Can you pay to get admission to Esut?


Can you pay to get admission to Esut?


For some time now I’ve been getting a lot of questions in my DM from individuals who are Esut aspirants. And these students ask similar questions which go like this; sir, is it possible to pay someone to secure admission for you guys in Esut? 

And I know that you might be asking a similar question yourself.

While some have already believed This to be true, so many students on the other hand are still waiting for my stamped answer.

Whichever way, I just want to tell you all that it is not true. In Fact, it is a piece of false and misleading information that can lead you into being scammed by cyber scammers.

You just have to do away with anything that will make you believe this. Don’t give anyone your money because if you do; you will be scammed. Save your money for other stuff.

Even the institution registrar has also stated it clearly on the institution’s website using the following note below

“This is to warn all our candidates for the admission aforesaid to be wary of some unscrupulous elements in the society who have published false and misleading information on some platforms, demanding/inviting them to make some payments to secure admission into the university. Be informed that any such payments made by you remain at your own risk. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Please be guided accordingly.”

Ambrose G. Ugwu

Registrar (ESUT) Warns!!!!

Furthermore, you can as well access the free information I shared on this web page on how you can easily gain admission into Enugu State University of Science and Technology without cutting corners or giving anybody money.

And you can also join our WhatsApp group to get more updates about Enugu State University of science and technology admission.

If you have any questions please let me know by stating them in the comment section and I will answer them immediately without wasting time.

Make sure to share this information with your family and friends if you find it helpful so that it helps them as it’s helping you right now. Finally, make sure to bookmark our blog for more updates on Esut matters.


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