Everything you need to know about Esut Postgraduate Programme


Everything you need to know about Esut Postgraduate Programme 

Enugu State University technology (esut) postgraduate programme

What would you like to know about the Enugu State University technology (esut) postgraduate programme?

Today, I would like to bring to you, the information on everything you need to know about esut postgraduate program.

So, if you happen to be one of the students who wish to run their postgraduate programme in Enugu state university of science (esut), then you need to read carefully in order to understand the information I’m about to give you in this short article. 

So let’s proceed 

How Much is Esut Postgraduate School Fees?

The Enugu State University of science and technology (esut) postgraduate school fees varies depending on the level of the postgraduate programme you might want to run, and these levels In the postgraduate programmes include postgraduate diploma, Master’s (M.sc) and PhD. 

The amount for each of them are as follows;

Postgraduate programmesFees to be paid Annually
Postgraduate Diploma programme111,300.00
Masters & Masters in Business Administration programme131,300.00
PhD programme151,300.00
Sandwich programme36,200.00

How To Apply for Esut Postgraduate Programme 

For you to be able to apply for admission into the esut postgraduate programme, you need to generate an esut postgraduate application invoice, and then proceed to the School’s bank with the invoice, joined with the sum of 20,000 naira application fee for the payment of the postgraduate programme admission, application fee.

After the payment you will be issued a receipt for further registration.

Once you get the receipt, proceed to the postgraduate area in the esut portal and click on postgraduate application login. 

Input your Interswitch reference number in the area shown to you and then click on login to complete your application. 

Congratulations you’re done with registration. 

Nevertheless when the postgraduate admission list is out below is also how you’re going to check it. 

How to Check Esut Postgraduate Admission Status

  • Log on to esutportal.
  • scroll down to locate the esut postgraduate programme section and click on “check postgraduate admission status”.
  • Select the Postgraduate program you want to run from the drop down menu.
  • Select the session (year).
  • Input your surname on the box shown, and then click on submit. 

How to get Esut Identity Card

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