How to join Teleparty and watch Netflix with friends

Netflix website on laptop screen.

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During the height of the pandemic, Netflix’s party was all the rage. It allowed you to watch movies and shows with your loved ones and friends without being together physically. Through the service, everyone can simultaneously stream and watch the same Netflix content while talking and share feedback via the virtual chat box.

Netflix Party gets a facelift and name change: Teleparty. With its new features and other streaming services built inside, you can still watch all the cringey reality TV shows you connected with your family during quarantine — even if you’ve since moved away.

What exactly is a Teleparty?

one time Netflix only The extension has now been extended to HBO MaxAnd the Hulu and Disney Plus YoutubeAnd the Amazon Prime Video. The extension, compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers, is completely free. The only thing you pay for is the streaming service of your choice.

The premise is simple: a member of a viewing group acts as a host by playing a show or movie and using the Teleparty browser extension to retrieve a shareable link. Anyone who clicks on this link will be taken to a virtual broadcast room. There is also a chat feature so you can feel like you are still watching in the same room with your adorable surviving brother.

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What devices does Teleparty support?

Currently, the extension works only on laptops and desktop computers. However, if you have an HDMI adapter, you can connect your laptop to your TV. As of now, the extension is not compatible with iOS and Android devices, but Teleparty says an update is coming soon.

Ready to host your own Teleparty? Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Download the Teleparty extension

You will first need to download the Teleparty extension from the Internet browser add-ons store. Note that Safari does not support the service, so you have to resort to an alternative. For Chrome users, you can install a file extension From Google Chrome Store. For Microsoft Edge, visit Edge Web Store. Opera users, click over here.

Teleparty installation screen

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Click “Install”. Your browser will then prompt you to add or get the extension to apply. A restart of your browser may be required to start using the Service.

Step 2: Install Teleparty Extension

Installing the extension to your browser makes it easier to find and access Teleparty faster. In Chrome, click the puzzle piece/switch icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Edge users have to search for the star icon. Then install the extension on top by clicking on the pin or star icon.

Opera users can open the Teleparty extension, right-click on the tab and click pin.

Pin using chrome prosor

How to install using Google Chrome browser

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Step 3: Grant permission

Now give your browser permission to change the data on the websites you visit. This sounds way more scary than it actually is. You can read about Teleparty’s privacy policy over hereEssentially, however, you give the extension access to your streaming services so that it can create simultaneous video playback and chat experience across all participants.

Allow Teleparty Access

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Step 4: Select your streaming service(s)

Teleparty will now prompt you to choose the streaming service(s) you want to connect to. You can select as many as you want or as few as one.

Select your broadcast serves TP

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Step 5: Start Streaming

Once you sign in to your desired streaming service, you will be prompted to start playing the video you want to watch. There is no limit to how long content must be.

TP top right corner - click to start

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Step Seven: Create the Party

Finally, you’re ready to invite people to your broadcast party. Pause the video and click on the installed Teleparty extension. You’ll see a prompt that says Create Teleparty, with the option to give yourself host control (meaning no one else in the room can play and pause the video), and a start party button.

Create a remote party

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If you know your friend is chronically paused and loves to pause at every scene and over-analyze, be sure to toggle the control setting to green.

I just have a TP switch controller

The button will turn green to indicate that you are in control of the Teleparty flow.

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Step 8: Share and Stream

after your choice Get the party started, a link will be filled in for you to copy and share. hit red Copy the link A button so that the link is copied to your clipboard and pasted into a group chat, messaging app, etc.

The link to share the TP

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When people join the Teleparty, you’ll see their names and personal icons pop up on the right side.

From there, watch, chat and indulge together from afar.

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yes. Unless you’re watching on the same device as someone Do You have Teleparty, you will need to download the extension separately to join a party.

Up to 1,000 people can join the Teleparty. Just make sure everyone downloads the browser extension to call your invite.

Teleparty is currently available in every country where Netflix is ​​available. However, keep in mind that different countries have access to a different variety of shows and movies. Therefore, you may not be able to stream the same TV show as a friend from abroad.