Ellen Nordegren’s life in Florida is a far cry from her days with Tiger Woods

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Oftentimes, a celebrity news story comes along and grabs the world’s attention so completely that it feels like there are new headlines every day. For example, OJ Simpson’s trial was a huge deal too People still call the former soccer star Whenever it hits the headlines again. Moreover, people were very impressed to learn how much betrayal Jesse James did on Sandra Bullock Urban legends about his betrayal.

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Similar to Jesse James, people were really shocked when the world learned how much Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife, Ellen Nordegren. It’s no surprise that Woods and Nordegren’s marriage has not survived cheating revelations as the couple separated in 2010. Now that it’s been more than a decade since her high-profile divorce, it’s great to see how much Nordegren’s life has changed.

How has Tiger Wood’s life changed since his divorce from Ellen Nordegren

During most of Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elaine Nordgren, everything seemed to be going well for the star athlete. One of the world’s highest-paid sports stars, there have been plenty of brands willing to pay millions of Woods for sponsorship deals. On top of that, Woods has earned millions of millions in prize money from all the tournaments he won.

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Of course, we have to mention that Tiger Woods is still an incredibly lucky person for several reasons. For example, Woods still enjoys a love affair with his children by all accounts. Furthermore, Woods has been in a relationship with a woman named Erica Hermann for many years and they seem very happy together from the outside looking inside.

Despite all the ways Tiger Woods continues to live a glamorous life, there is no doubt that the famous golfer has suffered several setbacks since his divorce from Elaine Nordegren. For example, once Woods’ cheat appeared, many of his sponsorship deals dried up because not many companies wanted to be associated with him at the time. While Woods has managed to sign some sponsorship deals since then, his image won’t be quite as clean as it once was.

Since Tiger Woods has a lot of money, not being able to make a lot of sponsorship deals probably wouldn’t be a big deal to him. However, there is another setback that the athlete has suffered since his divorce which was clearly a huge deal for him. since 2009, Tiger Woods has been in three different car accidents Which caused severe damage to his body. Woods was forced to undergo surgery for his injuries, and played golf professionally after his recovery, but told Golf Digest that he would “never” be able to compete full time again.

How Ellen Nordgren’s life has changed since her divorce from Tiger Woods

Throughout history, there have been a few golfers who have managed to become major stars including Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Phil Mickelson and Lee Trevino. Despite all the legendary statuses of these people, it is easy to say that Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer of all time. Able to capture the world’s attention in a way none of his peers had in the past, Woods became an absolute star.

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As a result of Tiger Woods’ star status, Eileen Nordegren found herself in the spotlight throughout her marriage to him. Even worse, once it became clear that Tiger Woods had been out of his marriage for years, the media became obsessed with everything Nordegren did for a while. In fact, Nordegren was even the subject of Saturday Night Live draw at that time. With all that in mind, the biggest way Nordegren’s life has changed since her divorce is becoming clear.

Now that Ellen Nordegren isn’t married to one of the biggest sports stars in the world, She can live in relative anonymity. Surely, paparazzi often take a photo of Nordegren at an event with her ex-husband that will be published. However, most people don’t care much about seeing pictures of Woods and Nordegren coexisting peacefully because they are there for their children, so these pictures only get a lot of attention.

On top of embracing relative anonymity, Ellen Nordgren’s life has changed in other ways. For example, Nordegren has been dating former NFL player Jordan Cameron since 2017 and there have been no reports of cheating in the relationship. Nordegren and Cameron also became parents as they gave birth to their third child, a son, in October 2019.

If all other ways in Elaine Nordegren’s life have changed since her divorce are not noteworthy, it should also be noted that she became the main breadwinner in her family. after every thing, Nordegren has amassed a fortune Over the past decade, she has reportedly made very lucrative moves with the money she earned in her divorce.