Everything you need to know about Esut Hostel.


Today I’m going to be putting you all through with all the necessary information you need to have about Enugu state University of science and technology Hostel (Esut Hostel).

And I’m going to be doing that using a question and answer method so that you guys can get all the information you need to have about the Hostel (Esut hostel).

We all already know that Enugu State University of Science and Technology is one of the highly recommended prestigious institutions in Nigeria and also the first University of science and technology in Nigeria.

While students graduate from this renowned University every year, there are also others who wish to be admitted into this institution, many of which would like to live in the school’s hostel. But lack the necessary information and clue about the hostel and it’s comfortability.

So these particular students are the reason for writing this article about the esut hostel.

However if you belong to this group of students, all you need to do is just sit back as we feed you with complete information about Esut hostel.

Moreover, you can also read this article for information purposes in order to know more about the esut hostel.

At this juncture, let’s get started

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Everything you need to know about Esut Hostel.

esut hostel video

When was Esut Hostel built?

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (esut) hostel was built years ago after the University was relocated in 2006. from its then a temporary site which was located at Independence Layout Enugu. to a befitting permanent structure built in Agbani Nkanu West L.G.A.  and named Ebeano City.

The school’s hostel is located right inside the school compound opposite the school’s park at Agbani. 

How safe is the Esut hostel?

From the research made concerning the hostel, esut hostel has been known to be the safest place to live especially when compared to the lodge and other habitable places around the school.

How much is the Esut Hostel’s Fee?

The amount expected to be paid by any student who wishes to live in the esut hostel is forty thousand naira (#40,000) only. This fee must be paid in the bank. Specifically access banks.

Note: to be on a safe side while paying the hostel fee, you need to pay it at the bank located inside the school compound at agbani to avoid stories.

How to pay the Enugu State University of science and technology (Esut Hostel fee)

For you to pay the hostel fee, you have to generate an invoice.

How to generate the invoice

1) Visit esut portal through your search engine

2) Go to regular student and click on the sundry payment

3) Select student-related fees using payment type drop-down

4) then select Hostel 3 fees at the payment sub-type and click next

5) feel the information required of you and click on submit.

6) finally, go to the nearest cyber cafe and print it 

And once you’re done generating the invoice the next thing you need to do is to go to the bank located inside the school compound at agbani campus (access bank to be precise) with your money (the sum of 40,000 naira) and the invoice you generated to pay up immediately. 

Once you’re done paying the hostel fee in the bank, you’ll be issued a receipt. carry the receipt and the sum of two thousand five hundred naira (#2500) with you to the esut hostel portal where you will make the final registration and a room will be given to you.

How many hostel does Esut have and how many rooms does each have

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology has a total number of four hostels located in the school’s compound at Agbani campus.

Two of these hostels are positioned near the school’s faculty of law while the other two, are positioned near the school’s car pack but are still close to each other (i mean the four hostels).

One of the hotels is still under construction. while the rest are already completed and are ready-made to be habitable for interested students.

It is also known to be a unisex hostel, not gender-specific both gender lives in these hostels, except one of the hotels which were built for the female folks(which is bearing the name nomeks).

Following up to this, each of these hostels has over three hundred rooms contained in it and also common room space in it, where you can hire to start up a business venture and also to read or do other stuff.

How many students leaves in a room in the hostel?

The total number of students required to occupy a room in the hostel is four, two each at both ends of the room.

Anything other than that is not acceptable by the hostel’s management. And as a student, you will be penalized for squatting someone who is not a resident of the hostel.

Various posts are held by students in the Enugu state university of science technology hostel and these posts are created by the school management in order to Foster a smooth run in the hostel activities in their absence and this post includes the following;

Hostel Governor: he/she is elected to see over the affairs of the hostel. He is the one who is questioned about anything happening around and within the hostel. (He is highly held accountable for that.)

Minister for water: he/she is elected to make sure that students have a steady water supply at all cost 

Minister for the environment: he/she is meant to watch over the hostel and its environment.

Minister for light: helps in making sure that there is a steady power supply in the hostel

How neat is the Enugu University of Science and Technology hostel.

From the studies we’ve done so far, Enugu state University of science and technology hostel is 69% neat on a scale of (1-100).

In Fact the hostel is known to be 100% neat when compared to some university’ hostels in Nigeria especially University of Nigeria hostel.

Adding to this, There’s also a steady power supply in the hostel when been compared to lodges (off campus)

In conclusion

Enugu State University of science and technology hostel by far is the best place to live, especially as a new student of the University.

Living there is very cost-effective and will help you find your bearing as a student of Esut.

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  1. Hi. I just heard of a new hostel by the name “diamond hostel”. I imagine that generating “hostel 1” or “hostel 2” invoices may not be for diamond. How can I make sure I am generating an invoice for diamond hostel? Or does it not matter which link I follow?

    1. I think there’s a new development based on how invoice is generated. so, I will advise you to meet with simple cyber cafe to help you get it done without making any mistake.

  2. I couldnt agree with you more and Im quite happy someone at last came out and said this. Thanks for the wisdom, Paul

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