A scientist reveals “quantum entanglement” may explain the existence of the mind as a separate field from the brain

The connection between thoughts _ thoughts and the mind It’s a basic puzzle in how we perceive our existence as sentient beings. Some say that the thoughts is a operate of the mind – consciousness is the product of the firing of neurons. However some search a scientific understanding of the existence of a thoughts that’s unbiased of the mind, or at the least considerably separate from the mind.

The peer-reviewed scientific journal NeuroQuantology brings collectively neuroscience and Quantum physics A crossroads that some scientists have used to discover this basic relationship between the thoughts and the mind.

that Article – Commodity Revealed in NeuroQuantology for September 2017, it critiques and expands on present theories of consciousness that emerge from this assembly of quantum neurosciences.

Dr.. Dirk Main. (Courtesy of Dr. Dirk Meijer; sakkmesterke/Shutterstock)

Dr. Dirk Okay.F. assumes that Meijer, a professor on the College of Groningen within the Netherlands, argues that consciousness resides in a area that surrounds the mind, a area that lies in one other dimension. It shares info with the mind via an idea referred to as quantum entanglement, amongst different processes. This has some similarities with a black gap.

This area could possibly choose up info from Earth’s magnetic area, darkish vitality, and different sources. Dirk writes that it then “transmits wave info to mind tissue, and this … is instrumental in processing the high-speed info of the aware and unconscious.”

In different phrases, “thoughts” is a area that exists across the mind. It picks up info from the skin and transfers it to the mind at breakneck pace.

This area has been alternately described as a ‘3D structured area’, a ‘receptive psychological work area’, a ‘metacognitive area’, and a ‘common reminiscence area of the person’.

The extraordinarily fast features of the mind point out that it processes info via a mechanism that has not but been revealed.

There’s an unsolved thriller in neuroscience referred to asbinding drawback. Totally different components of the mind cope with totally different duties: some course of colour, others course of sound, and so forth. However all of that is one way or the other united as a unified notion or consciousness.

Info integrates and interacts within the mind sooner than might be defined by the present understanding of neurotransmission within the mind. Thus the thoughts seems to be extra than simply activating neurons within the mind.

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Neuroscientists are nonetheless trying to find a mechanism behind this “connectivity” of disparate components of the mind’s info processing. Meijer turned to quantum entanglement and tunneling for a part of the reply.

Quantum entanglement is the place particles appear to be linked regardless of the huge distances between them. When actions are carried out on one particle, corresponding adjustments are noticed on the opposite particle concurrently and instantaneously.

Quantum tunneling is a phenomenon through which a particle breaks via a barrier that it shouldn’t be capable of, in keeping with classical physics.

These quantum phenomena enable for very quick processes – past the pace of sunshine – that can not be defined by classical physics. To allow them to assist clarify super-fast unconscious psychological processes.

The ideas of quantum physics would possibly clarify how the thoughts processes info.

If the “thoughts” or psychological area can work together with the mind on this approach, this might be a step in direction of explaining the pace of psychological processes. Meijer additionally used the wave and particle oscillation of matter in quantum physics to elucidate the connection between the psychological area and the mind. The concept is that particles, reminiscent of electrons and photons, exist as potential waves, however additionally they exist as particles if these potentialities collapse.

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Equally, Meijer mentioned that the psychological area just isn’t bodily and on the similar time part of the bodily mind: “The proposed psychological workspace is considered as immaterial, however with respect to the person mind, it has a non-dual wave/particle relationship in keeping with quantum bodily ideas: it’s depending on direct on mind physiology however not reducible to it.”

The thoughts and mind are linked, Main mentioned. They’re united, however separate. Such an obvious paradox is a signature of quantum physics.

The thoughts could reside in one other spatial dimension.

He posits that the psychological area lies in one other dimension: “Our incapability to understand this side of knowledge has historically been attributed to the hidden fourth spatial dimension … which can’t be noticed in our three-dimensional world, however might be derived mathematically.”

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This fourth spatial dimension just isn’t time. Fairly, it’s the idea of spacetime that features 4 spatial dimensions, in addition to time – the “4+1 construction of spacetime”.

He cited research that steered that this idea of dimensions might reconcile the mismatches between typical and quantum physics that plague scientists right now.

Thus, the thoughts will probably be positioned within the fourth spatial dimension.

The thoughts might be like a black gap.

Meijer envisions a type of display screen or boundary between the exterior world and the person psychological area. He likens this boundary to the occasion horizon of a black gap.

Meijer wrote: “It’s assumed that the knowledge getting into a black gap from the skin just isn’t misplaced, however … slightly it’s displayed on its exterior display screen, which is named the ‘occasion horizon’.

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He added that “consciousness is a boundary state between the singularity (the black gap) and the area inside the mind,” noting that the occasion horizon separates a “psychological mannequin of actuality for inner use in every particular person” from every little thing that exists exterior it. Nonetheless it’s related to a “world info matrix”.

This “holographic dynamic restrict” collects info from inside the mind in addition to from “the fields of knowledge that our mind is completely embedded in,” he advised The Epoch Occasions. “On this approach, it’s implicitly linked to a worldwide info matrix.”

The construction of the putative psychological area can take the type of a torus.

The geometric determine referred to as the torus is effectively suited to the character and features that Main ascribes to this psychological area.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary describes a torus as “a floor within the type of a round cake created by a circle rotating about an axis in whose aircraft it doesn’t intersect the circle.”

Meijer gave numerous causes associated to the theories of physics for this determine. One is said to a idea about how electrical exercise within the mind fluctuates.

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The structure of the nested loop proposed by Dr. Dirk Meijer for the mental field connected to the brain.  (Courtesy of Dr. Dirk Meijer)
The construction of the nested loop proposed by Dr. Dirk Meijer for the psychological area linked to the mind. (Courtesy of Dr. Dirk Meijer)

Meijer defined that the ring construction is current in physics from the microscopic to the big scale of black holes and the universe as an entire. It may be useful within the dynamic integration of knowledge within the thoughts and mind.

Meijer discusses broader implications for the philosophy of the relationships between thoughts and matter.

Our paper, could straight contribute to answering the well-known query [cognitive scientists and philosopher David] Chalmers…: How can one thing as immaterial as subjective expertise and self-awareness come up from a bodily mind? Main wrote.

He famous that the psychological area’s means to seize info from different fields, as envisioned by Meijer, might additionally clarify some irregular phenomena, reminiscent of sensory notion.

In his view, “consciousness could also be thought of probably the most primary constructing block of nature and is due to this fact current in any respect ranges of the material of actuality.”

Because the creation of quantum physics, scientists have been exploring its means to elucidate consciousness, which inserts Meijer’s work.

One other idea referred to as Orch-OR was developed by physicist Sir Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Dr Stuart Hammeroff, which Describe Thus: “They recommend that consciousness arises from quantum vibrations in protein polymers referred to as microtubules inside neurons within the mind.”

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Like Meijer, Penrose and Hameroff Consider “There’s a connection between the biomolecular processes of the mind and the essential construction of the universe.” Additionally they referred to as for a significant change in how scientists view consciousness.

Hamerov mentioned in an interview With the Singularity Weblog: “Most scientists can’t clarify consciousness within the mind, so they can not say that consciousness exiting the mind is unimaginable.”

Modernization: Dr. Dirk Meijer gave The Epoch Occasions an replace on his paper, stating that quantum tunneling and entanglement will not be the most definitely methods to switch info between the psychological area and the mind. It has been proven that these two phenomena solely present a correlation between two particles, and never essentially the transmission of knowledge (though this can be the case with additional analysis).

As a substitute, “quantum wave resonance” is a extra doubtless mechanism for processing extraordinarily quick info within the mind. Because of this, as a substitute of sending indicators between neurons within the mind, a wave sample that features all neurons, in addition to the psychological area, transmits info immediately.

Think about a wave of vibration going up and down in a constant sample and dealing all through and even out of your mind. This sample transmits info that may be understood via the vibratory receptors in your mind. All of that is taking place in a dimension and at a microscopic stage that can not be straight perceived by the standard scientific devices at our disposal right now, but might be inferred via bodily and mathematical modeling.

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