Does the “mirror world of particles” explain the crisis in cosmology?

The thought of ​​a mirror universe is a typical metaphor in science fiction. A world just like ours the place we’d discover our evil doppelganger or a replica of us who truly requested about our highschool crush. However the idea of a mirror universe has usually been studied in theoretical cosmology, and as a brand new research reveals, it could assist us resolve issues with the cosmological fixed.

The Hubble fixed, or the Hubble parameter, is a measure of the enlargement fee of our universe. This enlargement was first demonstrated by Edwin Hubble, utilizing knowledge from Henrietta Leavitt, Vesto Slipher, and others. Over the following a number of a long time, measurements of this enlargement stabilized at a fee of about 70 km/s/Mpc. Give or take somewhat. Astronomers have found that as our measurements turn into correct, the completely different strategies will choose a typical worth, however this has not occurred. The truth is, the measurements previously a number of years have turn into so correct that they differ utterly. That is generally often called The issue of worldwide rigidity.

At this level, the noticed values ​​of the Hubble fixed cluster are divided into two teams. Measurements of fluctuations within the cosmic microwave background point out a decrease worth, round 67 km/s/Mpc, whereas observations of objects equivalent to distant supernovae give the next worth round 73 km/s/Mpc. Clearly, one thing provides nothing, and theoretical physicists try to determine why. That is the place the mirror universe may are available in.

Mirror our world within the stars. Credit score: Beate Bachmann, through Pixabay

Wild concepts are likely to fall and fall out of recognition in theoretical physics. The thought of ​​a mirror universe isn’t any exception. It was little studied within the Nineteen Nineties as a solution to cope with the matter and antimatter symmetry downside. We are able to create matter particles within the lab, however once we do this, we’re additionally creating antimatter particles. They all the time are available in pairs. So, when particles fashioned within the early universe, the place did their antimatter siblings go? One concept was that the universe itself fashioned as a pair. The matter of our universe and the universe of antimatter are related. The issue has been resolved. The thought hasn’t been accepted for numerous causes, however this new research seems to be at the right way to resolve the Hubble downside.

The group found a consistency in what is called . Non-uniform parameters. Essentially the most well-known of those is the fine-structure fixed which has a worth of about 1/137. Principally, you may mix the measured parameters in a means that cancels out all of the models, giving you a similar quantity it doesn’t matter what models you are utilizing, which is nice in the event you’re a theorist. The group discovered that when cosmological fashions are adjusted to match the noticed enlargement charges, many non-uniform parameters stay the identical, suggesting an underlying cosmological symmetry. Should you impose this symmetry on a bigger scale, you may measure the speed of free fall of gravity and the speed of photon and electron scattering in order that the completely different strategies of Hubble measurement agree higher. And if this fidelity is actual, then it implies the existence of a mirror universe. One that might have an effect on our universe via faint gravity.

It ought to be famous that this research is generally proof of idea. It reveals how this cosmological fixed may resolve the Hubble fixed downside, but it surely would not go as far as to show that it’s a answer. A extra detailed kind might be wanted for this. But it surely’s an fascinating concept. And it is good to know that in case your evil doppelganger exists, it might probably solely have an effect on your life with an attractiveness…

Reference: Cyr-Racine, Francis-Yan, Fei Ge, and Lloyd Knox. “Cosmic observatories symmetry, a darkish sector of the mirror world, and the Hubble fixed. ” Bodily Evaluate Letters 128.20 (2022): 201301.