4 Best Methods on How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password {iOS 16 Beta Support}

If you have an iPhone, you know your data is very secure as long as you have a set of passcodes. This is great news if you lose your device, but problems arise when you forget its passcode, and suddenly get banned from using the phone at all.

So, if you are wondering how to get into a locked iPhone without the password, know that resetting it to factory settings is an option.

Under those circumstances, the only way to proceed is to reset your phone and set it up again. Fortunately, there are several ways to reset iPhone without accessing the passcode.

Method 1: PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker It is an excellent iPhone unlock software with a user-friendly interface and many features. For example, it can unlock a locked or disabled iOS device and a broken screen device. This works whether we’re talking about iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch.

PassFab allows users to reset iOS devices even if they forgot your passcode or Apple ID, which is very nice for all those who have been able to turn their devices into templates because passcodes are hard to remember.

Even better, this tool works even with the latest iOS 16 beta.

PassFab will work if you’ve forgotten your passcode, your device is disabled, Face and/or Touch ID can’t be recognized, or your screen is too broken to enter a passcode.

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How to factory reset iPhone without password with PassFab

iPhone performance Factory reset without password On your iPhone it usually requires entering the passcode. If you forgot it or the screen is too broken to enter, you obviously won’t be able to fill in the code. So, our first step is to remove the screen lock.

First, make sure that PassFab is installed on your computer. You will need the full version because the free trial won’t actually allow you to reset your iDevice.

  1. Launch PassFab and choose from the four main features displayed on the screen. Choose iOS unlock screen and click beginning.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer running PassFab. click next one Once the device is detected.

  3. Download and save the firmware package. This will take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed. Add to your information that you will need about 7 GB of storage space to download the firmware package.
  4. Once the download is complete, click on File start removing button on the screen.
  5. Once the process is complete, you will be able to unlock the device without a passcode.
  6. The next stage is very easy. go to the Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. Then go ahead and press Erase all content and settings.

Method 2: Find My iPhone

If you want to reset iPhone without password via Find My iPhone, you will find that it is not the most difficult thing to do, but it requires a few steps. Here’s what you need to do.

How to factory reset iPhone without password using Find My iPhone

  1. Sign in to the Find My iPhone website with your iCloud account.

  2. Enter your Apple ID and account password. You won’t need your iPhone passcode, but access to your regular Apple account is still mandatory.
  3. Choose your iPhone from the list of devices.
  4. Click on erase iPhone option and confirm the decision.

This is it. You will now be able to access your device and create a new passcode.

Method 3: iTunes

Your iPhone can also be reset using your computer and access to iTunes. This will only work if you have previously synced your device with iTunes!

How to reset iPhone without password using iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Go to Summary from the menu on the left side.
  2. In the new menu, find File iPhone reset option and click it. Confirm your choice in the new window and restore your iPhone. This will take some time.
  3. This will allow you to access your iPhone and all the information you had on it before your last backup.

Method 4: Recovery Mode

If you have ever wondered how to quickly reset your iPhone, know that there is another way you can do it if you forgot your passcode. You will need to have iTunes on your computer and lock your iPhone in recovery mode.

How to reset your iPhone without password with recovery mode

  1. First, you will need to launch iTunes and enter recovery mode.
    1. iPhone 8 or later: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Do the same with the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Power button until the recovery mode screen appears.
    2. iPhone 7: Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until the recovery mode screen appears.
    3. iPhone 6S and earlier: Press and hold the Home and Up or Side buttons until the recovery mode screen appears.
  2. Connect the device to your computer via a USB cable.
  3. A prompt will appear in iTunes, giving you the option to restore or update your device. Choose Restores.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker It does an incredible job of letting anyone reset an iPhone without a password. PassFab iPhone Unlocker is the best way to factory reset iPhone without password, and we also recommend how to factory reset iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. Choose the best way to fix your problem.

Please keep in mind that running a factory reset iPhone without password will remove all the information on your device, from messages to photos, contacts, etc.

Resetting iPhone to factory settings without a passcode isn’t ideal since you can’t run any data backups, but it can be what saves you a lot of trouble in the future.