Eagles bootcamp training notes: Not the best day for Jalen Hurts and offense

Mark the second day Philadelphia Eagles Training camp before the 2022 NFL season. This session lasted about 15 minutes longer than Wednesday practice Which recorded in just under an hour. This is what I noticed in the NovaCare aggregator. [Note: Stay tuned for today’s BGN Radio’s practice recap podcast that will be posted here once it’s live.]

JALEN HURTS STOCK REPORT: Just not a good day for a mischievous and humiliated as a whole.

Throwing the mischief high in a short pass assigned to Watkins in 7v7.

11-on-11 wasn’t much better. Hurts was also inaccurate on his way out to Dallas Goedert; The narrow end managed to get one hand outstretched on the ball. Hurts threw another pass into Goedert’s crossing which was off target and low.

There was an actor where Hurts ended up checking out Kenneth Jenwell in the apartment after AJ Brown’s streak seemed to open up deep in the field. Brown may not have been readily available to Hurts in his lead…but not seeing the entire field has been a problem for him previously.

Hurts’ worst shot came when he was picked up by Avonte Maddox. It was not clear what he was striving for in that play; Throwed in a crowded area.

Hurts’ best throw came when he called Brown a job down the right sideline for a 25-yard or so profit.

Overall, not an encouraging day for QB1. stock.


Day 1: even stock
the second day: stock

• In Hurts’ defense, it’s not like he’s the only player to suffer a quarterback. Gardner Minshew was captured by Andre Chachere after forcing a ball over the middle into tight coverage. Minciu made a good deep throw for Jack Stoll.

Eagle injury report: Zach Pascal and Creek Whitfall (a player you sure know is on the team) both missed training. Unlike on Wednesday where he was completely missing out, Pascal attended training and watched the action from the sideline. Looks like he’s dealing with some bullshit.

Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelsey are still limited to non-group workouts while they recover from COVID. It’s not like these vets need to take a lot of reps anyway.

• Interesting vultures running again for use today. Kenneth Jenwell was the first team to fall back. In addition to using it as a runner, the Eagles split genuel extensively at times. Miles Sanders was taking the lead with the second team.

• Goedert made an impressive one-handed hold to break through a Hurts screen pass off target that forced QB to descend quickly with pressure in his face.

• AJ Brown dropped Hurts’ quick slash at 7-on-7. Brown had the eighth-worst drop rate in the NFL last year, according to Pro Football Focus. He also flopped on the ball in the first practice too soon after taking two steps. Brown is clearly talented and physically imposing, but his toes can be an issue to watch.

• Keizer White can be said to have played the drill when he flew over the field to score a “sack” on Hurts, who drifted to the left and couldn’t even get the ball out. Impressive closing speed is one of White’s positive traits highlighted by Johnny Page in File BGN . All-22 movie review. The off-ball Eagles fullback could be making some important contributions to their fast passing this season.

• Again, I wouldn’t just assume that Nakobi Dean would have a massive jump-start. Edwards is having a good season and a flash of white. It was a lot quieter for Dean.

Spoiler alert: For today’s BGN radio, I’m giving today’s training MVP point to Mac McCain III. He’s my man like Jason Huntley is my attacking man. McCain had a nice breakup. The first happened when he approached a goal by Galen Rigor in the middle of the field. The inverted ball was captured by Davion Taylor. In practice later, McCain broke a shorter throw. The Eagles have a number of young corners vying for a spare place(s) behind top four Darius Sly, James Bradbury, Avonte Maddox and Zeke McPherson. Carrie Vincent Jr. and McCain are the toughest CP5 contenders to date. The latter showed some special teams last year that could work for him.

• James Bradbury broke a pass that was intended for Rigor. After a solid first practice, Rigor did not contribute positively today. Bad things happened when he was targeted.

• An active day for Devion Taylor. In addition to holding the ball upside down for selection, he broke a pass by placing a pop on the Boston Scott right after the ball made contact with his backhand. Taylor was active early in camp last year before he got injured. Taylor is a safe bet to make the list… but his role is currently unclear. With more days like today, he will make an argument for being in the field.

• Carson Strong’s representatives are very limited. Hurts and Minshew take the bulk of the cast. The limited leftovers are then split between him and Red Sennett. Strong turned around on the quality throw today when he opened a deep bid for Britain’s Kofi. The ball was there for the play but Kofi didn’t live up to his end of the bargain by bringing it in.

• UDFA cornerback Mario Goodrich, now wearing No. 31 with Craig James’ cut before camp, scored a pass from a powerful pass.

• former Denver Broncos Head coach Vic Fangio—a native of Dunmore, Pennsylvania—was a guest at today’s training. More than a coincidence that the defense has a strong showing?! Just a joke…but the Eagles should really appoint him as an assistant.

• Kelce has added some extra protection to Guardian Cap:

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

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• Slow Feet Don’t Eat:

• Ball safety drill as Nick Siriani competes for Quiz Watkins:

• Post-workout scenes include AJ Brown doing some “sprinting” with his daughter:

And Brandon Graham is the best:

next one: The Eagles are back in practice tomorrow (Saturday, July 30) starting at 10:00 AM ET. Then they will leave on Sunday before returning to work on Monday.