. Sometimes students have to walk miles away from their apartment just to find a place where they can get water to bathe and equally do other things required to be done with water. This particular issue leads to the lateness of students to class.

  1. Bottler

This issue happens to be the last but not the least problem and at the same time, it can never be swept under the table for any reason. Bottling is something that occurs often especially at night in Esut. That’s why before you go out at night you have to go out with your friends to avoid finding yourself in the situation of being in a situation of ecountering bottling

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