Apple’s union breach was ‘painful’ – including the threat of immigration

apple unionThe assault techniques were described as “painful” by staff at The first Apple Store to join the unionTowson, Maryland.

accuse apple Not adhering to its human rights policy, and saying that many threats were made to workers intending to join the union – including one who was told that the company’s immigration assistance could be withdrawn…

workers have Create a petitionHe called on Apple’s board of directors to ensure that employees at other stores are not subject to the same methods.

We knew that Apple had strong human rights policies, especially with regard to workers’ rights to organize […]

Unfortunately for us, these policies are not followed. What we received in return for the communication with our CEO was nothing less than a systematic and coordinated campaign designed to put significant collective pressure on us as a workforce. To be clear, this was nothing short of shocking to many of us. We are still dealing with the emotional implications of this campaign as directed by Littler Mendelson.

Today, we’re reaching out to you, members of the Apple Board of Directors, in the hope that you’ll be able to take action to make sure no other Apple employee is unnecessarily following through on what we’ve done. […]

The US government guarantees the right to union representation. It is a right that Apple recognizes in its Human Rights Policy and requires its suppliers to respect their Supplier Code of Conduct. Do not penalize us for exercising these rights. These anti-union campaigns have real consequences for the health of your employees.

Referring to Littler Mendelson is a law firm Specialist in union busting, which Apple has asked for help in its efforts to deter employees from joining unions. This was the same company that Starbucks rented.

wired He spoke to some of the concerned employees, who painted a picture of Apple using chilling tactics, with potential long-term consequences.

Workers say some managers who received anti-union talking points to offer during the campaign remain biased against union supporters, complaining when they are absent from work and painting them lazy. Particularly in small workplaces like Apple Stores, torn relationships are a common victim of harsh anti-union campaigns.

Apple employees were particularly shocked by the ferocity of the campaign, given the company’s stated commitment to progressive and inclusive values. […]

“When you hire Littler Mendelson, it is an indication that you are ready to do whatever is necessary to defeat the guild campaign,” Logan says. Are you ready to play hard ball? […]

According to Rhodes, managers stressed how grateful employees are for the wages and benefits they receive from Apple, and suggested they might lose out if the union wins. She says inducing fear has become a target; One employee was told they could withdraw their immigration assistance if the union won.

This mirrors previous comments made by recruitment experts, who said union busting could also be Something very risky. We’ve urged Apple instead Take a positive and proactive approach.

There were humorous moments.

They have attempted to portray the union as racist, citing its history of excluding minorities upon its founding, “without any real historical context for being in the 1880s in Georgia,” Gallagher notes. “Someone explained that the union is run by wealthy white men,” says Graham de Young, a 15-year-old Apple employee and member of the organizing committee at the Towson Store. “I said, ‘Hey, look at the Apple board of directors. “

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