Ann Heck was trapped in “heavy” smoke from a car accident

Neighbors in Los Angeles describe people In the aftermath of the car accident on Friday who – which Left Actress Anne Heck in hospitalincluding the actions they took to help save her and the resident of the house she crashed into.

Heck, 53 years old He suffered burns from the accident — which happened in the Mar Vista neighborhood — and is currently intubated, PEOPLE confirmed on Saturday. A rep for the star told People that she is in a “stable condition”.

Lynne Bernstein, who has lived in his house in nearby Venice with his wife Natalie since 1976, remembers how he and his fellow neighbors, Dave and Gabriel, were able to speak to Heche moments after they made Crashed in accommodation.

According to Bernstein, after the car “almost made the way through” the house and caught fire “almost immediately,” Dave was able to climb into the back of the car and speak to Heche. “She replied that it wasn’t working very well,” Bernstein says.

“He actually spoke to her for a little while,” he notes. “Yeah, he asked her to raise her hand or something…if she was okay and she said she couldn’t.”

Marisa Charles

If they could get her out of the car before the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived, Bernstein says, “she probably wouldn’t suffer like she is now.”

The Lebanese Armed Forces responded to an emergency call around 10:56 a.m. local time, during which it took 59 firefighters about 65 minutes to extinguish the flame and get the driver out, according to a policeman. Release.

“We were having a hard time seeing and breathing,” Bernstein says of the smoke that filled the house, noting that Gabriel started putting out the flames when Dave tried to get Heche out of the car.

“he is [was] Smoke overcomes it. So, he went to the back of the house to see if there was an alternate route, maybe we could get to it from the front of the car,” Bernstein adds. But the smoke, even in the backyard was very intense. ”

Marisa Charles

Bernstein says the occupant “was in shock” because she saw the three men in the house before noticing the car. “I don’t think she understood what was going on,” he recalls. “She said, ‘What happened?'” what happened? ”

“She was very lucky. So were the dogs and their tortoises,” he says.

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Bernstein also considers Heck lucky to be still alive.

“We were just looking inside, asking ‘How do you survive that?’ “Because we were having trouble breathing even outside the house.” “So, someone was watching her, I think. I mean, she might be seriously injured.”

Marisa Charles

Witnesses said TMZ That Heche first hit a garage in an apartment complex before turning back and speeding, crashing into the nearby house soon after.

While driving on Preston Road, Heche reportedly ran a stop sign at Walgrove Junction and drove through some large privacy bushes before the car settled inside the house, according to the KTLA.

Another source tells People: “I just peeled off [the stop sign]. I was like, “Oh my God, this guy is going to kill somebody.” ”

Los Angeles authorities are still investigating the incident.

Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Mammoth Media

As news of the incident spread, many Heche fans showered social media with support for the star. “Her family and friends ask for your thoughts, prayers, and respect for her privacy during this difficult time,” Heche’s representative told PEOPLE.

the actor James Tupper He also sent love to Heche, who was with him for over 10 years before them split in january 2018.

Thoughts and prayers for this beautiful woman, actress and mother tonight, Anne Heck 💔”, he wrote on Instagram, captioning the photo of Heichi and the 13-year-old Ibn Atlas They share together. “We love you.”

Heche is also a mother to son Homer, 20, from her marriage to Coley Laffoon. ex boyfriend Thomas Jane offer him”Our thoughts and prayers“to me daily Mailreferring to Heche as “one of the true talents of her generation”.

The actress has been keeping busy in recent months, with several projects in the works. In June, concluded on Lifetime girl in room 13The premiere is scheduled to take place this fall. She too will star in return Dermot Mulroney In the next horror movie full triphas a recurring role in Let everyone stand up on OWN, and it premieres on The Sam Levinson Show and The Weekend’s HBO Idol.

She recently starred in the psychological thriller directed by Peter Facinelli disappear For Netflix and Quiver’s tornado erotic 13 minutes. Listeners can hear it on her podcast, Better with Ann and Heather. She is also writing her second book.