Artists Invitation for Edition 22 – Announcements

From August 1 to September 2, 2022, the XXII Biennale Sesc_Videobrasil is holding an open call for artists. This edition will take place in October 2023, in São Paulo, after being postponed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biennale will receive submissions for works in any form and language, from artists and/or groups born and/or located in countries of the Global South, or from, or at least reside in, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). Five years, as well as native artists of any nationality.

About the XXII Biennale Sesc_Videobrasil
With its distinctive dynamism, the event reaches its 22nd edition in 2023 with the title “Memory is a Station of Liberation” – a sentence taken from the poem “An Open Letter to John Ashbery” by Lully Salumau (1943-2003). Curated by Rafael Fonseca, from Brazil, and Rene Aketlik Mboya, from Kenya, the Biennale also marks Videobrasil’s 40th anniversary, initially an event dedicated to video, but has extended over the decades to the most diverse artistic media. In this celebration, “it is therefore necessary not only to reflect on time and the many concepts of memory, but also to reconsider the importance of video in these four decades,” the curators wrote. It should also be noted that in the modern era, the possibilities of editing have changed, becoming more flexible and within our reach in many technological devices for everyday use.

Beyond its own “liberation stations,” Biennial XXII seeks to select works that address collective memories, and the dynamics of remembering and forgetting that build historical and social narratives regarding peoples, nations, and geographies. “What are the moral limits of cutting?” Who has the authority to do this? How do we create a memory of what we did not see or feel in our bodies? What are the limits of memory? ‘ interrogate the curators.

Solange Farkas, founder and artistic director of Videobrasil, which held its first festival in 1983, draws attention to the context in which the open call for artists is taking place, more than two years after the pandemic that has left millions dead around the world. Therefore, the idea of ​​survival emerges as a basic desire, as well as the need to look at such a recent past and already traumas. “Surviving in the face of adversity is essential, and the Biennale appreciates the expression of different voices, ways of negotiating the historical past, and forms of thought in creating the image today.”

The shortlisted will participate in the exhibition at Sesc 24 de Maio (São Paulo, Brazil) and compete for the following prizes, to be awarded by the XXII Biennale:

State Prize for the ArtsIt is given to the work considered by the jury to be among the most thought-provoking, most powerful and important in the Biennale.

Sesc Contemporary Art PrizeAwarded for outstanding works in the 22nd Biennial, Produced by Brazilian artists and/or groups which will be included in the Sesc Brazil Art Collection.

OFF . PRIZE: Provided by the Ostrovsky Family Fund, awarded to the Associate Artist, of what nationalitywhich offers an original investigation of the motion picture.

art residency Prizes will also be awarded, which will provide periods of stay at partner institutions. Prizes include airfare, accommodation and per diem during the stay, which is eight weeks long.

About the organizers

Cultural Associação Videobrasil
Founded by Solange Farkas in 1991, Associação Cultural Videobrasil is the result of a desire to host a growing body of works and publications collected since the first Videobrasil Festival, held in 1983. Since then, the association has been working systematically to operationalize its collection, which brings together pieces from the South Universal, video art classics, interior works and a large selection of publications on art. In addition to the Sesc_Videobrasil Biennale, the association also carries out important research, publishing and cartographic activities related to its collection: national and international exhibitions; Tourist offers leaflets; TV programs; documentaries; seminars. workshops and meetings with artists and researchers; and technical residency programs, in connection with a global collaborative network.

SESC – Social Service of Commerce
Sesc – Social Service of Commerce is a private non-profit organization created in 1946 by entrepreneurs in the fields of commerce and services throughout Brazil. In the state of São Paulo, Sesc has more than 40 centers focusing in the areas of culture, education, sports, entertainment and health. Sesc São Paulo receives approximately 20 million visits annually. Sesc São Paulo’s work is guided by his educational role and the pursuit of social well-being based on a broad conception of culture. In this sense, the unlimited access to the spaces and contents provided by the institution aims to democratize cultural assets as a form of individual autonomy. In the field of visual arts, the main role of the Foundation is to promote and disseminate contemporary artistic production and study the production of previous historical periods, as well as intersections with other artistic languages, where one of its most important principles is the organization of exhibitions. For all audiences.

Read profile here organizational approach subordinate XXII Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil.

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