Amazon Prime Video launches local services for the top three markets in Southeast Asia – TechCrunch

Amazon Prime Video today launched local versions of the streaming service in the largest markets of Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The company is trying to strengthen its subscriber base in the three markets by increasing its investment in local production, releasing original menus for each region, and giving customers special offers such as free trials and seven-day discounts.

“We are thrilled to increase our investment in Prime Video for customers in Southeast Asia, making it a truly local experience — from local content tailored for our customers to a local user experience and the first large-scale local marketing campaign,” said Josh McIvor, Director of International Expansion, Prime Video, at Official statement. “Our support for local production companies in Southeast Asia is an important step towards our broader international expansion plans and our ambition to become the most localized global broadcasting service.”

Prime Video has been available in Southeast Asia since then 2016but so far it has never offered original content offerings, nor have it featured the local language interfaces and subtitles that are typical in more advanced markets.

To promote the new offers, Amazon Prime Video is offering a one-week free trial and promotional subscription pricing that runs until December 2023 as part of its re-launch efforts in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Discounted subscriptions will cost IDR 59,000 ($3.98), 149 Thai Baht ($4.10), and 149 Philippine Pesos ($2.69).

said Erica North, President of Asia-Pacific Originals Prime Video. “We are committed to the local TV and film industry and believe in working with the region’s most creative creative talent to bring the best and most authentic local stories to life for our clients not only in the region but also Prime Video members around the world. It’s just the beginning.”

The originals joining the platform include three issues of a new virtual stand-up show, Comedy Island. The new domestic original films “Comedy Island: Indonesia”, “Comedy Island: Thailand” and “Comedy Island: Philippines” will feature eight comedians and celebrities participating in comedy challenges and games. All three versions will be released on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and regions around the world in 2023.

Indonesian content offerings include two films, “Siege At Thorn High” and “4 Seasons In Java”, as well as other Indonesian titles such as the local version of the hit Italian song “Perfect Strangers”, “Ashiap Man” and the horror movie “Kuntilanak 3”. “

Thai titles coming to the local service include “Three Idiots and a Ghost,” “Metal Casket,” “The 100,” “The Up Rank,” “My True Friends: The Beginning,” and “How To Fake It In Bangkok.”

Filipino content ranges from the comedy drama “Big Night” to the romantic “How To Love Mr. Heartless” and “Be the weather good.”

Viewers will also have access to Korean shows such as “Nothing Serious” and “Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 The Complete” as well as popular anime titles “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen 0.”

There will be other global titles such as the newly released movie “Thirteen Lives” starring Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen, the Hollywood blockbuster “No Time to Die”, and Amazon global original movies like The Boys, The Terminal List, “”The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerand the US-licensed series “The Good Doctor”.

US-based streaming services such as Paramount+ and Disney+ have recently expanded to more countries and territories and have also invested in international content to diversify their offerings and increase subscriptions.

in June, Paramount + It was launched in South Korea in partnership with TVING. The broadcaster plans 150 international originals by 2025. Disney + Launched in the Middle East and North Africa (Middle East and North Africa) region two months ago, it aims to expand to more than 160 countries by fiscal year 2023.