Analysis: Have the sailors finished trading? Here are five bats and five painkillers that can help

HOUSTON – Has Jerry DePoto really finished making moves before the start of activity leading up to Tuesday’s Major League Baseball trading deadline?

Well, the Mariners general manager never ends up getting phone calls or sending and replying to text messages (many emojis or GIFs) from other teams when it comes to potential deals.

But after giving up four prospects, including Noelfi Marti and Edwin Arroyo, the organization’s No. 1 and No. 2 potential players, in a deal to acquire the Reds’ Luis Castillo late on Friday night, DiPoto didn’t show his usual certainty when it came. For potential moves to improve his team.

“We will look for an opportunity,” he said on a conference call after the Castillo trade. “We are still open to the idea of ​​adding an arm. The opportunity is there. Although we think you know that both Diego Castillo and Kenny Giles will be back shortly after the deadline.”

How about adding another influence to his roster to help with an offense that was inconsistent and sometimes unproductive, relying heavily on apprentice Julio Rodriguez and first major T-France to deliver the production?

“On the offensive side…again we’re open to opportunities, but it’s very difficult to see where that will happen with (Mitch Hanniger) on his way back,” Diputo said. “We think he’s closer from afar now and playing actively. So we’re looking at Mitch and the addition of Kyle Lewis last week as the moves our attack needed. However, we’ll keep our ears to the street if that opportunity exists. It’s a little more difficult to see where that might be.” .

Is Dipoto playing timid in hopes of gaining some leverage in trade talks? This is not usually his operating plan and most opposing GMs do not rely on feedback to the media to gauge intent or motivation.

Mariners Bullpen are heavily taxed in games after the All-Star break, and not having an experienced left-hander outside of the Bullpen would be beneficial rather than relying on Ryan Borucki.

Offensive, the Mariners are averaging 4.05 points per game with slashes 0.235/.317/.387 this season with the league averaging 4.25 points per game with .242/.309/.394 slashes. Sure, the healthy Haniger provides an improvement, but Lewis still comes down to a part-time player. The biggest problem is that regular players like Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez have suffered lately. Winker has owned .172/.238/.293 since July 1 with three homeowners and three RBI, while Suarez has a .151/.292/.245 slash with two doubles, a Homer, 7 RBI, and 10 runs And 23 hits. In his last 16 matches.

The roster is loaded with companion players, the best defensive players in the designated hitter and two first basemen. This limits the scope because many of the available hitters are globetrotters or first base/DH types.

Where does Dipoto find opportunity?

Five hitters that can help:

Ian Hap, LF/2B/3B, Cubs

While he has mostly played off the field this season, Happ has played third base and second base in his career. Sailors appreciate positional versatility and love switch hitters. The Hap is also under club control for next season, which is an added bonus. In 97 games this season, he has posted a .284/.366/.444 slash with 25 doubles, triples, nine hurdles, 46 RBI, 42 walks and 86 hits.

But for all the reasons he’s a perfect fit for the Mariners, the Hap is also a perfect fit for the Padres, Cardinals, Yankees, and Dodgers. The asking price may be a lot.

Whitt Merrifield, 2B/OF, Royals

The Mariners contacted KC last year regarding the veteran companion player. Members of the royal family have said they will trade Merryfield with the Mariners for Julio Rodriguez. This was an indication that the royals didn’t really want to trade it. But things are different this season as Murrayfield, now 33, has struggled posting a .243/.292/.348 slash with 22 doubles, triples, fives, 40 RBI bases and 15 base steals. Merrifield is under contract until 2023. He has also not been vaccinated which could be a problem in the qualifying series against the Blue Jays in Toronto.

Christian Vasquez, C, Red Sox

Cal Raleigh’s emergence as the main hunter is a major reason for the Mariners’ streak of success lately. But he can’t play every day and the Mariners have already pushed him to play more than he’s perfect. It talks about how badly Louis Torrens performed on the board and behind it. Vazquez, who will be a renter, has a .280/.324/.430 slash with 19 doubles, eight home brows and a 30 RBI and would be a huge improvement.

Brandon Drury, IF, Reds

Well, why not add the rest of the Reds to the list? Drury spends a career year moving to free agency, posting a .271/.332/.512 slash with 21 doubles, triples, 19 homers and 57 RBI in 89 games. But some Scouts believe it is the product of playing at the Great American Ballpark. He earned a .292/.347/.543 slash with 15 doubles, 11 players, and 36 RBI in 50 games at Cincy versus .241/.310/.468 slash with six pairs, eight hurdles and 21 RBI in 39 games On the road.

Miguel Andujar, IF, Yankees

Few access at a cheap cost. Andujar is stuck in Triple-A with no place on the Yankees Major League roster. He earned a .305/.350/.516 slash with 14 doubles, 11 people and 43 RBI at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He can play third base, first base and left field. But is he better than Dylan Moore or Sam Hagerty?

Five painkillers that can help:

Matt Moore, LHB, Rangers

Moore, who was once a promising start for the Rays, has thrived as a loyalist for the Rangers this season, scoring 4-2 with a 1.66 ERA in 36 games. In 48 2/3 runs, he hits 52 hitters with 24 walks. He is not a left-handed specialist and was actually more effective than right-handed hitters. He also had 19 appearances for more than one role, which is very valuable.

Andrew Chavin, LHP, Tigers

Chavin, who works as a rental assistant, looks like the bouncer at a honky tonk bar in Texas. In 37 games, he has a record of 2.53 with 39 strikes and 10 walks in 32 runs. While the Tigers are also listening to offers for left-wing sedans Joe Jimenez and Gregory Soto, the team that’s closer, Chavin’s asking price is much lower. Chavin also has not been vaccinated and cannot travel to Toronto.

Michael Vollmer, RHP, Tigers

Another loyal rental asset, Vollmer’s big draw is its versatility. While he hasn’t done so much this season, the former starter can work several roles if needed. He has a 3-4 and 2.77 ERA record in 40 games with 38 strikes and 20 walks in 39 runs.

Jorge Lopez, RHP, Orioles

Claimed to be relinquished by Baltimore in 2020 and All-Star in 2022, Lopez has a 4-6 record and 1.68 ERA in 44 appearances. Using a high-powered ’90s heavyweight and a quality slider, Lopez successfully hit 54 hitters in 48 1/3 runs with 17 walks. Opposing hitters have a slash of .174/.262/.267 against it.

Joe Manteble, LHP, Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks’ representative in the All-Star Game this season will come at a higher probability price due to the club’s dominance during the 2026 season. Mantiply has 2.35 ERAs in 42 appearances with 38 strikes and only two, yes, two, in 38 innings 1/3.