‘A League of Their Own’ star Molly Ephraim stepped to the plate

As a child growing up outside of Philadelphia, Molly Ephraim was a “Pheles Girl.” Her father watched the baseball team on TV, and her grandfather took her to their games, where she cheered for the first mullet man, John Crook.

“I adored John Kroc as a child,” Ephraim told The Post. “Not my type now, but I loved it.”

However, despite her enthusiasm for her local team, Ephraim did not care much about the sport itself.

“I couldn’t tell you what was really going on,” the 36-year-old actress admitted. “I was more keen on hot dogs.”

So Ephraim had to rise to the required level for her future role Amazon series, “their own leagueDerived from the popular 1992 film about the WWII-era Women’s Professional Baseball. Ephraim plays Mabel Fox, a fiery, fun-loving blonde who plays the center stage in the fictional Rockford Peaches who is Named after real-life legend Mabel Blair.

Ephraim, a natural brunette, was happy to get acquainted with the feisty Blair, who appears in the pilot. The 95-year-old asked if she had any tips to help put her in the zone or any myths surrounding the game?

Molly Ephraim
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Blair’s answer: “Sausage, hot dog, hot dog.”

“I thought, this girl knows how to live,” said Ephraim. “We should all be 95 and hot dog sausages and rudeness. What an absolute dream.”

Maybelle isn’t the star, but Ephraim still had to learn to hit, catch and throw rules and run like a pro, as she attended four weeks of bootcamp with her teammates, including writer and star Abby Jacobson, another Phillies gal. Ephraim focused on mastering Mabel’s batting technique.

“I was really practicing my swing, trying to get it really sassy, ​​and wiggling a little bit in it,” she said.

Molly Ephraim has a league of their own
Ephraim attended a four-week boot camp to learn how to hit, catch, throw and run like a pro.
Nicolas Goode / Prime Video

But by the time she got on camera – due to production delays – Ephraim was about eight months pregnant.

Ephraim said, “I was a coward.” “I think I did it three times, and I was like, ‘Oops, okay, we’re done. However, one of those picks was winning enough to make the second episode. “I was so proud to have gotten that there.”

The actress is used to taking big swings. She moved to New York City from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 15 to make her Broadway debut. She has discontinued her acting career to study religion at Princeton University. She filmed not one TV series, but two TV series – “League” and “Angelyne” for Tawoos – while pregnant with her first child,

“The only difference with Anglin was that in one of the scenes I could play a pregnant character,” she said. “I come from the stage, and I love to act with my whole body… It was definitely a challenge to be like, ‘Oh, no, it can only be shot from here up there, or I have to find an angle’ [where the bump doesn’t show]. “

Born in 1986 in Philly, Ephraim moved to nearby Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her parents ran a pet supply store, and she and her brother kept a variety of animals—birds, dogs, snap turtle, and amphibian water dogs—and went to 4-H shows. “Small town things,” she said.

Molly Ephraim with her husband and son
Ephraim (with her husband Evan) was nearly eight months pregnant with her daughter Dia while filming the series’ main hit scenes.
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She got into acting through dancing, and eventually took lessons in musical theater. On her tenth birthday, Ephraim asked her parents for an agent.

“They were like, ‘Oh no, this is bad, this is so bad,'” she recalls. “They were very supportive, but that’s also terrifying.”

Ephraim began doing community theater at the Bucks County Playhouse, playing Bielke, also known as Daughter No. 5, in “Fiddler on the Roof.” The actor who played Tevye, Eddie Mekka, actually had a small role in the original “A League of Their Own,” as Madonna’s swing dance partner. “We are very touched,” Ephraim said. “It was like, ‘Oh my God, this guy who plays our dad is dancing with Madonna! “

Molly Ephraim

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Molly Ephraim

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Molly Ephraim

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Molly Ephraim

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When she was 15, the actress and her mother temporarily moved to a relative’s backup studio in Manhattan so that Ephraim could make her Broadway debut as Little Red Riding Hood in the 2002 production of “Into the Woods.”

“It was shortly after 9/11, and there was a sense of unease,” Ephraim said. “I remember getting in a subway car, my mom was still on the sidewalk, and we broke up. I was never far away [from home]I was in this town, and we had no cell phones.” It was petrified. “But then you found me at the next stop, and everything was fine.”

Ephraim stars with Darcy Cardin, Kate Berlant, and Abby Jacobson.
Ephraim stars with Darcy Cardin, Kate Berlant, and Abby Jacobson.
Anne Marie Fox / Prime Video

Kan: Two years later, she’s back at the Great White Way in “Fiddler on the Roof,” even staying alone for a few nights in Manhattan. After receiving a degree in religion from Princeton University, she immediately got into the Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing”.

In early 2021, Ephraim and her now husband Evan, who works at a software company, decided to try to have a baby. “I think for a lot of people, this kind of pandemic has changed the kind of timing of things and the course of life events that they were thinking about doing,” she said. “And for us it was like, ‘Okay, I’m ready to have a baby. “

She actually filmed the pilot in ‘A League of Their Own’ and had a few months off before the series resumed filming in early May in Los Angeles: ‘I didn’t want to be so big. [when filming]but I also wanted to get past the first trimester in case I was sick.”

Molly Ephraim
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Ephraim timed it perfectly, but then production was pushed back to late July in Pittsburgh, away from her home in Los Angeles. “This is how I end up with four bags in front of my stomach on most shoots!

“They kept giving me more and more bags, more and more jackets and jackets and knitting supplies,” recalls Ephraim. Which is why her character often appears in the dugout, cleaning her glove. “Fortunately, they didn’t have to modify my position in the team much. And I had some amazing moves and my body pairing.”

Molly Ephraim
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Despite all the time on the bench, she really felt like a player. “We kind of became mates on and off the show,” she said of her co-stars, adding that they took a river cruise and attended a Pirates-Phillies game with Jacobson and co-star Melanie Field. Ephraim boasted, “We dreamed of them.” “We were this lame group of Philly girls out there just screaming and all these pirates [fans] He looks at us angrily.”

In September, Ephraim – who was seven months pregnant – and Ivan decided to tie the knot. Her co-stars threw her a surprise wedding before she went to her parents’ beach house for the party. “We called back to Western Pennsylvania—dinner on a subway break—“honeymoon,” she recalls.” She continued filming in Pittsburgh until her doctor ordered her to go back to Los Angeles before the baby was born.

“Not only did I finish all the filming I was going to do, but I also said, ‘We should go! She said: I don’t want to have a baby in the air! Her daughter Dia was born on the 1st of December.

“I was very fortunate to work during pregnancy and work a lot during pregnancy, so it was also a good idea to spend time with my baby,” she said. Ephraim has also wrapped up the second season of Perry Mason’s reboot on HBO, while also hoping for another season of “League.”

“I don’t know when, where and how it’s going to happen, but I think we all keep our fingers crossed for it,” she said. “I think people are really going to like it. You know, you get all the fans who are kind of grandparents from the original movie, but it definitely speaks to a new audience.”

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