How to watch The Lord of the Rings in chronological order

From its epic scope and unparalleled sense of adventure to the lovable characters and unforgettable relationships between them, Lord of the Rings remains the best fantasy film series ever. Now, 21 years after The Fellowship of the Ring, LotR is back in the zeitgeist thanks to the upcoming Amazon’s Middle-earth TV series, rings of strength.

Watching the Lord of the Rings movies in order is a fairly straightforward endeavor, although before the TV series debuts on September 2, we put together this article to make sure newcomers can properly navigate each of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. and The Hobbit. With newcomers to the series in mind, The brief plot summaries below will be spoiler-free Behind the extensive plot points and character introductions.

At the bottom of the article, you’ll find a second list that orders the movies by their actual release dates, if you’d rather watch them in that order instead (as I do).

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The Lord of the Rings films in chronological order