Why you should live in the hostel as an Esut Student.


Why you should live in the hostel as an Esut Student.

Why you should live in the hostel as an Esut Student.

For many years now there has been a debate among new and probably old students in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)  about which environment (hostel or lodge) is more suitable to live in as a new student.

This argument has gone on and on for years with different opinions from different students having their own opinion about which environment is better. Some said hostels are better while others say lodges are better.  In all this, I know you too reading this might have your own opinion about which place is perfectly suitable for a new student.

But whichever environment you choose I know you have your reasons to choose it. And whatever reasons that made you choose that environment you chose I must tell you that you’re right. However, I would like to tell you that between living in the Esut hostel and lodge environment there is no best place to live. You just have to live in an environment you can adapt to easily. 

But as a new student in the university (ESUT) it is better to live in the university hostel (Esut hostel) instead of going to lodge. 

Now, You might be asking the reason why I said this. Well, thanks for asking that wonderful question because that’s what I’m about to share in the rest of the article, so keep reading as I share the big reasons why you should live in the hostel as an Esut Student.

Esut Hostel Cheap to LIve In: Unlike living in the lodge, esut hostel is the cheapest place to live in. with just  ₦45,000 you can secure an apartment without stress. And the sweetest part is that you don’t pay any extra bills after paying this accommodation fee.

In a lodge, the lowest or rather the cheapest amount you can use to secure an apartment in a lodge environment is  ₦60,000 which is  ₦15,000 naira extra from what is being paid in the hostel.

Security Issues: One of the most pressing issues that are faced in the lodge in esut is the lack of security in lodges. You can’t even walk freely and safely to your apartment at night without a car or motorbike, even in the year 2020, there was a high rate of student mortality due to lack of security. from six o’clock students are already running to go back to their various lodges. But the reverse has been the case in the hostel; students walk freely and safely in the hostel environment without any fear of harassment from anybody because the security is working 24/7hrs every day.

Additional Bills Payment: Just like I said before, the only payment you make as a student who wants to live in the hostel apartment is ₦45,000 only and every other bill will be covered by the hostel official. Inversely, as a student living in a lodge in esut you will have to pay for your light bills, water bills, and petty bills that are expected of you by the lodge owner.

Steady electricity power supply: one of the things that make students happy is knowing full well that there is the availability of light in your apartment. And as a student in Enugu state university science and technology, you will always get that kind of happiness only when you live in the school’s hostel. Although there is an electrical power supply in lodges, it can never be anything compared to the esut hostel.

Going to Schools on Time: trust me when I say that coming to school from lodge in esut can be so tiring. And this is because most of the lodges are far from the school premises. Sometimes students need to board extra transport before they arrive at the school premises. This makes a student come to school late. Being in the school hostel can make all this coming late to school become a tale because the school hostel is located inside the school’s compound which makes going to school trekkable.

Reading:  I must admit that there are too many distractions which can prevent you from reading both in the school hostel and off camp but the school authorities have already made it easy for those living in the hostel to read without distraction by building a hall for students to read at their own convenience

Getting to Know How the School System Operates: as a new student one of the things you get to find out on your own is how the system operates in order to use it in your own favor. The only way to know this is to be in the school hostel. And this happens to be the last but not the list of reasons Why you should live in the hostel as an Esut Student.

Connecting with People: If you love to live in the hostel and be in touch with nature, it is one of the best places to live. You will have a chance to build strong bonds with people from different backgrounds and different places. The natural environment of the campus gives a peaceful atmosphere that will help you to explore new dimensions of your potential. Moreover, students are also provided with various kinds of sports facilities such as a cricket ground, tennis court, basketball ground for any sports lover. If you want to get to know other people and enjoy your time in the best way then a hostel is the greatest option. There is a good vibe around there and you are ready to have fun with sisters and brothers.


In conclusion, the hostel is a great opportunity for students to make some friends or new contacts, and meet new people from different countries. So if you are taking admission in Esut, you should make a decision to live in a hostel. And hostel life will help you develop a lot of skills and qualities which help you to cope with difficulties in life very smoothly. When you live in shared accommodation with other students, you can share your experiences and learn from different people. You develop skills, knowledge, friendships, and contacts that last a lifetime. Hope learned something here if still have any questions about living in esut hostel or lodge  you can live it in the comment section


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