Belgian defensive tackle Thibaut Depay lives the dream of global players in the Canadian Football League

Graphic: Igor Lazarevich

Tibo Debailie has surely made a name for himself all over Canadian Football League. As one of the worldwide Players who are expected to perform mostly in special teams, Towson University product of Belgium became a regular at black bc Defensive line rotated and improved every week.

This was not always the case. Debaillie’s trip to CFL Anything was not easy. of becoming Head of International Prospects The first possibility of falling in the third round of CFL A draft, His Journey is something directly inspired by the script of the movie.

24-year-old Debele was born Gestel, Belgium, Not exactly an environment in which you would expect to see football (not soccer). However, as he grew up, he was surrounded by him American Football, so much so that his parents met at a match. Interestingly, his father and three uncles practiced this sport regularly with Thibaut attending many of their matches. At the age of 12, he decided to try his hand at soccer after joining Ostend Pirates subordinate Belgian Football League. While he was too young to play in matches, due to his size, he was able to train with the team.

“They didn’t slow down for me at all,” Debele said. “I loved every minute of it.”

Ostend I finally formed a youth team where Dubeyle can participate in six against six matches. At the age of 16, Debele joined the main pirates existing. During the time he was there he got two player of the year Awards and four terms with Belgian national team.

In the end, DeBailey grew and his football dreams grew bigger. He started playing in show games as it caught his attention PPI Founder Brendan Collier. Collier is a former professional soccer player whose focus is now on connecting international players to American colleges. Collier spoke with Depay about his desire to help him advance his football career in the United States in college. The two kept in touch until it was time for Tebow to explore his collective options.

“I always dreamed of playing college football, and that was my big dream since I was young,” he said.

Collier kept his promise and arranged a trip for Dubeley to visit various American colleges where he had the opportunity to continue playing football. It worked to Tibow’s astonishment.

“everything [Collier] He said it became a reality.”

6’2″ defensive line commitment Towson University where he played NCAA Division I football.

Debaillie played two seasons in Tucson. In that time, he has made 29 tackles, 3 tackles for a loss, and 1.5 sacks in 22 career games. Unfortunately, the 2020 season has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Debaillie has returned to Belgium before the lockdown. There he completed his remaining two-year studies on the Internet.

As the world begins to return to normal, the former tigers player entered 2021 CFL Global Project. He made his name known after putting up an impressive 31 reps on the bench press. Debaillie was eventually drafted in the third round by Edmonton Alex, much later than some might expect. However, that didn’t bother him.

“I was really happy that I was drafted,” he explained.

After an impressive boot camp, you can find Tibo Debaillie in the name list in the active list. In the first two matches, he found himself in the role of special teams. Eventually, in the third week, he found himself transferred to the coaching staff. But don’t think that this shook the confidence of the 285-pounder.

“I can’t control those things, so I don’t have to worry about it, that’s the way life goes.”

It will be called again later but sent again. This past season, Debaillie chose to re-sign with Edmonton But the team eventually cut ties completely and unknowingly released him two months later. According to Dubeli, he was never told before elk.

“One night I got back from the gym, I was getting comfortable with my dad and mom and I saw on Twitter that I had been released, and I didn’t hear anything from Edmonton.”

Fortunately, Debele’s time without a team did not last long. More than a month after his release, he signed with Potsdam RoyalsOne of the best clubs in German Football League. During his time with the team, Dubeli said he was “100% committed”. He had no idea that only two weeks after signing he would get a call from black bc Coach Rick Campbell. Coach Campbell has made it clear that he believes Depay has a good chance of making the final roster. Shortly after that, Tibo Debaillie was officially BC lion.

Today Debaillie can be found in a regular rotation of the defensive line on one of the best defenses in CFL. He’s carving a name for himself. The difference in his performance during the time he spent in Edmonton To the coaching staff:

“If the coaches trust you 100%, it gives you a confidence boost to get off the ground in every sense of the word.”

Tibo Debailie’s flight is nowhere near as usual. He is a player who has truly made football his life. He never lost his confidence and could now perform the method he knew he was capable of.

“All the hard work from 12 years old to now has paid off, it feels great.”

Watch Tibo and BC Lions compete for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. BC Lions @ Saskatchewan Roughriders, July 30, 3:00 CET (3 a.m., 9 p.m. ET July 29)