Do Los Angeles Kings Need a Defensive Man Swap? Look at the blue line

A former general manager once told me that a team needs 10 defenders to get past it all NHL season. Injuries are a foregone conclusion. The alternatives have to be ramped up. Changes are made due to performance or matches. Recalls will be filled from time to time. Trades may occur.

The kings He used 14 players at the end of last season on their way to their first playoff berth since 2018. They’ve gone through all those corners. Through some surprising mixing and matching by assistant coach Trent Yawney, he worked two days for the Blue Line to cover the end-of-season injuries to… Drew DottieNot only did the club secure his place, but he also managed to take three matches from the Western Conference final Edmonton She nearly won her first post-season streak since her second Stanley Cup win in 2014.

Teams never fully return from year to year and the Kings made adjustments to the Defense Corps over the summer. Oli Matta = sign with Detroit And the Troy Stitcher now with Arizona. Austin Strand in Anaheim. while, Cali Clay long gone and Christian and Lanin Go to.

Nine defensive men remain, and that does not include high-value prospects Brandt Clark and Helge Grans, who will be bidding to enter the 2022-23 conversation. The depth was so great that Kings General Manager Rob Blake was able to part with Brock Faber in his successful pursuit of it Kevin Viala.

But only six can play at a time – unless you are Tampa BayJohn Cooper is a fan of rolling with seven defenders and 11 forwards. Teams will say you can’t have too many defenders and the Kings proved that theory last season. However, players want to be on the ice, Doughty and . are back Shawn Walker To the Blue Line will increase the competition for ice time when the camps open next month.

two of them – Mickey Anderson And the Shawn Dorzy – You don’t have contracts yet. There’s more than enough time for Kings to get the extensions done with both. But there is also time to consider whether a step should be taken to decongest part of the team. Keep in mind that the Kings have CapFri Friendly estimates of just $1.5 million of salary cap space after spending more than $55 million over seven years for Fiala and $22 million over four years to retain the top scorer. Adrian Kempe.

Do kings have to trade a defenseman at some point? Or can Blake, Yoni and head coach Todd McClellan manage their lot as effectively as they did in 2021-22? lets take alook.

Drew Dottie

age: 32

2022-23 Salary: $11 million ($4 million in signing bonus)

Moving possibilities: 0 percent

Let’s see, Doughty is easily on the shortlist of the greatest defenders – to be real players – in the history of the Kings. He’s an alternate captain provided he doesn’t make a full move, one of the last links of the cup years and he’s still at the front of a squad ready to recycle. next one.

Mickey Anderson

age: 23

2022-23 Salary: Unsigned RFA (terminates his Entry Contract, which has a maximum value of $925,000)

Moving possibilities: 0.2 percent

With a better year than the former Minnesota star Duluth at 2022-23, he will begin to gain more interest at the league level as a defensive-minded stopping artist. One should never say never, and if it is surprising that a state of prolonged opposition is achieved, who knows what might happen if lukewarm feelings arise? But even these things tend to work on their own. (As with Doughty in 2011.) What’s more likely is that Anderson would be a staple in the Los Angeles Defense Corps for many more years.

Matt Roy

age: 27

2022-23 Salary: $3.25 million

Moving possibilities: 10 percent

As the second defender behind Doughty, Roy is in the middle of a three-year contract with a $3.15 million ceiling hit. His trade percentage may go up if we are entering 2023-24 and there is no extension. But his stable two-way presence and ability to deliver penalty kicks allow the Kings to continue developing their younger back guards at a measured pace.

Shawn Dorzy

age: 23

2022-23 Salary: Unsigned RFA (terminates his Entry Contract, which has a maximum value of $925,000)

Moving possibilities: 25 percent

With Doughty and Walker expected to be ready for the start of the season, Durzi could see some of the expanded opportunities he ably embraced last season drying up some of them. Even with Faber gone, there are still a large number of valid shots at the club and in the system. The now tight hat and the need to sign Anderson may make it difficult to pressure him. But Dorzi is not afraid to play and has shown that he can deliver some attacking punches while also leading the club with 121 blocked shots. A year-long bet on myself might set him up for a good deal if he gets plenty of playing time and loyalty.

Shawn Walker

age: 27

2022-23 Salary: 3 million dollars

Moving possibilities: 30 percent

Walker tore the ACL and MCL in Game Six of last season. After months of rehabilitation, former bowling green captain and uncut blueliner will appear To resume his unlikely career in the NHL After playing a major role in the past two years. What will help is that he can play on the left side even though he is one of many right-handed. But with royalty needing some extreme space to divide, Walker’s $2.65 million ceiling figure could open up some rooms. If he can get his form back, he will be useful to the Kings – or to a team that can use the proven minute-chew at a reasonable price with another year on his contract.

Alex Edler

age: 36

2022-23 Salary: 750 thousand dollars

Moving possibilities: 15 percent

It was a wise move to bring back the 16 year old high ability veteran and it was better to do it for such a low cost. The Edler will be a valuable piece to use as needed and should hit the 1000 games mark in the LA jacket. But if the season goes horribly, it could be someone who could bring in a payout if there’s a deal for a competitor and is willing to concede the no-move clause.

Jordan Spence

age: 21

2022-23 Salary: $842,500 NHL / 70,000 AHL (can earn up to $82,500 in performance bonuses)

Moving possibilities: 5 percent

Who would Spence score 24 games for the club last season (while also playing at a very high level in the AHL)? He has a bright future in the NHL and his entry-level deal doesn’t expire until 2024. Normally, there would be no reason to deal with him. The only problem is that it might be the type of piece you break off with if you’re looking to add a difference maker on the trade deadline and trophy loading.

Tobias Björnfoot

age: 21

2022-23 Salary: $832,500 NHL / 70,000 AHL (can earn up to $262,500 in performance bonuses)

Moving possibilities: 20 percent

Björnfoot’s 2021-22 season has been mixed, to say the least. He is in the final year of his joining deal, and this is a season in which the Swede must show that he can not only win a job on the left side, but ensure the full confidence of the coaching staff. It is waiver-free and can be sent to the AHL without the worry of a claim. Others are likely to have more value in the trade now than he is too young to give up. But this will be a season in which he is positioning himself in the long-term planning of the Kings.

Brandt Clark

age: 19

2022-23 Salary: $925,000 NHL (can earn up to $850,000 in performance bonuses)

Moving possibilities: 0 percent

There’s a long-term viewpoint when it comes to Clark and it wouldn’t make sense to transfer the number 8 pick in the 2021 draft, who earned 59 points in 55 games for his second season in the OHL (The Nippon, Ontario, home of Barry Colts in scoring). Chances are slim that he will eliminate someone in the top six in the main camp, but Clarke’s high ceiling could make him a potential replacement for Doughty down the line as he gets older and matures in the top four, if not higher pairing, role.

Jacob Movers

age: 23

2022-23 Salary: $750,000 NHL / 325,000 AHL (Will receive a guaranteed minimum of $350,000)

Moving possibilities: 2 percent

One of those who delivered some solid work last season, Moverare was signed for another two years in June in a deal that is two-way in nature for 2022-23 and turns to one-way in 2023-24. Finding time with the big club may be more difficult this season, but unless he looks for more opportunities elsewhere, he will continue to be a good part of the Kings.

(Photo by Shawn Dorzy: Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)