Charlie Bennant and Zack Wilde Defend Pantera ‘reunion’, say plan is to make it look as close to the original as possible

Zack Wilde And the Charlie Bennant She opened about her future participation Pantera a tour.

Two weeks ago, it was reported wild And the Benantealong with Panterasurviving members, singer Philip Anselmo and guitarist Rex Brownwill take a tour PanteraIt releases a number of major festivals throughout North America and Europe and organizes some of its own major concerts.

According to a report by paintingAnd the wild And the BenanteParticipation in the project is approved by Real Estate PanteraLate Founders, drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Daryl Abbott.

Earlier today (Thursday, July 28), zach And the Charlie Discuss their participation in Pantera Celebration tour while talking to SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”. zach He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It would be great. Colleagues were always…when Vinny He was still with us, he was always rolling about that, ”zachDo you have the honor? dime And we all get together and do this thing? And I said, ‘You guys, whenever you want to do this thing, I’ll be here waiting in the dugout and on the farm. And only call me when you need me and I will learn everything and we will do it.

“Over the years there has always been some grumbling about this so it hasn’t been so until now, obviously… I was on the phone with Elephant – We might have all been on a conference call – but Elephant It was just, like,zachDo you have the honor? dime Will you play? ” OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist and black patch community Frant Mann remembers. And I said, Yes, Elephant. naturally. I always said I would. naturally.’ I said, ‘If you want to do it, let’s do it. “

As for what will be his approach to playing the originally written and recorded parts DarylAnd the zach He said, “You treat it the same way I did when I played it Ozzy. Obviously I have to learn [Randy] RhodesThings I must learn Jake‘s [E. Lee] things, when I do [BLACK] sabath things, you learn and do them as honestly as possible. CharlieWe must learn everything Vinnyparts. You approach him as if you were in a cover band. when we do sabath alley stuff” referring to his location black sabbath Cover band, “I don’t start changing lyrics halfway “War Pig”. You learn songs – that’s what you do.”

Benante He agreed, saying, “I can’t go do this as the drummer anthrax Because it would sound completely different. So the way I would do it is if you close your eyes, it will look like that Vinny, on the principle. And that’s what’s going to happen… the sound will be fine exactly like him.”

He was asked when he was first contacted about participating in Pantera a tour anthrax The drummer said, “Man. December [of last year]. end of December. I was talking to PhilipThen he just mentioned this. And I said, Oh, yeah, sure. whatever.’ Then it got real about January [or] February… to this day, if that happens, if there is one show that has been played, that is great.”

Pressed on whether he knows when the premiere of Pantera tribute project will happen, Benante he said no.”

Both Charlie And the zach He went to say they see Pantera The tour is nothing more than a celebration of the music created by the legendary Texas representation. “definitely,” Benante He said. “I think everyone [ANTHRAX] He feels the same way about these guys. come back long road [with PANTERA] – ’86, maybe ’85. We played a show at a place called Cardi’s in Houston, and Pantera It was the opening band. there was [April] 86. Hellster It was on the bill. It was the first time we met. my friendship with Daryl It goes a long way, and I love these two guys so much. So, for me, doing that was very emotional. That’s what it’s about – it’s all about these two guys and doing it… I don’t want to see anyone else do it but me, because I’m going to do it right. “

added zach: “whenever [the idea of doing a tribute has] Come, you celebrate men and celebrate all their accomplishments and greatness. And that’s what it is. Because everyone was like, ‘How do they call him A Pantera Reunion?’ And I say, “Well, it’s Elephant And the rex We’re back together’, because they haven’t played together in a while. I go, ‘It’s a Pantera a celebration.’ That’s what it is. no different from Mitch [Mitchell] And the Noel [Redding] From “Hendrix Experiment” Asks Eric Clapton To go out, sing and play Jimmy‘s [Hendrix] things and honor him, and they will go out and honor Jimi Hendrix. For me the same. with Ozzywe honor St. Rhodes Every night. Every time we play ‘I don’t know, I don’t know’And the ‘the master. Crowley – Everything – you honor Randy. For me, it’s an extension of that. you honor dimeyou are honored Vinny and you are honored Elephant And the rexAll men, their achievements, what they have achieved Pantera And all the mountains they conquered. This is the way I look at it. This is how I work Always I looked at her.”

Benante And the wild Both have expressed their appreciation for PanteraMusical legacy on a number of occasions in recent years. Back in June 2018, just a day after the death of Vinnie PaulAnd the Benante Tell SiriusXM About the first time he met Pantera Drummer: “The first time, it was the first time we were in Texas. And these guys [PANTERA] They were there. We played in this club, I think Pantera It was the opening band. A mutual friend of ours, now everyone knows – Rita [Haney, longtime girlfriend of Dimebag] – It was kind of a way to bring us together to be friendly. We’ve known these guys since 1985, and only two of them, Daryl And the VinnyAfter I met these two, it was like you had a friend in Texas, both of them, and they made the experience so much better, and I immediately hooked up. So over the years, we’ve only remained friends.”

Benante He went to paint between Pantera and another legendary rock band that includes siblings who achieved fame together.

“I always equal dime And the Vinny as like, Alex And the Eddie From Van Halen; I always thought Pantera was like Van Halen He said, “They were reborn, and they had a guitarist, and he was a champ. The drummers were great, but it’s about Vinny This, I think, a lot of people don’t know – they probably know – but from the technical side of things, Vinny made these Pantera Record such a sound. He was the guy behind it all who was turning the knobs, EQing shit so his drum wouldn’t quarrel with DarylFucking chunky guitar. It was a lot of brains and glue that holds that band together, and basically, propelled that band.”

in 2019, Anselmowho has spent the past few years playing Pantera– a group stationed with his solo band, the illegalsaid to Shelly Homo Negro Who would have thought of meeting her? wild And the brouwn and performance PanteraClassic songs in concert. “we will, zach He said, “He’s a busy man.” “He makes up his own band, and does things with Ozzy And all these things. We talked about it maybe once. I think everyone – everybody – He… I think they like me. Keep an open mind about it. we will see. But I know from all the hard work with [Anselmo‘s] the illegal [project] Here to make these songs just right, we all have to take a vacation and really train together and get everything perfect. So it requires a lot of work. And I’m doing a lot of bands now. [But] If everything is lined up, I will – for sure. Damn yes! why not?”

zach He was also open to the idea, saying “Casius Morris Shaw” In October 2019: “When Saint Vinnie’s He was still around, they were talking about him at the time. I mean, the way I’ve always looked at it is that Pantera Celebration and honor. I mean, every night I play it Geesewe honor St. Rhodes [late Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads]. I’m playing Randy things every night, and I am fortunate and honored to do so. Basically, we applaud him Randy Every night – keep his music alive.

“No one replaces anyone. No one replaces him Randy Rhodes – It was for once. if [LED] Airship He was coming out, and if Jason‘s [Bonham] He plays the drums, no one replaces his father. What they do is celebrate the greatness of his father and what he has achieved and all the mountains he conquered Airship. It’s more of a tribute and a celebration than it is… You can’t replace any of these people I’m talking about – they are all legendary men. But, yeah, you just celebrate all their accomplishments – that’s it.”

In April 2021, rex Tell EunMusic he and Philip Still getting offers for Pantera Greeting tour. “But if you didn’t have the other guys in the squad it wouldn’t look the same,” he said. “If we were to do something like this one day, it would have to be in place, or I wouldn’t. That would be a salute.”

In February 2020, Hany She said she would “definitely” support AnselmoAnd the brouwn And the wild as a team Pantera Greeting tour. a few days later, brouwn Weighing in her comments, writing Twitter: “I want to make sure people understand what I’m about to tweet.. It doesn’t come down to that Rita To say what will happen, just what Philip & I say… I’m in!! drilling?!?!?”

Rita Discuss the possibility of the former Pantera members and OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist salute to dime bag And the Vinny while talking to “Playing Out Show with Eric Blair” On the red carpet 10th Ronnie James Dew Memorial Awards Ceremony At Avalon in Los Angeles. She said, “I don’t think there can be Pantera reunion, but I think his two remaining brothers, rex And the PhilipIf they want to be honored, Daryl And the VinnyAs far as I come and what I believe in Daryl I think – because he was the most forgiving person I know – I think he will be honored. It’s kind of a cliché to say it, but he would really appreciate it because it meant so much to them. And I think if they want to honor their fallen brethren with honors, I think that’s great. But as far as trying to say put Pantera back together, Pantera Greetings, this and that, no – that’s distasteful without these other guys. But I think it would be a really cool thing. Because I know, from a fan’s point of view, if I can’t see them play or hear those songs—the songs, they mean a lot to me; I can imagine [they do to] Other people as well. I think it’s great that they can at least see her performing, and by the people they really love. So, yeah, I think it would be a really cool thing.”

When asked to clarify if she “would be OK on tour,” she replied, “I definitely will. I want to be on every show.” [Laughs]”

Talk about possible Pantera “Reunion” intensified when Anselmo Join regularly wild‘s black patch community to perform PanteraSong “I’m desperate” during lowest2014 spent on “Gods Golden Pistol Tour”. This noise only got stronger after that brouwn He joined the jam on May 23, 2014 when the tour swung through Texas.

until his death, Vinny He remained on non-speaking terms with Anselmowho was indirectly blamed by the drummer dime bagdeath.

Vinnie Paul And the dime bag Co-founded Pantera. When Pantera They separated in 2003, and formed damajiplan. On December 8, 2004, while performing with damajiplan At Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, dime bag He was shot and killed on stage by a schizophrenic believed to be members of Pantera They were stealing his ideas.